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The full spectrum of expertise

Solutions for oil and gas tank farms and terminals

Answers for energy.

Answers to challenging demands

Efficiency is the key to outstanding
returns, an excellent value-to-cost-ofownership ratio, and, of course, a clear
competitive edge. This applies to all
processes along the energy conversion
chain; tank farms and terminals are
no exception.
Siemens, the worldwide leader in
automation technology and a widelyrenowned trendsetter in oil and gas
technology, supplies a comprehensive
range of highly customizable solutions
for tank farms and terminals. Geared
for outstanding efficiency, these
solutions help to meet todays
challenging market demands and
ambitious customer targets.

Today, the successful handling of rising

cost-pressure, rapidly changing market
demands, and increasing health, safety,
and environmental regulations is the
gist of success. Siemens solutions,
products, systems, and services are
meticulously tailored to even outperform
these demands. Their distinguishing
features are innovative design, excellence
in engineering and product quality, and
uncompromising compliance with all
relevant health, safety, environmental,
and industry standards. Thats how
Siemens technology paves the way
for cost-effective, flexible, and open
process execution and monitoring, and
makes possible reliable data processing
throughout entire tank farms or terminals
and all their processes.

Supplying solutions that meet the

special needs of tank farm and terminal
operators requires years of experience
in oil and gas processes, innovative
strength, and a thorough understanding
of the business. Thats exactly what
Siemens has to offer. Siemens cooperates
with end users, engineering companies,
and original equipment manufacturers
alike, and builds on proactive
partnerships based on mutual
understanding and awareness.
Siemens appreciates that in addition
to technical and business expertise,
trust and dedication are important
pillars of success.

Compression and pumping

A portfolio of field-proven gas and steam
turbines, electric drives, compressors,
and their associated control systems
including instrumentation for virtually
all production, transport, and process
applications in the oil and gas industry.
Power generation and distribution
Comprehensive power solutions,
including planning, finance, engineering
and optimization of power grids, gas
and steam-turbine-based power plants,
transformers, high, medium, and lowvoltage distribution switchgears,
substation automation, energy
management, network consulting.
Water management
Complete range of solutions for
production field water processing,
including water treatment for injection
and reinjection, produced water
treatment, reverse osmosis systems,
flowback and pipeline services, support
equipment, and services.
Automation and control
A unique array of automation and
control products, systems, and solutions
for field, production, and management
levels. Designed to achieve maximum
productivity while realizing substantial
cost savings.

Whatever the primary motivation for

seeking large-scale integrated solutions
from a single supplier, systems, products,
solutions, and services from Siemens
help get the most out of all resources and
assets. And, not least, Siemens ensures
maximum customer proximity and local
content through the companys global
manufacturing and service network.

Industrial IT
Enterprise intelligence solutions for
safe and reliable operation, planning,
and scheduling. Real-time operational
intelligence, electronic procurement, and
trading. Process modeling, simulation,
and optimization; asset management.
Life cycle services
A portfolio of life cycle services, including
feasibility studies, financial engineering,
design, and network studies, as well as
all levels of preventive and corrective
maintenance, performance enhancement
programs, service level agreements, and

Tank farm management systems

The Siemens tank farm management
system is a completely integrated
solution. It allows for all tank farm and
loading bay processes to be managed and
automated with maximum consistency
and according to ISA 95 standards at
the field device level, at the automation
and industrial management execution
system (MES) level, and through
integration into the enterprise resource
planning (ERP).
Siemens tank farm management systems
guarantee seamless processes and an
optimal information flow throughout all
operation levels. They give the possibility
to react to all demands in real time. And
changes or expansions of the existing
information network can be carried out
whenever they become necessary.

Siemens is the world market leader in

automation systems, and the worlds
only company that supplies innovative
products, services, and solutions for the
utmost efficiency and productivity along
the entire energy conversion chain. This
unique combination makes Siemens the
powerful partner of choice for tank farm
Siemens leading-edge technology and
services significantly reduce time-tomarket, thus expanding the competitive
strength, profitability, and flexibility of
tank farms and terminals. And Siemens
tightly knit service and support network,
which is available around the globe,
ensures highest plant availability.

Enterprise level

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)



General vertical solutions

(connection to ERP-systems)

Electrical systems

Execution level


Module tank farm management

system (TMS)
Module tank

Safety solutions

Control level

Module tank farm automation

system (TAS)

Energy supply and distribution

Instrumentation of field devices
Mounting, installation, cabling
Industrial automation:
PLC, SCADA, instrumentation



Loading facilities
Module loading automation system (LAS)

Fire and gas detection

Fire fighting systems
Environmental protection
Leak detection, tightness control
Optimization of hydraulic behavior
in pipeline systems to prevent
pressure surge risks
Identification of EX-zones and
associated safety procedures

Precisely tailored solutions for all

process levels and requirements
Enterprise business level
Extensive monitoring and control on the
enterprise level for optimal market and
manufacturing responsiveness. Seamless
provision of data for the subsequent
execution level.
Tank farm management system (TMS)
Comprehensive, highly customizable, and
modular tank farm management system.
Tank farm automation system (TAS)
Execution of automated activities on
the control level, auto-correction of
level measures, and connection to all
field devices. Reduction of personnel
required through route control and
batch operation. Tailored solutions like
stock inventory, asset management,
material tracking (fuel track), as well
as quality control.

Tank automation
Automation and data acquisition of all
processes within the individual tank,
such as level control, recycle operation,
tank-to-tank transfer, or inline blending.
Loading automation system (LAS)
Complete, integrated, and customized
solutions for maximum efficiency in
automated loading and unloading. This
solution supports rail-car loading (gallery
or on-spot), truck loading, and ship
General vertical solutions
All-inclusive solutions for all secondary
processes that ensure a highly available
and reliable plant infrastructure.

Project reference: Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Project outline: Terminal management system for
17 locations throughout Saudi Arabia, including
integration of all terminals into the enterprise-wide
SAP R/3 system.
Scope of supply: Project management, detail
engineering, system integration and testing,
installation, and commissioning of the system
including SAP business system, PLC, ESD, UPS,
preset controllers, equipment building, and fiberoptics intercom backbone.

Manage and monitor all work in process

Todays fuel consumption markets
are highly competitive and fast-paced.
Businesses need to adapt to ongoing
developments in a quick and efficient
manner to ensure they do not miss
market opportunities. Thats why it is
vital to have real-time information about
all relevant parameters.
Data has to be absolutely transparent.
And a management execution system
is supposed to provide much more than
systemization of best practice. In view
of the continuously growing cost
competitiveness of tank farm and
terminal environments, an MES, like
TMS, has to guarantee the seamless
collaboration with the supply chain,
ensure the entire assets positive return
on investment, and assure a minimum
possible total cost of ownership.

Siemens integrated TMS module for tank

farms and terminals offers a unitized
comprehensive range of functionalities,
and follows as much as possible the ISA
95 standard. It thus provides total access
to all data on the execution level of
your plant.
The MES module at a glance:
Supply and demand planning
Order management
Inventory management
Quality assurance
Safety and security management
Energy and waste management
Maintenance management
Link to enterprise resource
planning (ERP), product life cycle
management (PLM), and supply chain
management (SCM) on the business

Automate tanks

Automate tank farms

Today, state-of-the-art tank automation

means much more than simply
monitoring and controlling filling levels
and flow rates. The vast diversity of fuels,
lubricants, and chemical products calls
for intelligent solutions that make sure
current market demands can be met
in the shortest time. At the same time,
compromising on product quality is
absolutely inadmissible.

There is more to Siemenss automation

solutions for tank farms than the benefits
of a tried and tested concept: Siemens
is the unchallenged world leader in
automation systems, so you can rely on
outstanding expertise and experience.

Thats why Siemens has included

comprehensive inline and batch blending
control in the tank automation module.
This makes possible the production of
fuels as well as lubricants and chemical
products on the fly.
Overall cost savings can be realized
through flexible formulas that take
into account the quantities, qualities,
and costs of available raw products.
Product quantities and qualities can be
registered and corrected online, so exact
compliance with standardized product
specifications may be reached.

The integrated automation solutions

Siemens supplies all over the world
have gained broad recognition as a
winning concept in automation, in
process control, and in a wide field of
applications. They have proven to be
of high value in tank farms and terminals
as well.
The process control system SIMATIC
PCS 7, as well as Industrial Ethernet and
Profibus, are an integral part of Siemens
tank farm automation system TAS
solutions, and they play a central role in
the execution of automated activities on
the control level of tank farm processes.
The TAS module at a glance:
SIMATIC PCS 7 process control

The tank automation module

at a glance:

Industrial Ethernet and Profibus

communication protocols

Level control, scales, flow meter valves

Stock inventory

Tank to tank transfer

Asset management

Recycle operation

Route control

Precise inline and batch blending

management and control

Quality control
Material trading
Auto correction of level and field

Project reference: MIDER Refinery, Germany

Project outline: Loading and unloading facilities
for the new MIDER Refinery Leuna 2000 in Leuna,
Scope of supply: Mechanical equipment,
containers, pipework, steel construction,
telecommunications engineering, automation
and visualization, and test runs for eight complete
truck and railcar loading and unloading facilities
suitable for LPG, various fuels, bitumen, liquid
sulfur, and sulfuric acid.

Automate loading operations

Siemens supplies mechanical, electrical,
and automation solutions for all loading
and unloading facilities in refineries and
tank farms. Perfect availability and
economical operation are top of the list
during the development, construction,
and commissioning of Siemens loading
bays. The newest Siemens developments
even make unmanned terminals possible
without compromising on safety and

Loading/unloading facilities
at a glance:
Comprehensive solutions covering all
mechanical and electrical parts as well
as comprehensive automation
On-spot loading for rail cars
Top loading trucks
Bottom loading trucks
Barge loading

Tried, tested, and approved components

ensure highest operability and seamless
adaptation to specific customer demands.
To ensure highest safety standards within
the loading bays and for its operators,
Siemens only uses equipment suitable
for EX-zones, and install provisions
for gas detection and fire fighting.
Environmental aspects are taken into
account, such as the prevention of
overflow, leakage detection, and vapor
Generally speaking, on-spot loading
technology is always economically
advantageous. But the process is
particularly suitable when it comes to
high capacities and different types of
products have to be loaded in one train
set. However, this technology requires a
high degree of automation, is connected
to multiple business systems, and needs
to fulfill the demanding environmental
and safety requirements of the industry.
Siemens solutions handle all these
challenges in superior style.

Project reference: NPK-Galychyna, Ukraine

Project outline: Tanker truck loading station
at Drogobych Refinery for gasoline and diesel
with a total capacity of 110 tons per hour.
Scope of supply: Engineering, assembly,
test run, and start-up of eight loading bays
and loading arms for three different types of
fuel including mechanical components, 0.4 kV
switchgear, cabling, automation and visualization,
tank farm management system, data interface
to Novell/Oracle-based host.

Get a grip on every single process

Quick and reliable data processing and
preparation is paramount in the efficient
management of tank farms. And thats
exactly what the Siemens loading
automation system LAS puts at your

LAS at a glance:

Modular design, open software

architecture, its compatibility with thirdparty field instruments and automation
systems, and the option to integrate
peripherals make LAS a powerful and
proven tool for tank farm operators. The
system integrates tank farm balancing,
ensures the safe and traceable
management of all relevant master
data, and supplies a wide variety of
practice tried and tested reports.

Open architecture based on Windows,

MySQL, and Oracle

Available as a stand-alone system to be

operated with an existing infrastructure
or as an element of a complete tank farm
management solution that includes
instrumentation and automation, LAS
can be integrated in a company-wide ERP
system such as SAP. LAS paves the way
for outstanding cost-efficiency in product
storage and dispatch.

Comprehensive, highly customizable

modular system
Easy handling, thanks to reasoned
design and ample visualization

Compatible with field instruments

and automation systems from various
Extensive integration of peripherals
Seamless integration in companywide ERP
Calculation of volumes etc. according
to statutory or individual formulas
Process data and reports delivered
Quick commissioning and start-up
Also available as stand-alone solution

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