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Paket C

1. Isikan identitas Anda ke dalam Lembar Jawaban Komputer (LJK) yang tersedia dengan
menggunakan pensil 2B sesuai petunjuk di LJK.
2. Hitamkan bulatan di depan nama mata ujian pada LJK.
3. Tersedia waktu 120 menit untuk mengerjakan paket tes tersebut.
4. Jumlah soal sebanyak 50 butir, pada setiap butir soal terdapat 5 (lima) pilihan jawaban.
5. periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum Anda menjawabnya.
6. Laporkan kepada pengawas ujian apabila terdapat lembar soal yang kurang jelas, rusak, atau
tidak lengkap.
7. Mintalah kertas buram kepada pengawas ujian, bila diperlukan.
8. Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, tabel matematika atau alat bantu hitung lainnya.
9. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian.
Choose a, b, c, d, or e for the best answer.
1. Dialogue 1 script:
: I heard you won the Biology competition. Is that true?
: Yes, I was the runner up. I won the second prize.
: Thats good! You really did well!
: Thanks a lot. Youre made my day.
Narrator : What is the dialog about?
A. Taking a Biology test
B. Attending a competition
C. Joining Biology competition

D. Winning Biology competition

E. Practicing for Biology competition

2. Dialog script:
: What a great car you have, Agnan. I really like it.
: Thank you, Yudhis.
: Is it the old car that you used to drive to school?
:Yes it is.
: Now your car looks more beautiful. What did you do to it?
: Not much. I had it paint with a brighter color and add some new accessories.
: Great job!
: Thanks
Narrator : What are they talking about?
A. The soundtrack of the movie
B. The prediction of the movie
C. The storyline of the movie
3. Dialogue

D. The ending of the movie

E. The casts of the movie

: Sorry to hear that a robber broke into your house last night.
: Thank you
: May I know what he took?
: Thank to God, he did not take anything, he only made a mess in my house. I think
he could not find my money and jewelries.
: So are you still in traumatic?
: Yes, but I feel a bit better now


: I think time will heal

: I hope so.

Narrator :What did the burglar take from the womans house?
A. Nothing
D. necklace
B. Everything
E. Jewelries
C. bracelet
4. Dialogue script
: Morning, Fahira. What happened? You look so upset.
: I think people who smoke in public places especially on the bus must be arrested and
they have to be put in the jail.
: ....

: What is the mans best response?

It is none of our business
D. In my opinion cigarette is too expensive
I love to see people who smoke
E. Its too extreme to jail people because of smoking
I think smoking is not good for health

Questions 5 to 8.
5. Mark your answer to your answer sheet.
Staff : Excuse me mom, may I help you with your bags?
Guests : Yes, thats kind of you, one more thing. I dont understand what the taxi
driver is trying to say. Could you translate it for me?
Staff : ...
A. Of course mom. Id be delighted to help you.
B. No, thank you. No need you do this
C. Im sorry mom. I am very busy right now
D. Im afraid to say that I cant
E. No. I cant mom.
6. Mark your answer to your answer sheet.
Girl : Do you know we have a new Math teacher?
Boy : Yeah. He taught my class. He is always on time
Girl : What do you think of him?
Boy:. ....
A. He is smart
B. He is friendly
C. He is discipline
D. He is kind
E. He is selfish
7. Mark your answer to your answer sheet.

: Hi Diana, you look depressed. Has anything gone wrong with you?
: Yes, I have had a terrible misfortune. I deposited all of my money in a
private bank. But now, it has been liquidated.
: ...
A. I hope you find a solution for it
B. Im so grateful for your advice.
C. Congratulation for that.
D. Oh, it must be great.
E. Oh, awesome
8. Mark your answer to your answer sheet.
: Hi, do you have any plan for the next holiday?
: Nope.
: Some friends and I are going to Belitung. Do you want to join us?
A. I am so sorry to hear that
B. It sounds a great idea. Id love to.
C. I want something else
D. You are so kind to say that
E. Its not a good idea.

Questions 9 to 11
In this part of the test, you will hear some dialogues or spoken in English. The dialogues ormonologue
will be spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listencarefully to
understand what the speakers are saying. After you listen to the dialogues ormonologue, look at the
five pictures provided in your test book, and decide which one would be themost suitable with the
dialogue or monologue you have heard.
9. This is one of president of Indonesia. He won election as president of the Republic of Indonesia
in October of 2004, thus becoming his countrys first directly elected president. He is the sixth
president of Indonesia.




10. It is one of the most beautiful palace still exist in Indonesia. The Palace is located in Tanjung
Emas subdsitrict near Batusangkar town, Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatra. The palace has
three storeys with 72 pillars and the typical rumah gadang gonjong, with horn-like curves roof
made from 26 tons of black ijuk aren palm fibers. Unique architecture and interior design of this
palace gives a distinctive character. The palace has become a popular tourists destination in the





11. It is one of telecommunication devices. It helps many people everyday in the world. Everyone
can communicate with others from one place to another. It can be brought in pocket everywhere
and entertain with MP3 player, radio, WIFI, WEB, MP4, chatting and much more.






Questions 12 and 13 are based on the following monologue.
President Joko Jokowi Widodos commitment to the fight against drugs is part of his responsibility
to protect the nation. Last year he repeatedly warned of a drug emergency, saying 50 people died in
relation to drug use every day and 4.5 million people were addicted, giving justification to execute
drug convicts.
At the opening of a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the President said he wanted more intensive,
braver, crazier and more comprehensive integrated efforts to eradicate drugs. During the meeting,
which came on the heels of a series of raids that led to the arrest of military and police personnel and,
reportedly, a House of Representatives lawmaker, Jokowi declared a war on drugs.
12. What does the monolog talk about?
A. One of the President Joko Widodos responsibility to protect the nation
B. President Joko Widodos commitment to the fight against drug
C. 50 people died in relation to drug use every day
D. 4.5 million people were addicted of drugs
E. The arrest of military and police personnel
13. When did the president say that he want to eradicate drugs abuse?
A. At a Cabinet meeting
B. During a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday
C. During a Cabinet eeting on Wednesday last year
D. At the opening of a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday
E. At the opening of a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday last year
Questions 14 and 15 are based on the following monologue
In a village in Sumatra, there lived a farmer named Toba. he was fishing in the river and
getting the fish. He immediately went home, and he put the fish in the kitchen, when he returned to
the kitchen, he saw a pretty girl standing in his kitchen, Toba was very shocked to see it.
Since that day shestay at Tobas house. later they were married. She was married to Toba
with a condition that he would never tell anyone about his past. Toba agree to the condition. A few
months later they were in the gift of a male babynamed Samosir.
One day, Samosir made his father angry because he ate all his father food. And then he
broke his promise by saying the past life of his mother .Samosir told his mom whatToba Said. His
wife was getting angry and upset. Suddenly the weather turned cloudy and heavy rain resulted in
flooding, and the area became a large lake. And the lake was called Lake Toba.
14. Why did Samosirs father get angry with him?
A. He broke his promise
D. We must go fishing to find a golden fish
B. He didnt get the food
E. He was shockedto the fish
C. He apologize for the son
15. What can we learn from the monolog?
A. We must obey our parents
B. We must not break our promise
C. We must not eat our fathers meal

D. We must run to the hill if there is earthquake

E. We must not lazy to do a good things

This following text is for questions 16 and 17
Free conventional English classes start at chermside library: March 10,
2016 at 5 p.m.and ends at 6.50 p.m. People from all langauage levels are
welcome. Please call Ines on 082345672322 or Ningrum at
085277862679 for further information.

16. This passage talks about...

A. Free Conventional English classes
B. Time for further information
C. Contact person for course

D. Conventional Course
E. Chermside library

17. How long free Conventional English classes will be held?

A. An half hour
D. Two hours
B. One hour
E. Two and half hours
C. One and halfhour
This text is for questions 18 to 20
Dear Mr, Abhy
I am writing to express my interest in web contain manager position listed
on Riau Post.com. I have experience building large, custumer-focused
health-based content sites. While much of my experience has been the
bussiness world, I am understand the social value of the non profit sector
and my bussiness experinced will be an asset to your organinization.
My responsibilities included the development and managementof the
sites editorial voice and style, the editorial calender and the daily content,
programming and production of the website.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

18. What does the letter talk about?

A. The site editorial voice and style
B. The production of the website
C. The Web content manager

D. The editorial calender

E. The Job application

19. My responsibilities included the development...( Paragraph 2)

The underlined word has similar meaning with...
A. Looked for
D. Decided to
B. Consisted of
E. Waited for
C. Filled out

From the letter above, we can infer that...

A. Tasya misunderstand the social value
B. Tasya is unexperienced at all the web content
C. Tasya wants to be the staff of the web content
D. Tasya wants to build consumer focused the health
E. Tasya has much experiences in the bussines world

This text is for questions 21 to 23

A traditional weaver machine is the main tool of making tenun songket.
Materials : White yarn, clothes coloring and a small bamboo as the ejector to break the twisted
: First, dry white yarn with the required clothes coloring.After the threads have dried,
break it by using the small bamboo.
Second make the thread in the weaver machine to determine the length of the size of
songket be woven.
Third wind the wooden board of the machine to weave the thread.While weaving, push
the pedal of the machine in fluctuation with your foot to lift the thread odd and
even.Insert gold yarn in between the yarn with certain motives or pattern during the
Finally cut the clothes to the desired size.
21. What is the text talking about?
A. How to use traditional weaver machine
B. How to make tenun songket
C. How to color tenun songket

D. How to design gold thread

E. How to pattern the clothes

22. What instrument would you use if the thread is tangled?

A. Weaver machine
D. Wooden board
B. Twisted thread
E. White yarn
C. Small bamboo
23. What is the traditional weaver machine? It is ....
A. a tool of designing songket motive
B. a material used to break the thread
C. an instrument of drying white yarn

D. an ingredient of making tenun songket

E. a machine to produce a traditional weaving

This text is for questions 24 to 26

Fires rage across four Australian states
MELBOURNE, Jan 22 (UPI) Fire authorities in four Australian states are to control bushfires
fanned by strong winds and searing temperatures.
The Australian reported Sunday that blazes continued to burn in South
Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Victoria, where up to six homes have been destroyed.
In South Australia, much of Adelaide is engulfed in thick smoke. The firefighters who are confronted
by blast-furnace winds try to bring the flames under control.
At Robertstown in the states mid-north, more than 2,500 acres have already burned. Another
bushfire, started by lightning, charred the earth near mouth Flat on the southern side
of Kangoroo Island, while Ngarkat Conservation Park, in the states upper-southeast, is also a blaze.
A 7,500-acres fire at mount Agnew inZeehan, in the states west, broke containment lines
Saturday afternoon, jumping a road and coming close to homes.
The most serious fires were in Victoria, where up six homes were destroyed by a fire near the
town of Anakie, 36 miles west of Melbourne.
In Tasmania, falling temperatures and patchy rain brought some relief to firefighters, who
continued to monitor 22 blazes across the state.
24. Where were getting the most serious fires
A. In Tasmania, near the town of Melbourne
B. In Victoria,near the town of Melboourne
C. E. In Melbourne,near the town of Anakie

D. In Tasmania,near the town of Anakie

E. In Victoria,near the town of Anakie

25. What is the topic of the text above?

A. The mostserious fire in Australia
B. The temperature in Australia
C. The mountain in Australia

D. The weather in Australia

E. The peolple in Australia

26. ....four Australian states are to control bushfires fanned by strong winds...
What is the synonim of the undrlined word ?
A. Heated
D. Sprayed
B. Warmed
E. Sowed
C. Rained
This text is for questions 27 to 30

Park Jae-sang
Gangnam Style is now famous in the world. Do you know the man behind it? He is Park Jaesang and known as PSY. He was born on December 31 1977 at Gangnam District, Seoul, South
Korea. He was grown up among business family members. His father is an executive chairman of
manufacturing company and his mother is owner of several restaurants.
Park Jae-sang got his elementary education from Banpo and continued his study to Middle
Schools and Sehwa High School. After graduated from high school, in 1996, Park flew to United
Stated to study business administration at Boston University. He was a student there for only one
semester because he dropped out of Boston University after he attended an English-language course
in Summer. Leaving business administration field, he studied music at Berkley College of Music but
soon he dropped out of Barklee College too.
Park Jae-sang returned to South Korea without having university degree and pursued carrier as
singer. He releases his first album Psy from the Psycho World! in 2001. Because of the inappropriate
content, he was fined by South Korean government authorities. In 2002 he had the second album Sa 2
but again he was banned. In 2006 he got his fourth album Sa Jib. At that time he won honors at Hong
Kongs Mnet Asian Music Awards.
Park Jae-sang got his big success in 2012 when he released his sixth album Psy 6. The song
Gangnam Style appeared in broadcasting and newspapers outside Asia. Gangnam Style ranked first
on YouTube and soon became the global superstar.
27. What does paragraph 4 talk about?
A. Park Jae-sangs prosperity
B. Park Jae-sangs accomplishment
C. Park Jae-sangs occupation

D. Park Jae-sangs health

E. Par Park Jae-sangs job

28. ..an executive chairman of manufacturing company.. (paragraph 1)

What does the underlined word mean?
A. Solving
D. implementing
B. Breaking
E. Complementing
C. Producing

29. What does the word it line 2 paragraph 1 refers to..

A. Gangnam style
D. Famous
B. Park Jae-sang
E. World
C. The man
30. What is the purpose of the writer?
A. To entertaint the reader
B. To persuade the reader
C. To inform the reader

D. To amuse the reader

E. To retell the reader

This text is for questions31 to 33

When I was in second grade, my dad and I did not get along very well. I used to think my
father did not care about me. I would get frustrated with him because he would get mad at me about
my grades and my behavior at school. I felt that there was no way that I could please my father. It
made me lose all hope; I felt that I would just be a failure for the rest of my life. He would tell me that
I did not care or try hard enough to get good grades. He was right.
When I was younger, I did not care about grades. I had a friend who was a troublemaker.
One time, we had to go to the office because we had a coat hanger sword fight in the locker room
with some other kids. I went to the office so many times that year, and I am lucky I did not get kicked
out of school. My dad did not like my bad attitude, and he helped me shake it off over the next three
years, but it was not some mere walk in the park.
One day, in fifth grade, our anger and frustration had built up, and it erupted into a huge
fight. How can you say that you love me and care about me? I yelled at my dad. No, I would not
believe it! There was no way he could say that to my face! I continued shouting, All you ever do is
punish me, ground me, and get mad at me! Instead of the rage and anger I had expected, my dad
grasped me in a hug and whispered in my ear, You will not understand how much I love you until
you have children of your own. He went on to tell me that he wanted the best for me and that he was
trying to discipline me so that I could take care of my own family one day.
It was as if my eyes were opened. I realized my dad was trying to help me, and that he did
love me and care about me. I understood that to be able to have children, I would need to discipline
them like my dad had done with me. To take care of them, I would need money from my job. It was
then that I understood that my dad was preparing me for the future, and I will never be able to thank
him enough for that. That is why I love my dad so much. I remember when my dad read a paper I
wrote in seventh grade. It was about who inspires me the most. He read it and asked why I said he
inspired me the most. I answered, That day, that one day back in fifth grade, it all clicked in my
brain. I love you dad, and you are my inspiration. All my dad replied with was a smile, and I could
tell that meant a lot to him. Whenever someone asks me who inspires me the most, I always answer,
My dad is who inspires me the most.
31. What is the best title of the text?
A. My Bad Childhood
B. The Life of My Father
C. My Son Changed My Life

D. My experience in The Second Grade

E. An Event that Changed My Life

32. What is the main idea of paragraph three?

A. His father yelled to the son
B. An event when their emotion came to peak
father an idol
C. Both father and son realized their mistakes

D. The son felt failure for the rest of his life.

E. A moment when the son made his

33. How did the son finally realize of his fault?

A. His father was not angry when he argued him
B. When he will have his own children someday
C. When his father helped him to get a better job
D. His father hug him and tried to discipline him
E. His father was preparing him for his future
This text is for questions 34 to 36
Avian influenza is an infection caused by avian (bird) influenza (Flu) viruses. These influenza viruses
occur naturally among birds. Wild birds worldwide carry the viruses in their intestines but usually do
not get sick from them. However, avian influenza is very contagious among birds and can make some
domesticated birds, including chickens, duck,and turkys, very sick and kill them.
Infected birds shed influenza virus in their saliva, nasal,secretions or excretion and
feces.Susceptible birds become infected when they have contact with contaminated secretions or
excretion or with surfaces that are contaminated with secretions or excretions from infected birds.
Domesticated birds may become infected with avian influenza virus through direct contact with
infected waterfowl or other infected poultry, or through contact witt surfaces (such as dirt or cages),
ormaterials (such as water or feed) that have been contaminated with the virus.

Infection with avian influenza viruses in domestic poultry causes two main forms of disease that
are distinguished by low and high extremes of virulence. The low pathogenic form may go
undetected and usually causes only mild symptoms (such as ruffled feathers and a drop in egg
production). However, the highly pathogenic form spreads more rapidly through flocks of poultry.
This form may cause disease that affects multiple internal organs and has a mortality rate that can
reach 90 100 % often within 48 hours.
34. What is the writers intention of writing the text?
A. To intertain the reader
B. To persuade the readers
C. To report avian influenza

D. To tell the story of avian influenza

E. To criticize information on avian

35. What is main idea of the text above?

A. Avian influenza caused by the poultry
B. The disease caused by avian influenza
C. Poultry infected by avian influenza

D. Why the avian influenza deadly

E. The avian influenza deadly

36. How avian influenza can be transmitted to humans?

A. When they feed poultry at home
D. When the poultry infected by avian influenza
B. When they approach infected poultry E. When they have direct contact with infected poultry
C. When they infected with avian influenza
This text is for questions 37 to 39

Tattooing is very popular in several countries. Many rock musicians tattoo their various figures. Some
of them even tattoo most part of their body . They do that because they want to look different and
exceptional. But, tattoo for young people should be banned because tattoo can affect their health
Our skin may react differently to various chemicals. When we tattoo our body, the tattoo artist will
insert colouring dyes into your top skin layer. It may cause allergic reactions and skin infections.
People with tattoo may suffer from them even years after they get the tattoo.
Tattooing may cause blood borne diseases. We cannot guarantee that tattooing machine is not
contaminated by various diseases, such as tetanus, hepatitis or HIV.
Tattooing among youngsters is prohibited in many countries, including the USA, to prevent teenagers
misusing tattoos. Tattoos have been used as symbol of criminal groups. So, youth might be apt to join
bad circles. Governments in many country try hard to keep teenagers a way from any criminal
From the facts above, it can be concluded that young people should not get tattoos without parental
37. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text
A. Tattoo is allowed in USA
D. Tattoo can give criminal image
B. Tattoo can cause allergic reaction
E. many rocks musicians tattoo their
various figures.
C. The negative effect of tattoo can be for years
D. Tattoo can give criminal image
38. How do governments keep teenagers away from criminal syndicates ?
A. by promoting tattoo
D. by prohibiting tattoo
B. by arresting the criminal group
E. by arresting tattoo artist
C. by prohibiting rock concert
39. They want to look different and exceptional ( paragraph 1)
The underlined word has similar meaning with
A. Qualifying
D. satisfying
B. Interesting
E. amazing
C. frightening
This text is for questions 40 to 43
Do you know that most schools and colleges strongly recommend students to have computers to
help them achieve better results of learning? With computer connected to Internet, students can learn
English online. They can make reports easily by using word processing software. They can play
game to get of boredom. However, a computer can also give negative impacts for a student.
One thing that makes a computer useful is that students can use it to finish some assignments
from schools. By connecting to Internet, they can easily surf and find any materials related to their
lessons and assignments. They have unlimited resources from all over the worlds. Online libraries are
open. A lot of books are free to download and read online. Finding friends from related field of study
is not difficult anymore. They can work together to boost their best achievement. What more benefit
is they can do all of that just by sitting on the chair of their rooms. What amazing world it is, isnt?
Although a computer has many benefits, it should be considered deeply. A computer certainly
does not promote students to do and move more. The computer makes students have less physical
activities. Even not few of them forget to have lunch while they are playing certain game. They just
sit in front of monitors. They are caught up in the mystique of the smart machines. In short, students
who usually work with computers tend to have a few physical activities and exercises.
So what should students do? Should they avoid using computers? Of course No. Computer
will make even greater benefits if physical activities are also promoted to done by the students.

(Adapted from http://freeenglishcourse.info/kumpulan-contoh-discussion-text-dalam-bahasa-inggris/)

40. What do the students do to surf the materials by using computer?
A. By finding friends
D. By making the computer
B. By amazing the world
E. By connecting to internet
C. By sitting on the chair
41. What is the disadvantage of computer for students?
A. The computer makes the students move more actively
B. The computer causes the students do many activities physically
C. The students get less physical activities
D. The students face difficulties in doing their assignment
E. The students need much more physical activities.
42. A computer certainly does not promote students to do and move more (paragraph 3, sentence 2).
The underlined word is closest meaning to...
A. have
D. encourage
B. give
E. consider
C. tend
This text is for questions43 to 45
When fossil fuels, or other fuels, such as wood for peat, are burned, carbon dioxide is released into
the atmosphere. Vehicles also give out and add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
Earths atmosphere allows most of the sun rays to pass through it to heat Earths surface. Earth
reflects much of the heat energy back into the atmosphere, but much of this reflected radiation cannot
escape. Gases such as carbon dioxide absorb it. They grow warm and send heat radiation back to
Earth. This is the greenhouse effect. Many scientists think that the greenhouse effect may change the
climate, over the next 100 years or so. One consequences of so called global warming resulting from
the greenhouse effect could be melting of the polar ice caps.
This, in turn, could lead to a rise in sea level which could floor large areas of highly populated coastal
If carbon dioxide proves to be as harmful as thought, in order to reduce carbon dioxide levels we
need to reduce the amounts of carbon-rich fuels burned.


43. What is the topic of the text?

Fossils fuels
c. greenhouse effects
Global warming
d. earths atmosphere


44. What effect does bon dioxide have on the atmosphere?

It sends warm radiation to Earth
It makes the atmosphere warmer
It makes the atmosphere darker to long-wave radiation
It makes the atmosphere allow most of the sun rays to pass through
It makes the atmosphere allow most of the sun rays to pass through it to heat Earths surface


45. carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. (P. 1)

The underlined word has the same meaning as
c. emitted
d. absorbed
e. evaporated

e. the danger of carbon dioxide

46. Arrange the following sentences into the correct order.

1. It surprised us because there were always many people coming there on the weekends
2. We really had a great time.
3. It was only five kilometers from our houses.
4. Last week, my friend and I rode our bikes to the beach.
5. We bought some hot chips, rode our bikes, played in the water and sat under the trees
6. It was quite windy and there was hardly anyone there

A. 4 1 3 6 5- 2
B. 4 1 3 2 6 5
C. 4 1 3 6 5 2

D. 4 3 6 1 2 5
E. 4 3 6 1 - 5 2
47. Rearrange following sentences into a good order.
How to Make a Bregedel Tempe
1. Shape the tempe into fritters the size of a golf ball and flatten a little with a fork.
2. Mash the tempe with a fork or place in the bowl of a food processor and blend until it
resembles coarse bread crumbs
3. Heat the vegetable oil in a wok over a medium flame. When the oil is hot, drop the fritters
into the oil, five or six at a time
4. Put the mashed tempe in a bowl and mix with the spice paste, fried shallots and lime leaves.
Stir in the flour, followed by the egg.
5. Fry until golden brown on both sides, drain on absorbent paper and serve hot with rice.
6. Grind the spices in a mortar and pestle or place in the bowl of a food processor and blend to
a smooth paste.
A. 2 5 3 6 - 4 1
B. 2 5 3 4 6 1
C. 2 6 4 3 1 5
D. 2 6 4 1 3 5
E. 2 6 3 4 5 1
This text is for questions48 to 50
My friends and I .(48) a mountain last holiday. We prepared enough food and drinks. A guide
accompanied us because it was our first time.
The sun shone brightly. We were in high spirits to climb, but we were tired and stayed at the
post. Then, we continued our journey, but it suddenly got dark and rained. Luckily, our position was
near the second post, so we sheltered there. After the rain had stopped, we decided to continue
walking. The road to the top of the mountain was ..(49). So, we had to walk very carefully. We
were so happy, but one of my friends slipped and fell. We ran to help him. Thank God, he was okay,
.(50) serious injury.
Finally, we arrived on the peak of the mountain. Our challenging journey paid off with the
beautiful scenery.
It was a memorable experience. We will climb another mountain next holiday.
48. A. jumped
B. climbed
C. walked
D. stayed
E. slipped
49. A. rusty
B. dusty
C. foggy
D. rocky
E. slippery
50. A. with
B. by
C. for
D. of
E. without