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To be the Leaders in life-saving, self-preservation skills and Martial education!

From its Chinese roots, born and raised in Japan, Kenpo made its way to the
Hawaiian Islands then to mainland America. The meaning of Kenpo is the fist and
Way, and the Way, or Law of the Fist. Be it empty-handed, against, or with
weapons, standing or on the ground, the modern Kenpoist and Combatant must be
prepared for violence and have a point of reference which will guide him/her
through difficult situations. Only with that knowledge can you be properly prepared,
and training under rigorous, battle-tested & stress-induced drills, can you truly know
that you can apply what youve learned under the model of Western Empiricism.
This will test your mettle and will help to develop a proper combat mindset to deal
with lifes punches and many struggles. In the recent years, many reality-based
systems have popped up to set up camp and marketing self-defense courses which
are often shams, and frauds at worse, and at least lead the gullible with their 4 hour
courses. In Kenpo, time, effort and hard training cannot be short-cut, and skill
cannot be faked.
Kenpo-the foundation is American kenpo, grappling(Jujitsu, BJJ, western grappling)
and weapons(traditional Kenpo and Japanese, Filipino, and Israeli) training makes
our system of kenpo a highly effective and deadly self-protection system. With one
eye in the past and the other in the future, we look towards growth in learning
towards methods of self-protection. Innovation and growth in the combat arts to
bring the best in realistic street combat and survival training.

Ninjutsu-Born out of the shadows of medieval Japanese warfare and civil strife, a
new method of combat was born. Many clans sought to use the Ninja and their
abilities in espionage, recon, guerrilla warfare, to gain an upper hand in wars fought
in the battlefield. Today, 9 traditions, or Ryuhas, were preserved in secret and
brought to light in the last Century to help humankind in learning methods of
unorthodox combat and highly effective methods of self-protection. These 9 schools
are formulated under the Bujinkan, or Divine Warrior school, headed by Soke
Masaaki Hatsumi. Many of these arts are Koryu, or old Samurai and Ninja methods,
but still hold true in todays harsh environment, be it urban street survival, or
wilderness preparedness, you will find an answer. The Ninja, or Shinobi, learned
physical, mental and spiritual toughness to survive any encounter;Truly, the name

of Ninja means Perserverance and the Kanji Japanese spelling of the word for the
clandestine warrior meant that he, or she, had a heart of steel. Acting alone, but
always under orders, or with a team, the Shinobi had to have real courage, and
fortitude like no other. He had to have nerves of steel.
Here you will study from those 9 schools of Japanese warfare, with its Bujutsu of
traditional Samurai arts, and also the shadowy Ninja schools, and its 36 arts of Ninja
Sanjurokkai, or essential training. Today, our school is primarily concerned with selfpreservation and the elevation of mankind to protect itself against those who would
do us harm, take away our freedoms, or our honor. You will study striking methods,
grappling, weapons and strategy in combat. It is our

Kenjutsu-OurJapanese sword training has 3 major areas; 1.Iaido-the drawing of the

sword in various methods.2 is Battodo, or Kenjutsu proper. Here you will learn the
Kihon, or basics of cutting, patterns, katas and kumite or combat. 3 is Tameshigiri or
cutting practice.
The Student will learn to work with a wooden Bokken first for drawing and do Kihon,
then Kata, and finally Kumite. Hard practice and long drills to make perfect.