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- Your Partner for Analytics

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• We are a Technology firm focused on being a Business Intelligence partner of choice
for Global Corporations
• We use advanced analytics tools customized to meet industry specific requirements.
Our approach
• We understand the business, the business user requirements and then provide
the appropriate and cost effective solution.
Our solution highlights
• Right B.I solution
• Rapid deployment for quick wins
• User friendly solutions to improve end user product utilization
• Lower TCO to ensure higher ROI
ABIBA Management
• Promoter team have several decades of experience globally in companies in Europe,
North America, Asia and Africa
• Senior management team is highly qualified with experience in management and

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TeleView TM TIMS
Manufacturing intelligence Process intelligence

BI Consulting:
BI Strategy, Scoping and Selection BI System performance analysis and
BI System design/architecture improvement
Technical and business user training

Solutions and Services - 3DM Approach

Datamart and Enterprise Data Data Management
Warehouse Process improvement and workflow
Data Sourcing - ELT/ETL/EAI solutions
Data Mining and analytics

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Industry Offering
Telecom TIMS

Early warnings

Process PI


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• Performance management application
• An integrated solution having its own
database, data capture, data processing
and front-end.
• Modular solution covering different
operational areas like Activations, Usage
and prepaid recharges.
• In-built KPIs.
• Multi-dimensional analysis,
• Variance of Plan V/s actual performance
• Multiple scenario building for improved
planning and profit maximization.

What’s happening, why is it happening and what is going to happen – Answers to 3

critical questions for Senior management

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Manufacturing Intelligence

• Multi-dimensional query across KPI’s such

as Cost, Production, Quality & Inventory.
• Ability to slice and dice information.
• Decision Support tools such as -
• Root cause analysis
• Early warning system
• What-if scenario modeler
• Quick deployment – See benefits within
• Cost effective and optimised for H/w

Helps Functional heads of Plant , Operations & Production

to improve business performance

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Early warning system

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It is an integrated solution with model builder and interactive analytical front end

Key features:
• Segmentation and Profiling
• Customer wise churn prediction
• Response models
• Early warnings

• Churn reduction
• Improved cross-sell and Up-sell
• Reduced cost of acquisition

Analytics to help Sell more, retain customers and reduce risks

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TIMS is a Telecom network rollout ERP

• Supports requirements of both
Operators and Infra providers.
• Covers 2 Stages -
– Pre commissioning
– Post commissioning
• Monitor , track and ensure Network
roll-out is as planned
• Executive dashboard, Early warning
and Geo Maps

One-stop solution for network asset roll-out and management

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Process Intelligence
Process performance improving tool
• Improvement in critical path of output
• Better control of key process inputs
• Usage of statistics and software technologies for analysis
• Track real time process performance and present unified view of output in real time.

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BI Services – End to End

Data Data Decision

Data Analysis
Sourcing Management support

•Dashboard • What if analysis

• Data modeling •DW design,
development and •Advanced • Optimization
• Enterprise
maintenance reporting
application and • Early warning
Integration • Remote •OLAP drilling/ system
(EAI) administration Slicing and Dicing
• Predictive • Information
• Data quality and support
analytics visualization

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Data Warehouse services
Source User Interface



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Segmentation and profiling Response models
• Identify your profitable segments Identify the most sensitive customers
and their behavior for cross selling/up selling
• Estimate the life time value of your
customer segments for better Churn Prediction
Predict the potential churn – subscriber
and segment level to plan for retention
Risk models activities
• Identify the most risky customer
segments and list at-risk customers Forecasting
• Identify the customers who are Forecast Sales, Revenue, Churn, Default
going to default or delay the and other critical attributes based on
payment historic performance.

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Work flow management Process automation

• Identify process bottlenecks, data

• Process definition, assignment availability and dependencies
and tracking • Interactive, configurable solution
• Work flow dependency capture • User defined reporting and
analysis of process performance

Web enabled applications Early warning systems

• Data capture, integration, • Definition of key metrics and

processing and tracking performance thresholds at various
stages of processes.
• Meet requirement for anywhere
access like off site users • User friendly alarms and reports
for better planning and
• User based report generation implementation

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Pre built solutions Guaranteed user penetration

• Rapid deployment model • Built to enable functional user to have

information and analysis on-demand
• Modular approach enabling scalability
• User friendly & interactive front-ends
• Pre-built models and Business critical
• User configurable business rule
KPIs pre-configured engines and user interfaces

Collaborative implementation Attractive Total cost of ownership (TCO)

• Identify high priority and high • Optimised Hardware requirements.

profitable requirements.
• Lower licensing costs by using Open
• Integrate with multiple data sources source tools.
to present unified view of business.
• Scalable to safeguard investments
• Business led Customisation made in IT solutions.

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