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February 25, 2016

No. 16-3

Republicans Are in the Way! Vote Them Out!

Municipal Election Issue #2 of 3

Do You Plan To Vote

in the Presidential Primary
on March 15th?
Democratic Turnout Has Been Appalling!
(see page 8)
Remember: Non-voters elect Republicans!!

Reading on a phone?
Do it this way.

When You Dont


If You Sat Home . . .

If you sat home in 2010, you

elected a Republican majority
When you dont vote in Municipal to the House of Representatives
and Primary Elections, by default in Washington, DC.
you cast your vote against the If you sat home in 2010, you
person your philosophy would elected a Republican government
prefer. When you dont vote, that in Florida.
vote is one less the opposition has
to overcome, thus your no-vote If you sat home in 2010, you
is a vote for those you dont prefer. elected Governor Scott.
The inconvenience of voting is just
Make sure you dont sit
one small price to pay for the liberty
home in 2016!
we enjoy.
Voting by Mail (absentee ballot) Or rather do sit home and
gives you 30 days to consider all your
choices and to research your options.

Why Government
Can't Be Run Like A

Jim Hightower, Hightower Lowdown

The mantra of every Kochheaded, right-wing politico is

that "government should be run
like a business."
Welcome to Flint, Michigan. This
impoverished, mostly AfricanAmerican city has indeed been
run like a private corporation
ever since Gov. Rick Snyder
manager" to seize control of
Flint's heavily-indebted local
government. Snyder's coup
d' etat usurped the people's
democratic voice and enthroned
[Continued on page 4, BUSINESS

Check Your Voter Status

For your peace of mind, its always a good idea to check the status of your registration and Vote-By-Mail application. You
can quickly do that here:
If you dont have a computer, phone your supervisor of elections officetheyll be glad to help you.


To save you postage, volunteers will be available to pick up your Vote by Mail ballot and deliver it to the Supervisor
of Elections officethus saving you the cost of postage. Call your local zone leader (list on page 10). He/she will arrange
for a pick up of your ballot (if a volunteer is available).


Fight the Oligarchs:

What Is a
Committed Voter?


Committed Voters are those who commit

themselves to vote in every election, every year.
They recognize that voting is an essential part
of democracy. They recognize that it is every
American citizens fundamental right to be able to
voice their opinion and their duty to take part in
electing public officials.
By voting, committed voters take a stand and
help decide who represents them and how their
governments (local, state, and federal) work.
A Committed Voter recognizes that citizens
not only have rights, but with these rights come
A Committed Voter participates in the political
process by being an informed and active member of
A Committed Voter is one who commits him/
herself to vote in every election.
A Committed Voter requests a mail ballot.
If you request a mail ballot you are committing
yourself to vote.

1. Be a voter! Thank you for voting!

2. In many states, recalls of inadequate legislators is called voting!
3. When you dont vote, you get represented by
someone whose interests are not yours.
4. Weve got your ballot proposals and municipal candidates here (see page 6).
5. Republicans say government should be run
like a business. That makes them responsive
to a few, not the many.
6. Voting is an essential part of democracy.
7. Super PACs are subverting American democracy.
8. Regarding the coming Supreme Court nomination, Republicans are refusing to do their
constitutional duty.
9. Voter suppression laws could impact the presidential election.
10. On February 10th, the 1% stopped paying into
Social Security.
11. Read the Open Letter to the Latino Community
on page 7.

Bad officials are elected by good

people who dont vote.

If you are a registered Florida Voter

For my part, I have no
problem characterizing these
corporate-centric super-PACs as
treasonous. They are designed
to subvert American democracy
and turn our country over to the
moneyed aristocracy.
Their aspirations are apostasy
to the notion of democratic
governance that our Founders
intended. We are now in a
free fall toward old-fashioned
oligarchy, that noxious thieving,
tyrannical, oppressive species
of government that Americas
original settlers fled Europe
to escape. Award winning
journalist Greg Palast

December 31, 2015, many
Vote-By-Mail requests expired.
Right now
before you read another
and ask that your request
remain active through 2018!


The Enlightened Voter

is now available
in Spanish!

Fight the Oligarchs:


by Sean Phillippi
I normally wouldn't be writing an article like this the
day after the sudden passing of a figure so significant
that all three branches of the Federal Government
lowered their flags to half-mast.

Are You Really Going To Schlep

To The Polls On March 15th To Do

Justice Antonin Scalia was an intellectual

heavyweight who, despite the fact that a large swath
of the American people (including me) ardently
disagreed with him on many of his opinions, deserves
our respect for spending much of his life in service to
our country.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, however,
didn't have any qualms about stating that vacancy
should not be filled, no matter how qualified any potential nominee is, until we have a new President. . .
while Scalia's body was still warm.

Your Vote Is Very Important

But . . .
Dont Stand In Line

President Obama clearly stated that he will fulfill his

constitutional duty of nominating someone to fill the
vacancy on the Supreme Court. Leader McConnell
will either confirm a qualified Obama nominee, or he
will be playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded

Request a Mail Ballot


Leader McConnell also stated yesterday that, "The

American people should have a voice in the selection
of their next Supreme Court Justice." I agree with
Leader McConnell, and would like to remind him

Click here.

[Continued on page 6, BATTLE]

Voter Suppression Laws Could Impact the Presidential Election

Restrictive Voting Laws In 2016, 10 states will put into place restrictive voting laws that theyll enforce for
the first time in a presidential election. These laws range from new hurdles to registration to cutbacks on early
voting to strict voter identification requirements. Collectively, these 10 states are home to over 80 million people
and will wield 129 of the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the presidency.
Voter suppression efforts target vulnerable voters including minorities and they have been shown
to be effective in blocking access to the ballot. Republicans know that former felons and minorities tend to vote for
Democrats. Therefore, they work very hard to disenfranchise those communities.
No Right to Vote Hundreds of thousands of Floridians whove served time in prison have lost their right to vote because
of Florida governors policies, and some are calling it the most restrictive rights restoration policy in the nation. Over four
years, those getting their rights back have fallen from 30,000 to under a thousand last year. Researchers at the University
of California, San Diego, conducted a study entitled "Voter Identification Laws and the Suppression of Minority
Votes" that found that in primary elections, "a strict ID law could be expected to depress Latino turnout by 9.3
points, Black turnout by 8.6 points, and Asian American turnout by 12.5 points." Significant drops were also seen
in general elections. Zoltan Hajnal, lead researcher and UCSD professor of political science, said, "Its fair to say
that given the number of states that have these laws, theres a very real possibility that in a very tight election, it
could sway the contest one way or another."
The restoration of civil rights includes the right to vote, serve on a jury, or hold public office. It does not include the
right to own a firearm. ###

Fight the Oligarchs:

Six Ways Republicans Use

Language To Frame The Issues
Tie your issue to cherished
American values through words.

Believe nothing that you read or

hear until you check it out. Trash
on TV is common. 80% of political
advertisingon TV, newspaper,
or via U.S. Mailis intentionally
dishonest or downright lies.


The frame should both reflect patriotism, faith,

and well, all things apple pie, and also link
your position on the issue to these basic American

The 1% Stopped Paying

Into Social Security

Once again, the Republicans have mastered the

art of linking their party to foundational American
values, even when their policies are antithetical to
such values.

On Wednesaday, February 10th, the top one

percent of income earners in America stopped
paying into Social Security. That is because, right
now, only the first $118,500 of a wage earners
income is subject to the payroll tax that funds
Social Security.

Case in point - They claim family values, but oppose and/or cut prenatal care, childhood vaccinations, Head Start programs, school lunches, and
so on.

Due to stagnant wages, 94 percent of Americans

pay Social Security tax on all of their income, but
the wealthiest 6 percent do not.

Family values
Youre either with us or against us (so, to
question me is unpatriotic)
Good guy or evil doer (Im the good guy, so if
you disagree)
Patriot Act
Save our marriages act
Traditional marriage values
Tea party
Compassionate conservativism

Republicans hate Social Security because

it has been an extraordinary success and has
done exactly what it was designed to do. Since
its implementation in 1935, Social Security has
lowered the poverty rate amongst seniors from
about 50% to less than 10%. And today it also
covers 11 million Americans living with disabilities
including 3 million children, making it the most
And, George W. Bushs response when all the ev- successful social program in our countrys history.
idence he presented for his wars proved to be However, the success of Social Security has only
emboldened conservatives attempts at privatizing
I have a responsibility before God
and cutting. In fact, currently in Congress,
I have moral clarity
members of both the House and Senate are
attempting to divide the American people, telling
[BUSINESS, continued from page 1]
them that unless we cut benefits today, they wont
an autocratic CEO who's answerable only to be there for future generations.
No Contribution to the Deficit Social
As in corporations, Flint's manager is focused not
on serving the people, but on the bottom line. His Security has not contributed one nickel to our
mandate from the governor was to slash costs deficit or our national debt. It has a $2.8 trillion
ruthlessly, so bankers and other holders of the surplus. It will be able to pay 100 percent of
city's debt can be paid off. Snyder's czar proved promised benefits to every eligible recipient for
to be an enthusiastic slasher, including cutting the next 18 years, just as it has done for the past
a couple million dollars from the budget in 2014 79 years. And, all we need to do is ask millionaires
by shifting the source of the city's drinking water
and billionaires to start paying their fair share and
from Lake Huron to the Flint River.
we not only extend the life of the Social Security
Sure, some scaredy-cats worried about
trust fund, we can afford to expand benefits for
contaminants in that river, but Snyder's health
officials poo-poohed them - indeed, the beauty millions of Americans.

[Continued on page 9, BUSINESS]


Fight the Oligarchs:

Voting rights restored

15 Things Everyone Would Know

If There Were A Liberal Media

In 2007, then-Gov. Charlie Crist and the state clemency board automatically restored
nonviolent felons
voting rights upon
completion of prison term, parole and
probation. About
benefitted. Under
Gov. Rick Scott in
2011, his policy mandated all felons must
apply. Since then,
1,534 ex-felons have
gotten their voting
rights back; about
11,000 are waiting.
Could it have anything to do with the fact that they would vote overwhelmingly Democratic?
Here are the number of ex-felons given their voting rights back under
recent governors.

by akadjian. Promoted from diaries by Susan Gardner.

Part 4

[continued from Things 8-11 in the February 1, 2016 issue]


Things 12 - 14.

Tax cuts primarily benefit the

wealthy. A progressive tax program
is designed to tax people very little as they are
starting out and progressively increase their rates
as they do better.
Republican plans seem designed to do
exactly the opposite: shift the tax burden off
the wealthy and onto working people.
Take the repeal of the estate tax. In Ohio this was
recently repealed by Republicans. The benefit is
only realized by people with estates larger than
$338,000 (as the first $338k was exempt) and
realized most by people with even wealthier estates.
This also explains why Republicans want to shift
the system from income taxes to consumption


The impact of temporary workers

on our economy. The number of
temporary workers has grown by more than 50
percent since the recession ended to nearly 2.7
million. If freelancers, contract workers, and
consultants are included, the number is nearly
17 million workers not directly employed by the
companies who hire them. This equals 12 percent
Consumption taxes are paid most by those of the workforce. Whats the impact of a just in
at the bottom as basic consumption remains time workforce on workers and our economy?
the same regardless of income. It also explains How about that for a story liberal media? ###
why capital gain taxes are so low. Income through
capital gains is only taxed at 20% (increased from
Ultra-Conservative Justice
15% in 2012) instead of at the rate of other income
Anton Scalia Dead at 79
(closer to 35%). It also explains why Republicans
were so willing to let the payroll tax cut expire. The Obama is expected to face fierce resistance to any
payroll tax cut benefited people who were getting nominee to replace the conservative justice.
paid, not those issuing the paychecks. How much
Positions That Remain Unfilled
fight did you see to save this tax cut?
Because of Republican Refusal
To Act.

While tax cuts are sold to us as benefiting everyone,

they really benefit a select few at the very top. If
everyone knew who tax cuts really benefit, would
so many people vote for them?

75 federal judicial vacancies

66 in district courts
9 in circuit courts
31 judicial emergencies
26 for district courts
5 for circuit courts


Whats happening to the bees?

40-50% of commercial U.S. bee hives
were lost this year to colony collapse disorder.
This seems like an odd one to include, why is this
important? The Agriculture Department says a
quarter of the American diet depends on pollination
by honeybees. Dating from 2006, colony collapse
disorder is a relatively new problem. More liberal
media coverage might push the urgency of the issue.
Instead, heres a typical media story about bees:
Thousands of Bees Attack Texas Couple, Kill Horses.

The Republicans
Are In The Way!
Vote Them Out!

34 nominees to the federal bench

30 district court
4 circuit court
12 nominees pending on the floor

Fight the Oligarchs:

[BATTLE, continued from page 3]

The one saving grace for Republicans is that none of

these Senators are on the Judiciary Committee, which
holds hearings on Supreme Court nominations,
though the Chairman of that committee is another
Republican up for re-election in a state that Pres.
Obama has never lost (Sen. Grassley of Iowa). There
are 4 more US Senate seats that could easily flip in a
Democratic wave election (only retiring Sen. Vitter
of Louisiana is on the Senate Judiciary Committee):
Coats (IN)
Vitter (LA)
Blunt (MO)
Paul (KY)
Democrats have a built-in advantage in Presidential
elections because of the electoral math. So, hoping
a Republican wins in November is not exactly a
winning strategy to begin with (though it is the only
one Republicans have). Not voting on, or not giving
an up or down vote to, a qualified Obama nominee
will give Democrats a weapon with which they can
bludgeon the Republican nominee for President and
every Republican US Senator up for re-election.
It will be even worse for the Republicans than it
was when they shut down the government in 2013.
The Republicans will show that they cannot govern
and will be blamed for the dysfunction that plagues
Washington, and with which every voter is sick of,.
When you look at the Presidential Primary EIection.
It will also give every Democratic US Senate nominee
the gift of easily labeling every GOP incumbent as
out of touch and a beholden puppet to the extreme
right wing of the GOP.
Congressional Republicans tried this tactic of blind
obstruction with the Affordable Care Act (aka
Obamacare), and despite the fact they had a much
better hand to play in 2009, they lost at every turn.
The consequences of Leader McConnell digging
in his heels and not confirming a qualified Obama
nominee will be a backlash that will lead to an almost
definite Republican loss in the Presidential Election
and a Democratic takeover of the US Senate. It will
also give a new Democratic majority in the US Senate
the ammunition to change the rules next January to
forbid filibusters on Supreme Court nominees. So,
Leader McConnell can either fulfill the constitutional
duty of the US Senate to advise and consent on
an Obama nominee, or lose in November and be
powerless to stop what would likely be a much more
liberal nominee put forward to a Democratic US
Senate by the next Democratic President.
Sean Phillippi is a Democratic strategist and
founder of the political data firm TLE Analytics

that the people were loud and clear when they

overwhelmingly re-elected President Obama in 2012.
The Constitution grants the Presidents the power to
appoint Supreme Court Justices for the Presidents
full 4-year term, not just the first three quarters of
their term. Elections have consequences. It would be
different if we already had a President-Elect, or if the
election were weeks away. We don't even know who
will be on the ballot in November.
The record for the longest time it took for a
nominee to get confirmed by the US Senate
is 125 days, which is less time than we have
to either nominating convention and less
than half as much time as we have until the
November election
It is impossible to overstate how consequential this
Supreme Court appointment is going to be. The
balance of the court for a generation is likely at stake
(decisions like Citizens United would be overturned
if the new justice disagreed with the opinion of the
justice (s)he is replacing).
Leader McConnell decision, hoping that a Republican
wins in November and that he can hold off confirming
an Obama nominee for almost a full year, will quickly
become untenable as it is unsustainable.
I can't imagine Pres. Obama nominating someone
who isn't eminently qualified for the position. He
could nominate someone like Jeh Johnson, who has
already been confirmed by 78 US Senators, or even
a US Senator like Sen. Amy Klobuchar. He will have
plenty of options, but it is a safe assumption that
he will nominate someone every reasonable person
will say is more than qualified to serve on the US
Supreme Court.
Leader McConnell's position will become untenable
because we are not only electing a President this
November. Two-thirds of the country will also
be electing a US Senator (whose job it is to advise
and consent on Supreme Court nominees), and
there are plenty of blue state Republicans up for reelection. The Cook Political Report has 7 Republican
US Senate seats rated as either Toss Up or Lean
Republican (Democrats will re-take control of the
US Senate with a net gain of 5 seats). Pres. Obama
won 6 of these 7 states twice, and won the remaining
state (NC) in 2008:
Rubio (FL)
Kirk (IL)
Ayotte (NH)
Johnson WI

Burr (NC)
Portman (OH)
Toomey (PA)

Republicans Are in the Way! Vote Them Out!


Fight the Oligarchs:

Celebrities Release Open Letter

to Latino Community Targeting
GOP Presidential Candidates
Anti-Immigrant Fear-Mongering

Off the Deep End The candidates cannot

come back from these hardline stances. Trump
is certainly an outlier for his racist remarks. But
the rest of the Republican presidential candidates
went off the deep end with him.

An Open Letter
to the Latino Community:

No One Meets the Standard Our communities have the power to decide who wins in the
2016 election. We hope that power is used to vote
for candidates who support our community, share
our values, and will fight for working families. Neither Trump nor any of his fellow Republican candidates meet that standard.

Pandering In this years 2016 Republican

presidential primary, the candidates crossed a
line. In trying to win the nomination, every one of
the leading candidates dug themselves into a deep
hole pandering to the anti-immigrant base of the
Republican Party that idolizes Donald Trump.

Bigotry Even if the eventual Republican nominee backtracks on his anti-immigrant sentiments,
we must not forget that weve now seen that in the
face of bigotry, the Republican candidates have
chosen to turn their backs on our community.
The current slate of GOP candidates has proven
to us that theyve joined and embraced the party
of Trump.

Stereotypes Theres no coming back from this.

Weve seen clearly that all the leading Republican
candidates have sided with the far-right at the expense of the Latino community. Theyre capitalizing on negative stereotypes and inaccurate information about our community in order to win votes
from the GOP base.
Fears Of course, this downward spiral began
with Trump. From accusing Mexicans of being
rapists to kicking Jorge Ramos out of his press
conference, Trump has spent the entirety of his
presidential bid stoking unfounded anti-immigrant fears and deeply offending our communities.

Yancey Arias
Esteban Benito
Benjamin Bratt
Peter Bratt
Ral Castillo
Ivonne Coll
Wilson Cruz
Giselle Fernandez

Extreme We must not, though, let Trumps xenophobia overshadow the extreme policies being
pushed by every single one of the GOPs leading
presidential candidates. Latinos should understand that Donald Trump embodies the true face
of the entire Republican Party. Sadly, he speaks
for the GOPs anti-immigrant, anti-Latino agenda.

America Ferrera
Mike Gomez
Lisa Guerrero
Dolores Huerta
Eva LaRue
George Lopez
Rick Najera
Jos-Luis Orozco

Aubrey Plaza
Steven Michael
Judy Reyes
Zoe Saldana
Miguel Sandoval
Carlos Santana
Lauren Vlez

You Wonder
Why People Are Angry?

Divisive Rhetoric Candidates including supposed moderates like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio
used dangerous, divisive rhetoric and proposed
harmful policies in their efforts to win over Trumps
radical supporters. Jeb Bushs unapologetic use of
the term anchor babies aligns with his belief that
undocumented immigrants here in the U.S. should
not have a path to citizenship. His statement that
we should not have a multicultural society is indefensible. Marco Rubio said that we must secure
our border, the physical border, with a wall, absolutely. Hes ruled out any path to citizenship or legal status during his term(s) as president if elected.
Chris Christie suggested that immigrants should be
tracked like FedEx packages.

Fight the Oligarchs:

Do You Know If Your City Has A

Municipal Election On March 15th?
City Council Group 1:
Lauri Melear -R
Bill Pearson -R
Dan Peterson -R
Ron Reeg -R
City Council Group 3:
David Kintz -R (Unopposed)
City Council Group 5:
Catherine Higgins -R (Unopposed)

City Council District II:
Peter Noble, -R, Incumbent
Toni Willey, -D
City Council District III:
Judy Dugo, -R, Incumbent
Bert Molow -D
City Council District IV:
Jonathan Pearce -D, Incumbent
Anderson Thelsume -NP

CITY OF BELLE GLADE - No 2016 election

TOWN OF GULF STREAM - No 2016 election

CITY OF BOCA RATON - No 2016 election

TOWN OF HAVERHILL - No 2016 election


Mayor At-Large:
Piotr Blass -R
Steven B. Grant -R
Carl The Real McKoy -D
David T. Merker -D
Jerry Taylor -R, Incumbent


Commissioner District 3
James M. Brake -D
Michael M. Fitzpatrick-D
Christina Romelus -NP
TOWN OF CLOUD LAKE - No 2016 election
Ballot Proposals
Question 1:

Charter Amendment: Authority to appoint an

internal auditor
The charter currently does not provide for the
appointment of an internal auditor. Under
the proposed charter amendment, the City
Commission would have the discretion to appoint
an internal auditor to serve at the pleasure of the
city commission, to review the business practices,
procedures, internal controls and procurement
practices of the City of Delray Beach.
Shall the charter amendment be adopted?

Yes ___

No ___

Question 2:

Repeal of special act creating the civil service code

for City of Delray Beach employees
Florida statute currently requires a referendum
of the electors in order to change any rights of
municipal employees contained in a special law.
The proposed repeal of chapter 25784, laws of
Florida, subject to enactment by the Florida
legislature, would allow the City Commission to
amend its civil service code by ordinance rather
than holding a referendum and submitting a local
bill to the Florida legislature.

Shall chapter 25784, laws of Florida be repealed?

Yes ___

No ___

TOWN OF GLEN RIDGE - No 2016 election

VILLAGE OF GOLF - No 2016 election



City Council Seat 2:
Todd McLendon -NP
Jim Rockett -D
City Council Seat 4:
Dave Browning -R
Thais Hagen Gonzalez -NP
TOWN OF MANALAPAN - No 2016 election
- No 2016 election

-No 2016 election

TOWN OF JUNO BEACH - No 2016 election


Council Seat (1-year term):
Lynn Allison -NP, Incumbent
Steve Coz -R

Mayor (3-year term)
Keats Soder -R
Todd Wodraska -R

Keith W. Babb, Jr. -D
Colin O. Walkes -D

TOWN OF HYPOLUXO - No 2016 election

First District Seat (3-year term)

Mike Counts -NP
Jim Kuretski -R
First District Seat (1-year term)
Karen J. Golonka -D
Wayne R. Posner -R
Carol Watson -I
Second District Seat (3-year term)
Ron Delaney -R
Ben Klug -D
TOWN OF JUPITER INLET - No 2016 election
TOWN OF LAKE CLARKE - No 2016 election
Town Commissioner:
Erin Flaherty -NP
Kimberly Glas-Castro -R
Charles Chuck Hallden -R
Anne Lynch -D
Michael ORourke -R
Pam Triolo -R, Incumbent
Gary L. Antieau -R
Diane Jacques -D
Commissioner District 1:
Scott Maxwell -R
Ryan Hartman -NP
Commissioner District 2:
Andy Amoroso -D
Frank McAlonan -NP
Council Member Group 2:
Anthony Arsali -NP
Malcolm Balfour -R

Commissioner Group 1:
Deborah Royal Abner -D
Sanquetta Cowan -NP
Diane Harris Walker -NP
Commissioner Group 2:
Herbert J. Crawford, Jr. -D
Clara Tasha Murvin -D
Sara Perez -R
Ballot Proposal

Underground Utility Project General Obligation

To improve reliability, safety, aesthetics and
avoid pole hardening, shall Town finance burying
overhead utility lines for electric, telephone and
cable service by issuing general obligation bonds
not exceeding $90,000,000, maturing within 31
years of issuance, bearing interest rate(s) not
exceeding legal maximum, payable from Towns
full faith, credit, ad valorem taxing power and
non-ad valorem special assessments, with project
review by a citizens advisory committee, as
described in Resolution No. 201-2015?

For Bonds

Against Bonds


City Council Group 2:
Maria G. Marino -R
Takeata King Pang -D
City Council Group 4:
Kevin Easton -R
David J. Levy -D
Carl W. Woods -NP
Myra Koutzen -D, current Vice Mayor
Thomas R. (Tom) Mills -R, former
Fight the Oligarchs:


Ballot Proposals
Question 1:

Palm springs charter amendments to address

various housekeeping and administrative issues
Shall palm springs amend its charter to address
various housekeeping and administrative
issues relating to the legal description of the
village boundaries, correcting grammatical
errors, removing some references regarding
an acting village manager, modifying qualifying
periods, clarifying county-wide and statewide
election conflicts and majority vote, modifying
redistricting methods, changing a reference
from official to employee and providing the
date for charter changes to take effect.

Yes ___
No ___

Question 2:
Palm springs charter amendments clarifying
various personnel matters
Shall palm springs amend its charter to provide
the village manager with the authority to
appoint, suspend or remove department heads
on the same basis as other employees and repeal
article viii to remove the requirements for merit
and grievance systems as these provisions
are already addressed in village policies and

Yes ___
No ___

Question 3:
Palm springs charter amendments to address
council terms, vacancies and meeting procedures
Shall palm springs amend its charter changing
council terms to four years, to hold fewer
elections and to reduce costs, providing elections
be held in odd numbered years, clarifying the
appointment of vice mayor and mayor pro
tem, clarifying absences of council members,
vacancies and vacancies of candidates and
shortening the required notice of special
meetings from forty-eight hours to twenty-four
hours, or less in the case of emergencies and/or
natural disasters.
Yes ___
No ___


Billie Brooks -R
Thomas A. Masters -D, Incumbent
City Council District 1:
Bruce A. Guyton -D
Lynne L. Hubbard -D
Tradrick McCoy -D
Horace L. Towns -NP
City Council District 3:
Sylvia Lee Blue -D
Tonya Davis Johnson-D
Tommy Lee Walker -D
City Council District 5:
Terence TD Davis -D
Elizabeth Pertee Robinson -D


Fred Pinto -D
Martha Webster -R
Council Group 1:
Jeff Hmara -D
Lenore White -R
Council Group 3:
Selena Smith -R
Richard Valuntas -NP
CITY OF SOUTH BAY - No 2016 election
Council Seat:
Robert Gottlieb -NP
Stella Jordan -D
Robert Gargano -NP
VILLAGE OF TEQUESTA- No 2016 election
Anne Gerwig -R
Bob Margolis -D
Council Seat:
Michael J. Drahos -R
John Greene -D
Ballot Proposals
Question 1:

Inclusion of the equestrian preserve area within

the charter
The original Charter makes no reference to
the Equestrian Preserve Area. The proposed
amendment would recognize the Equestrian
Preserve Area in the Charter and permit
landowners to apply to be voluntarily included in
the Preserve Area upon majority vote by Council,
but would prohibit removal of properties from
the Equestrian Preserve Area unless approved
by not less than four affirmative votes.
Shall the Charter be amended to include a
provision protecting the Equestrian Preserve

Yes ___
No ___

Question 2:

Village canvassing board

The Charter provides that the canvassing board
be composed of those members of the council
not running for reelection and the village
clerk. The proposed amendment permits the
village council to appoint, by not less than four
affirmative votes, a community member and an
alternate to serve on the canvassing board when
necessary to avoid single or even membership.
Shall Council appoint community members to
the canvassing board to avoid single or even

Yes ___
No ___

Question 3:

Certain land uses in the equestrian preserve

area prohibited

The present Charter contains no restrictions

on land uses within the Equestrian Preserve
Area. The proposed amendment would prohibit
motels, hotels, condo-hotels and apartments in
the Equestrian Preserve Area.
apartments be prohibited within the Equestrian

Yes ___

No ___



Commissioner District 1:
Sylvia S. Moffett -D, Incumbent
Martina Walker -D
Ricky J. Aiken -R
Commissioner District 3:
Paula J. Ryan -D, Incumbent
Commissioner District 5:
Sharon Shanon Materio -D,
Incumbent (Unopposed)
Ballot Proposal
The following referendum question will appear
on the ballot:

Shall the City Commission of the City of West

Palm Beach, Florida be authorized to grant,
pursuant to s.3, Art. VII of the State Constitution,
property tax exemptions to new businesses
and expansions of existing businesses that are
expected to create new, full-time jobs in the city?

Yes- For authority to grant exemptions.

No- Against authority to grant exemptions.

Instead of No New Taxes

End Socialism for the Rich.
[Continued from page 4, BUSINESS]

of one-man rule is that you can

ignore the people and take bold,
decisive action. That's what
corporate CEOs do, and even if
there is some collateral damage,
it's the bottom line that matters.
But - oops - the bottom line of
thinking you can simply apply
corporate methods and ethics
to public responsibilities is that
very bad things can happen. In
this case, Flint's water supply
is contaminated with lead, its
entire infrastructure of water
pipes needs to be replaced,
thousands of the city's children
may be permanently impaired
by lead poisoning and Snyder's
name is mud.
Government can't be run like
corporations, which serve the
few, not the many. Despite
the shallow sloganeering of
ideologues, government has
to be run like... well, like a
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