Nuur Zahiah Ali

1119 Lorong Mas 2/3, Taman Delima, 08000 Sungai Petani
Career Profile
Highly ambitious and vigorous biotechnology graduate with
a positive ready-to-learn attitude in research and
developments as well as manufacturing. Possess outstanding communication
skills with excellent team work and research abilities. Self-driven,
independent and will go to extra mile in getting the job done. Recognized as
a fast learner and eager to assist by making positive contributions for the
growth of the company.
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, September 2010
Emphasis in Microbiology and Pathology
Minor in Chemistry
SMKA Kedah, Alor Setar
SPM 2007
8A 3B
Foundations of Biology and Labs
General Chemistry and Labs
College Physics and Labs
Organic Chemistry and Labs
Biochemistry and Labs
Quantitative Analysis and Labs
Cell and Molecular Biology
Concepts of Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology Techniques and
Basic Microbiology and Labs
Applied Microbiology and Labs
Immunology and Serology and Lab
Hematology and Lab
Medical Parasitology
Physical Chemistry

Environmental monitoring -Gel preparation -Gel electrophoresis -Tissue culture -Density gradient centrifugation -Gel exclusion chromatography -Ion exchange chromatography -Cell fractionation -Southern blotting -DNA and RNA purification and extraction .Rocket Immunoelectrophor esis (RIE) -Western blotting -spectrophotometer -Bioburden -Bacterial staining -Sudan black and PAS -Carbohydrates test -Complete fixation test -Ouchterlony Diffusion Test -Radial Immunodiffusion Test -Biochemical Oxygen Demand test (BOD) -Growth promotion test -Amino Acid Titrations -Blood separation -Enzyme Kinetic assay -Enzyme characterizations -Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) -Reverse Transcribe PCR (RT-PCR) Immunoelectrophoresi s .Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Experience 1. California (Apr 2013-June 2013)  Work in manufacturing and quarantine lab  Processed blood collections into blood products and run tests on suspected blood product. Pomona. Amanjaya Mall. Petani (Jan 2014-Sep2014) Work as purchasing clerk Issue Purchase Order for grocery dept.  Salary: $16/hr  Reason of leaving: Return to Malaysia due to family matters. Part Time work at Healthcare Services and Supply as Lab technician (Oct 2012-March 2013) Run various types of sterility testing and maintain the lab sterility Responsible in maintaining the stockroom and ordering materials Salary: $12/hr Reasons of Leaving: Completed contract period. .Laboratory Skills -Basic analytical lab skills -Aseptic Techniques -Titration methods -Autoclave -Media preparation -Bacterial culture . Got a new job offer. Laboratory Assistant at American Red Cross. and ensure all signature are in order Ensure Delivery Order and invoices matched with purchase requisition and Purchase order In charge of receiving and reporting monthly sales and stock take Salary: RM 900 Reason of leaving: New job opportunities Work as Customer Service staff Help tend customers with suggestions. complaints and other cashiering responsibilities General operator by pick up all outside calls. 2. 3. Sg. C-MART 5.

International Student Club (06/11-06/12) -Develop interpersonal skills and verbal skills Secretary. Excel. Power Point. Data Entry (01/2010-06/2010)  Obtain office and administrative skills  Great written and typing skills 6. quick learner. Malaysia (12/2007-12/2009) • Actively involved in teaching students the basics and complexities of science Expected Salary RM1500-2000 Negotiable Activities Multicultural Club Representative. Malaysian Students Association (06/11-06/12) -Managing club activities through administrative reports. Access. .4. Adobe Photoshop. Publisher and Outlook Express. (summer 2012)  Trained in industrial and production environment in Quality Control  Improved lab skills and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) 5. Kedah. forms and other office works Additional Skills Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite such as Word. Internship as Lab Assistant in Quality Control at Virun Inc. Internet applications. customer service oriented. Science Tutor and Mentor Private Tutor Tuition Center.