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Includes the link to the free online

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link to a free online
Todor Jovanovic, 7G

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Todor Jovanovic, 7G


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Todor Jovanovic, 7G


It happens to
You woke up this morning thinking it
was Saturday and slowly turned in
your bed, expecting to catch a couple
of hours of sleep more. Last nights
computer game was very long and
you felt so tired.
Your mums
hoarse voice
and the smell of
tobacco brought
you back to
Its quarter to
eight, boy, get
up and make
some breakfast while I go to get a
theof link
to the free online
You get up,game!
prepare a quick Weet Bix
and get ready for school.
Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment

An ordinary day at

Includes the link to the free online

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment

The school is boring as always; you

do some maths and can hardly wait
for the lunch break. Bobby Smith has
promised to show you and your
friends some real action
and cool stuff, if you
meet him in the
bushes, on the sports
grounds behind the
school garden shed.
You are excited. What
could it be? Another animal, like a rat
last time? New gadget maybe? That
iPad last week was really interesting.
You dont know
where he got it
though, they
are supposed to
be really
expensive and
Bobby doesnt
look like someone who has money.
Anyway, whatever it is, Bobby is
always interesting.
Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment

Behind the shed

Its 12:30 and, behind the shed,
Bobby is in the middle of a circle of
several of your friends. You push in
and you see him smoking a very long
cigarette. Every time he exhales, he
these rings
of smoke
that stay in
the air for
Sometimes he makes small rings go
right through the big ones.
Everyone is clapping and saying that
it is the coolest thing theyve ever
seen. Bobby offers to teach you all
not only how to smoke but how to
make the rings as well. Everyone is
really excited.
Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment

Are you gonna try it?

Milton, Bobbys best friend, was the
first one to try it and he made it look
easy. Come to think of it, it actually
looked like hes done it before.
Nicolas and Bruce refused but Darren,
Alex, Grant and Cho decided to also
try it. The first time they inhaled they
were coughing and their eyes were
watery. Because others laughed at
them, they pretended it didnt hurt
and inhaled some more. This time,
they looked more comfortable with
the smoke.
Finally, it is your turn.
Choice 1
If you decide to smoke, you will
experience the same feeling as Alex,
Grant and Cho but will eventually get
used to it. Go to the next page.
Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


Choice 2
If you decide NOT to smoke, go to
page 18.

The first time

You take the cigarette and pull a large
amount of smoke in your mouth.
Bobby tells you take a deep breath
and, when you do, you start coughing
so badly that you think you are going
to die. You friends tell you that your
face turned green and you have tears
running down you cheeks.
Choice 1
How embarrassing! This cant be that
bad, your mom smokes and she is a
woman, and certainly you can do it
too! If you want to give it another try,
go to the next page.
Choice 2
Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


How can anyone do this twice? you

ask yourself. This is the most
disgusting thing you ever put in your
mouth and if you have to tolerate this
just to be cool then you never want to
be cool in your life ever again! If this
is your choice, go to the page 18.

Give it another try

This time you put only a little smoke
in your mouth and inhale very slowly.
Surprisingly, you didnt cough though
the terrible taste in your mouth
meant that this is not exactly as nice
as, for example, a bar of chocolate or
a Paddle Pop ice cream. Still,
everyone congratulates you and you
are really cool.
From that day, you take 2 of your
mums cigarettes without her
permission and bring them to school
one for you and one for Bobby.
Sometimes you feel like youre
stealing but its only from your mom
Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


so you dont think that counts as real


The first
Years later, in
high school, you
had to get a job
to be able to
afford smoking.
While your nonsmoking friends saved their work
money for cars or iPhones, you spent
all of your money on cigarettes.
When your friends bought their Golfs,
Pulsars and Corollas, they looked so
cool. You tried to quit smoking but
you failed because you couldnt last
without a cigarette even a day. Your
first health problems started soon
after. The doctor said that the
cigarettes are damaging your body
Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


and you have to quit if you want to

Choice 1
If you quit, go to page 17
Choice 2
If you dont quit, continue reading.

Medical test results

died two
later of
several years you found it difficult to
play sport and were more sick than
your friends and had
- bad breath
- yellow teeth
- smelly clothes

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


One day, you started

being sicker than
usually. The doctor
sent you for some
tests and you are
now waiting for the results. There are
a number of illnesses you can choose
For lung cancer, go to
page 12
For throat cancer, go to page
For mouth cancer, go to page 14
For stomach cancer, go to page 15
For cardiovascular disease, go to
page 16

Lung cancer
You have chosen POORLY!
Because of your symptoms:
- Pain in the chest when breathing
Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


- Shortness of
- Coughing out
- Weight loss
- Constant tiredness
your doctor asked you to do chest xray. The result is that you have lung
caused by
doctor is
sorry but
you have
only three
months left to live!
The End
Go back to page 7, 8 or 10 and make a
different choice

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


Throat cancer
You have chosen POORLY!
Because of your symptoms:
- A lump in the
- A persistent cough
- Spitting out blood
- Throat pain
- Voice change
(hoarse voice like
your mothers)
your doctor asked you
to do throat scan. The
result is that you have
throat cancer, caused by smoking.
Your doctor is sorry but you have
9-12 months to live. Removal of
your voice box may give you a
few more years.

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


The End
Go back to page 7, 8 or 10 and make a
different choice

Mouth cancer
You have chosen POORLY!
Because of your symptoms:
- A bleeding mouth pimple that
doesnt go away
- Trouble swallowing
- Speech
- Loose teeth
and sore
your doctor
asked you to do
mouth scan. The result is that you
have mouth cancer, caused by
A large part of your tongue, lip
and face would have to be cut off
Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


but there is a good chance of

saving your life.
The End
Go back to page 7, 8 or 10 and make a
different choice

Stomach cancer
You have chosen
Because of your
- You lost weight
nut are feeling full
after a small meal
- vomiting
- blood in vomit
- black-coloured poo

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


your doctor asked you

to do blood test and
stomach scan. The
result is that you have
stomach cancer. While it
usually happens in older
people, you got it
because you started
smoking in primary
Your stomach would have to be
taken out to try to save your life.
Be aware that it might already be
too late.
The End
Go back to page 7, 8 or 10 and make a
different choice

Cardiovascular disease
You have chosen POORLY!

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


Your doctor
explained that
you suffer from a
disease which
stops blood from
reaching your
legs. You got
gangrene in your toes. This means
that all your toes would have to be
cut off. This might save your life if
you quit smoking now.
If you continue
smoking, other
parts of your
body will be
affected as well so they would have
to be cut off as well. Your fingers
would be next, unless you get heart
attack first.
The End
Go back to page 7, 8 or 10 and make a
different choice

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


Quit before its too

You have chosen WISELY!
Your doctor explained that, even
though you started smoking in
primary school, if you quit today:
- Your lungs will
start getting
- Youll be more
- Youll feel less tired
Also, you can spend more
time with your friends because
you dont have to go out to
smoke. And you will save a lot
of money for that car or mobile

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


Most importantly, you can help your

mother quit smoking and recover
from her illness.

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment



Even though your mother is not the
best role model, you obviously paid
attention to what your teachers were
telling you at school. You learnt that
smoking leads to health problems,
many of them deadly. For example,
smoking causes cancers like tongue,
mouth, throat, nose, nasal sinus,
voice box, pancreas, stomach, liver,
kidney, bladder, ureter, bowel, cervix,
ovary, and bone marrow.

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


Also, at school you learnt to use

calculator so you can calculate how
much the cigarettes cost. One packet
a day $20, 365 days per year, and if
you start smoking in primary school
and live to 60 years that is 50 years
of smoking.
$20 x 365 days x 50 years =
Enough to buy a Ferrari or Porsche or
a unit. And that is without any
medical expenses that always have
to be paid when you get sick.

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


BONUS: Online game

After reading all the options, you
have wisely decided that smoking
does not bring you anything good
and that there is only one choice
available to you:

try it.

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment

And because you

are so smart, here
is an online game
as a reward:



Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


Todor Jovanovic is a
Year 7 student at Cecil
Hills High School. He
targeted this book at
the primary school

I wrote this book

to warn the children
about the dangers
and cost of
smoking. I hope
that my book will
the children
Instant bestseller! In his book,
Todor reached the primary school
children at their own level,
motivating them to read the book
with the prospect of an online
game. Ingenious!

Albus Percival Dumbledore,

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment


Butt Out Campaign report by Todor Jovanovic 7G

I wrote a book about what happens to the primary school children if they
take up smoking. My campaign is designed to raise awareness of the
dangers of tobacco smoking.
If I had to pick only on message of my campaign, then it is:
Smoking is very unhealthy and costs a lot of money.
But, I really have a number of messages, for example:
Peer pressure is not good enough reason to start smoking.
The first experience (that first cough) should warn you how bad
smoking really is.
You might think smoking is cool but its much cooler to have a car
when you turn 17.
The longer you smoke, the harder to quit.
When you quit, your body starts repairing (unless you already have
You always have a choice, even when your doctor tells you how
many months you have left to live.
Most people dont even realise how expensive smoking really is.
The target audience of my campaign are primary school children. The most
damage by smoking is done to the primary school kids because they are not
strong and their bodies are developing fast. Smoking will slow down the
growth and may also leave permanent damage. Its hard for primary school
age children to decide whether to smoke or not because they dont know
enough about the dangers of smoking. They are also very curious and want
to try something new. My campaign will teach them about some dangers of
For young children to be interested, my campaign had to be imaginative.
Firstly, kids that like reading will recognise Choose Your Own
Adventure logo and will be attracted by it. I have combined two ideas:
Choose Your Own Adventure series of books, and the Which Disease?
quit smoking ad, where smokers buying cigarettes pick and choose from
different illnesses.
Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment

Secondly, not all kids read books but most of the kids play
computer games so, on the cover of my booklet, I have promised the reader
the link to a free online game, which is also about smoking.
Thirdly, the language I used is simple and easy to understand. I
didnt use proper medical terms for illnesses, symptoms, body parts etc
because the kids would be bored if they didnt understand it.
Also, the book has many colourful pictures. Some of the pictures
are very attractive, like cars, and that will attract the kids to read the book.
Some of the pictures are disgusting, like pictures of cancers, and hopefully
that will convince the kids not to smoke.
After the main character dies, I have given the reader another
chance to choose from the previous options.
Finally, the back cover shows the readers that the book was written
by the kid like themselves and the readers will think that its more interesting
than if it was written by an older person.
Which disease? Graphic health warning quit smoking ad is a 30 second
television commercial which is an extension of the graphic health warning
campaign, picture printed on packets of cigarettes. This ad is showing
smokers that are choosing the picture of the disease on their cigarette
packet. Its like black humour, smokers joking about diseases that are very
real. The target audience are smokers, but even non-smokers watching the
ad will learn of some of the diseases that theyll get if they take up smoking.
According to the Quit SA Annual Review 2007-8, after introduction of
disease pictures on the cigarette packets, smokers started avoiding images
of some diseases. Video shows the smokers how silly it is to try and choose
the disease and encourages them to think about quitting.
I also think that the colours in this advertisement help to create that gloomy
atmosphere its all dark and green-ish and depressing. So, even though
choosing the disease is silly, the colours actually tell us that the matter is
very serious.
Another reason why this video works is in timing. All the videos before this
one were really terrible and graphic so that sometimes people wonder if its
only acting or the real thing. Which disease is not graphic at all but asks
the viewers to think logically and admit to themselves that they cant choose
the disease they are going to get. At the same time the ad ensures them that
Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment

they are going to get one. This should be enough for smokers to think about

Todor Jovanovic, 7G
PDHPE Assessment