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This also includes languages.merriam-webster. It also covers transfer not only of knowledge but also of people” (Crhanova. “One of the ways that students seek to prepare for the global job market is through studying abroad” (Patterson. “Migration of people has become popular for educational reasons” (Crhanova. Culture is a distinct ways that people living differently classified and represented their experiences and acted creatively. religion. Culture has a great connection with one’s life. 2007). 2007). working and studying abroad become a common life experience of people from democratic countries” (Crhanova. University is a start of teenage life to determine what their future going to be. living. 2007). “University life affords freedom. the number of Malaysian students studying abroad has increased from 58. “According to figures from the Ministry of Higher Education. specifically one made up of an undergraduate division which confers bachelor's degrees and a graduate division which comprises a graduate school and professional schools each of which may confer master's degrees and doctorates” (www.254 (2010)” (http://afterschool. they were given two choices either to study in the country or abroad. As a student. dialect . improving second language skills and learn how to communicate across cultures. independence and an opportunity to gain life skills that will be used throughout life” (Crhanova. 2007). “Studying abroad offers a unique opportunity to grow academically. 2006). “A benefit is a positive impact of a particular stimulus on a person” (Oxford Dictionary 103). “Students can experience what the outside education systems and world look like” (Crhanova. “The benefits of study abroad give an impact of a person’s life. University is a part of important stage in one’s life. But most students prefer to study abroad since there are a lot of benefits that they can get through it. 2007). “Travelling. A choice whether to study abroad or study in local university is not depends on ones. but parents as well. study abroad gives advantages in experiencing a foreign culture.“University is an institution of higher learning providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees.my/news).963 (2009) to 79. “Students who are study abroad are more stands out in terms of knowledge. 2007). professionally and personally while going on a once-in-a lifetime adventure” (Crhanova. To be discussing in smaller scope.com).

During learning. There will be no term of ‘culture shock’ for them. Through this globalization society. eating ‘halal’ food or food which is permissible to be eaten by muslim and mingling with foreign people. study abroad offers students to improve their second language skills. they will not having any problem if they were sent to work in foreign country. Three years is more than enough for students to sharpen their second language skills. Religion differentiates people from the way they respect and practice what their religion ask for. students will meet variety type of students in terms of races. In short. 2007). learning language is important for everyone. It could be other languages too such as Mandarin.and socioeconomic status. Languages such as English. Second language is not necessary English. It is because they participate in the day-to-day life of a new locale. they will have a moderate life. there will be more than one dialect. Besides that. Differ with lower-class people. Second language could be more than one language. Through this session. When a student has experienced foreign culture. religion and also country. “Students who study in foreign culture will gain a first-hand understanding and new appreciation of the culture” (Crhanova. They can manage their life very well in terms of proper dressing up. Malay and Japan best help people to communicate with other people. if they have to do research about foreign culture in the future. When be in foreign country. Rich people will have an outstanding life with having the most delicious food. Italian and Philippines. As soon as they . Only necessity will be fulfilling. a new lifestyle and a new scenery too. Dialect is not a create culture and its originality come from the ancestor. Dialect in every country is different from the use of word and sound and it could be in a country. Apart from gaining experience. Normally. students can grab this perfect opportunity to learn deeper in many languages. this experience going to help them a lot to get the best result. students were exposed to a new culture. study abroad not only helps student in gaining academic knowledge but knowledge of foreign culture as well. Socioeconomic status is a way of people earns and manages their life. Dialect is not only used by inside country but also in overseas country. students will stay for three years and above in foreign country before they get their degree. big houses and perhaps a lot of import car.

ERASMUS is a successful programme and it is famous in foreign country. In working life. rules. they will be able to communicate across culture. values. the adoption family will teach the students about their life and they will gain new knowledge especially in learning new language. The key to cross-cultural success is to develop an understanding of and a deep respect for the differences. Only few who are aware of our own cultural biases because cultural imprinting is begun at a very early age.graduate. an improvement of language skills and new experience as the main benefits” (Crhanova. dealing with new people is common. study abroad helps students a lot in appreciating a culture. Communicating across culture is one of the most challenging things. no culture is right or wrong. Staying with adoption family for a few months will make the new students feel comfort with their new life. phobias and anxieties are taught explicitly and most of the information is absorbed subconsciously. A student with an experience of staying abroad will perform well in dealing with people from the other country. In today’s global business community. 2007). Regarding this danger zone. what is proper and correct in one culture may be ineffective or even offensive in another. In reality. beliefs. And while some of a culture’s knowledge. there is a programme called as mobility programme which gives benefits and new experience to students and teachers as well. “A typical trailer on a mobility programme offers an opportunity to meet new people. better or worse. When it comes to communication. One of the famous European programmes is ERASMUS which is organised by the EU. It is more emphasized for academic purpose. Students who study abroad will never miss to grab this golden opportunity because it is for personal outcome. With having adoption family. This programme runs for three to twelve months. Each culture has set rules that its members take for granted. Some people have . in foreign country. As for example. but just the differences. Able to speak in many languages is one of criteria that company need most to hire an employee. ERASMUS helps people with having adoption family in the other country. there is no single best approach to communicating with one another. they can speak more than two languages fluently. It is not only about spoken different language but also understanding their lifestyle. When students already feel comfort with their new life.

Despite local university offers the same level of education. Students will not be ignored because government will monitor them and students can inform them if there is any problem. As stated above.different understanding with their lifestyle. Government will help students who got offer to study abroad with providing scholarship to them. improving second language skills and learn how to communicate across culture. study abroad offers students to experience a foreign culture. Students will have great accommodations and for sure they will satisfy with what they have there. At the end of their study. some people prefer to deal with same gender and perhaps some people prefer to meet only at coffee house. Understanding what they like and dislike is important to have a great deal with them and to prevent from misunderstanding. since university life is important to having a good start in the future. they will get financial sponsor to earn their life in foreign country. the maturity of students will increase and as soon as they graduate. As for example. individual and parents need to take it as a serious decision. live in a best future is a dream of everyone. To be conclude. By asking those who are experienced in studying abroad. some people prefer to have meeting at night. Study abroad helps students to become familiar with the customs and traditions of the country. Individual and parents need to investigate the good side of studying abroad. students are able to communicate across culture through verbal and non-verbal action. If they were lucky. students will develop an appreciation of culture and its differences of own culture. there will be no problem for them to live independently. With learn to live without family. Through this studying session. To be asserted. Study abroad is a golden opportunity to success in life because it has good advantages than drawback. Each country also has their own ways in showing respect to people such as Japan and Korean people bow down their body when they meet people. This term called as ‘visiting new country for free’. Since study abroad . searching in internet about studying abroad student’s outcome and ask for professional opinion is a good and must action to take. Parents should not be worry of financial problem because of course only best students will be offer to further study in abroad. there will be best technologies which can help in their studies. study abroad gives more advantages to students. In foreign country.

(1634 words) .can fulfil the dream. why need to let this golden opportunity fly away? As students and parents. do make the best decision for the sake of a good future.

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