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4th Division (Iraq)

The 4th Division is an infantry formation of the Iraqi The 14th Brigade was deployed as part of the force during
Army. It was formed before 1941, disbanded in 2003, the Operation Charge of the Knights in Basra since May
but reactivated after 2004.
2008, but has subsequently moved to assume responsibilIt was one of the four original divisions of the Iraqi Army, ity for the Sharquat area north of Tikrit.
being active in 1941. At the beginning of the Anglo-Iraqi
War it was in Al Diwaniyah on the main rail line from
Baghdad to Basra.[1] Before the 2003 invasion of Iraq it
was part of the V Corps in northern Iraq, alongside the
1st Mechanised Division.[2] It was disbanded along with
the rest of the army by Coalition Provisional Authority
Order Number 2 in mid-2003.

1 Notes
[1] Lyman, Robert (2006). Iraq 1941: The Battles for Basra,
Habbaniya, Fallujah and Baghdad. Campaign. Oxford,
New York: Osprey Publishing. ISBN 1-84176-991-6. pp.

It was later reformed. The 4th Divisions battalions are

former Iraqi National Guard units, recruited locally. The
division is ethnically diverse and had operational control
of a number of Strategic Infrastructure Battalions protecting oil pipelines.[3] The Strategic Infrastructure units
have now been split o to become the 12th Division. The
4th Brigade of the 4th Division was transferred to the
12th Division, and a new 17th Brigade was being trained
in July 2008.

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Today its base is in the city of Tikrit. It was certied

and assumed responsibility for most of Salah ad Din Governorate and At-Ta'mim Governorate provinces, including the major cities Samarra and Tikrit in 2006.[4] However in mid-2010 it relinquished responsibility of the AtTa'min Governorate and currently remains responsible
for the security of the majority of Salah Ad Din.

[5] DJ Elliott, Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle - Iraqi

Army Quick Intervention Corps, 28 February 2010, accessible at Montrose Toast, with changes by wikicontributor mid-2010

2 External links

Division Headquarters - Tikrit[5]

Globalsecurity.org, 4th Infantry Division (1991)

14th Infantry Brigade - HQ near Bayji

16th Motorised Brigade - HQ near Tuz
17th Motorised Brigade - HQ Samarra and under
the command and control of the Samarra Operations
48th Motorised Brigade - HQ near Tikrit
4th Field Engineer Regiment - HQ near Tikrit
4th Field Artillery Regiment - Planned HQ near
4th Transport and Provisioning Regiment - Tikrit,
but scheduled for inactivation
4th Commando Battalion - HQ near Tuz
4th Reconnaissance and Survaillance Battalion - HQ
near Tikrit


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