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January 26, 2016

TUP Taguig Campus

Km. 14 East Service Road, Western Bicutan,
Taguig City, 1630


Prof. Benedicta Tagayuna, ADAA


Request for BSCE Educational Tour Approval

Dear Maam,
Good Day.
In behalf of the BS in Civil Engineering, third year graduating students, I would like to request
approval to let us conduct our Educational Tour in Caloocan & Bulacan to satisfy our
requirement needed for the course Field trip and Seminar (FTS) composed of three (3) units.
This aims to expose students to the actual picture related to our field chosen and we also see
this as an opportunity to understand some of the theories we learned the past few years
while studying in this institution.
In lieu with this, some of the major subjects we are targeting are sites related to general
construction, traffic networks and transportation, water system & facilities, technology in
construction like pre-stressed concrete and precast and other topics interrelated. As per the
cooperation of our class, teacher and third party travel and tours company we decided to
conduct the tour specifically in Caloocan & Bulacan; which is only few kilometers away from
Metro Manila.
One-day tour shall be conducted on the following sites and places:
Field: Transportation

Tollways Management Corporation

Km. 12 Balintawak Toll Plaza, East Libis, Baesa, Bgy. 160, Caloocan City
Tollways Management Corporation (TMC) is a primarily engaged in carrying on the
operations and maintenance of toll roads, its facilities, interchanges and all related
works. It operates and maintains NLEX, SCTEX and SFEX which are considered as the
main expressways and arteries of the country.

Field: Concrete Technology; Pre-stressed concrete

Frey-Fil Phils. Corporation

Km.52, Bgy. Pungo, Calumpit Bulacan
t: (02) 373-9345

Frey-Fil Corporation is a post-tensioning contractor having a principal objective of

developing the use of prestressing in traditional reinforced concrete structures. At
present, Frey-Fil Corporation has acquired competence and expertise in the field of
precast prestressed concrete and is currently operating business offices and plant
facilities nationwide to better serve the needs of the ever-growing construction

Field: Water Supply & Environmental Engineering

Bulacan Water Treatment Plant

Bulacan, Bulacan
Bulacan Water Treatment is plant that converts waste water to expand the use of the
water in the area of Bulacan. The site also consists of different technology and
methodology of treating the water.

To satisfy different requirements for this Educational travel the class is readying the papers
needed by the Commission in Higher Education like insurance, permits, waivers and other
related documents upon your perusal and approval. Teachers and adviser are also involving
in securing the safety of the students during the trip and tour likewise itineraries are also
Students who are part in this tour are as follows:
1. Adan, Rodel Allan
2. Alvarez, Arjel
3. Amata, Kristoff Hendrik
4. Apas, Paolo
5. Aquino, Doren
6. Balona, Sheila Kim
7. Boiser, Rosemarie
8. Butihen, Van Victor
9. Canuto, Zeriza

10. Caa, George

11. Caparas, Sara Amor
12. Catu, Charlie
13. Daep, Joemarie
14. De Castro, Jherome
15. De Guzman, Princess Lyn
16. De Mesa, Rubilyn
17. Dela Torre, Evelyn
18. Doctolero, Darwin
19. Domino, Divina
20. Dulay, Mark John King
21. Enriquez, Joanna Grace
22. Espalmado, Jennifer
23. Gatdula, Sarah Jean
24. Hermonio, Kim
25. Igdalino Jessa Mae
26. Insigne, Gerold
27. Macababbad, Nathaniel
28. Madrileo, Francis Annel
29. Mahinay, Fredrick
30. Marjes, Donna Bleszel
31. Mariscotes, Enrico
32. Mendinueta, Niptaly Mel
33. Moncada Judith
34. Namoca, Norissa
35. Nudalo, Sharlene Grace
36. Ormilla, Elyda Marie
37. Que, Leah Marriz
38. Queano, Kennedy
39. Quetulio, Louie Aldrich
40. Rementina, Joyce Dianne
41. Reginio, Erickson
42. Saba, Geneva
43. Sanquillos, Karen Joy
44. Tejoso, Christian
45. Umali, Honel
46. Velado, Jane Marie
47. Yap, Rachelle

We are looking forward to your positive response.

Very truly yours,


BSCE Student Third year
TUP Taguig Campus

Noted by:


Civil & Allied Department
Department Head

Note: Attached are some of the details we gathered.

MTF Educational Tours & Services

January 25, 2016


GC Class Representative

Dear Mr. Alvarez,

Thank you for your interest in MTF EDUCATIONAL TOURS & SERVICES. Following your request we are pleased to submit
our proposal for your consideration.
PACKAGE B: Bulacan Tour
Php700.00 (min of 48PAX)
 Frey-Fil Philippines Corp.
 Tollways Management Corp.
 Bulacan Water Treatment Plant
No Confirmation, No Booking
Ideal number of companies per day is min of 2 and max of 3.
Request should be given at least one month prior to the tour date.
Companies and institutions has the final decision to accept or decline a request. In line with this, the list
of companies stated above is tentative and subject for approval.
ETD at TUP Taguig
Tollways Management Corp.
Frey-Fil Phils. Corp.
Lunch (PAX Acct)
Bulacan Water Treatment Plant
ETA at TUP Taguig

Use of Tourist Bus for the entire duration of the tour.

Plant Tour Bookings and Arrangements
Tour Facilitator/Coordinator
Group Travel Insurance
Toll Fees and Parking Fees


One(1) professors free with lunch

GC Grad Class Representative free of charge

Should there be further queries or additional requirements please feel free to contact us at telefax number 4437478 /
09052347108/09325463054 or you may email us at mtfeducationaltours@gmail.com. Thank you and hoping to serve you soon.

Very Truly Yours,

Marie Fallorina
Office: 4759 B. Old Santolan Rd.
Gen. T. de Leon

Phone: (02) 443.74.78

Email: mtftours@yahoo.com.ph


Website: mtftours.wix.com/educationaltours

(02) 443.74.78