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People are always struck by the finish and attention to details of Sanremo
machines, but the focus in equipment development has always been on
achieving ever improving and market leading coffee machines. And that is what
Sanremo Espresso Machines do, supply simply great coffee makers without
unnecessary bells and whistles that make a difference to businesses that use
We offer a varied and detailed consultancy and training service. Aiming to
provide in depth exploration and understanding of the remarkable array of
impactors that define coffees breadth and specialism. Our training services are
geared towards the industry professional and the keen home enthusiast alike.

It all starts at a farm level, we need one of the varieties of coffee plant that has
speciality grade potential to be planted in an environment in which it can
flourish. At harvest time, only the ripe cherries need to picked and then carefully
processed to remove the fruit and reveal the two little coffee seeds. A sample of
the coffee will be roasted and tasted to decide on the quality of the coffee. The
line for speciality is drawn at 80 points and above using qualified scoring
The coffee will be shipped directly to a speciality roaster here in the U.K. or go
via an importing company that focuses on transparent relationships and quality.
This is called fresh crop coffee. We will phone up the roaster and make our order
and they will roast it fresh and ship straight out to us, we will have a different
roast for filter coffees as opposed to espresso. We will rest the coffee for at least
a week to balance out the flavour and then serve and use the coffee within the
following two weeks.
The baristas in store will need to manage the making process to ensure that the
best possible flavour ends up in your cup of coffee. They do this through a skilled
understanding of how the making process impacts on flavour.

Maxwell and Lesley Colonna-Dashwood source their coffees from four main
roasters: Origin Coffee, Square mile Coffee, James Gourmet Coffee and Hasbean.
All have direct relationships with growers, and the focus is on the flavour
diversities and varietals grown. The types of coffees are changed every week and
with the changing seasons, and the choices are written on a chalk board. [quote
from The Foodie Bugle]

The essence of this shop is not only making good coffee but most of all helping
the customers understand more about coffee and how to drink it best: the walls
are decorated with information about processing and brewing methods; the
barista recommended us not to add sugar to our coffees to really feel the taste;
they have a space downstairs for coffee tastings and theres even a coffee
flavour wheel on the toilet wall!

Axwell v Lesley Colonna-Dashwood ngun c ph ca h t bn nh rang xay

chnh: Ngun gc c ph, Square dm Coffee, James Gourmet Coffee v
Hasbean. Tt c u c mi quan h trc tip vi ngi trng, v tp trung vo
s a dng hng v v varietals trng. Cc loi c ph c thay i mi tun
v vi cc ma thay i, v nhng la chn c vit trn bng phn. [quote t
The Foodie Bugle]

Bn cht ca ca hng ny khng ch lm cho c ph tt nhng hu ht tt c

cc vic gip khch hng hiu thm v c ph v lm th no ung n tt
nht: cc bc tng c trang tr vi nhng thng tin v ch bin v sn xut
bia phng php; cc barista nn chng ti khng thm ng vo c ph ca
chng ti thc s cm nhn c hng v; h c mt khng gian tng di
cho nm c ph v thm ch c mt bnh xe hng v c ph trn tng nh v