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oneM2M Showcase Demo Submissions

Common Showcase 1+2

Showcase 1

Showcase 2

Showcase 3

Showcase 4

Showcase 5

Vehicle to Home Solution Cross

Home energy management extension
Vertical Application via Horizontal
using policy-driven communication
oneM2M Platform

KINF: Smart City Services and Multiple Service Layer

Platforms Interworking

oneM2M enabled housekeeper with management and

semantic support

Company Name Sierra Wireless

Qualcomm Inc.

LG Electronics / LG U+

Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI), InterDigital,

NEC, Fraunhofer

Nicolas Damour
Contact Person ndamour@sierrawireless.com

Josef Blanz

Hongbeom Ahn
Michael HS

JaeSeung Song

GridPocket, the LAAS-CNRS, Qualcomm and

Sierra Wireless will demonstrate a complex
home energy management solution based on
the standards defined in oneM2M. In
particular, the demo will show how data can
be shared across different stakeholders using
a oneM2M-compliant platform, using CSEs
deployed in field gateways as well as in the
cloud. The application provides advanced
energy dash-board functionalities, usage
analysis and innovative energy-saving loyalty
schemes. End-users will be able to access
this application via web and mobile user

This demo will show how to tie in

sensors in into a complex home energy
management system that may need to
communicate via a wide area network.
In particular, the aspect of selecting an
appropriate communication path (e.g.
WLAN versus cellular WWAN) and
selective buffering of data based on
provisioned policies is demonstrated.

LG U+ and LG electronics will show how

two different IoT verticals, Smart Home
and Smart Car, can be converged based
on oneM2M platforms that are installed in
the G/W in the Home domain and car
domain and in the server (cloud).
The main user experiences provided from
this showcase are 1) to control home
appliances in the car, 2) to monitor vehicle
environment at home and 3) to customize
environment surrounding a user by using
personalized G/W, smartphone.

The showcase will demonstrate how different

Common Service Entities communicate over
the Mcc reference point to exchange data,
and how Application Entities can retrieve this
data over the Mca reference point

* usage of APIs allowing to carry out

standardized information flows over
oneM2M-specified reference points
* Usage of policy-driven communication
for delivering data to the target CSE
* Sharing data between different

Demo Title

Home Energy Management solution using

oneM2M platform and ESMIG architecture

This showcase will also demonstrate how the This demo is intended to be a joint
oneM2M standard fulfils the
demo with Sierra Wireless (contact
requirements of the ESMIG (European Smart Nicolas Damour) in the same event
Metering Industry Group).
Additional participants in the demo, although
not yet confirmed,
may be a big Home Energy Management
solutions provider as well as a major smart
manufacturer and smart metering
infrastructure vendor that is also a member
Additional Info company of ESMIG.
This demo is a joint demo with the demo
submitted by Qualcomm and also joint with
the one submitted by ESMIG. Discussions are
under way to decide the exact split of work
and which additional companies will take part.

M2M Area
Multi Vendor

Smart Home,
Smart Metering

Smart Home,
Smart Metering

Multi Vendor

Multi Vendor

2, 5

2, 5

Showcase 9

Smart Meter Data Processing with M2M technology

Connected Vehicle Cloud based on oneM2M platform

Huawei Technologies Co., LTD


Lamprey Networks, Inc


TELIT / ILS Technology LLC

Jiaxin Yin

Willem Strabbing

Barry Reinhold

Raymond Forbes

Mihai Voicu

The KINF (KETI-InterDigital-NEC-Fraunhofer) joint

showcase introduces smart city applications/services (from
NEC) run on multiple IoT service layer platforms (from
InterDigital, KETI and Fraunhofer) interworking each other.
The main purpose of the KINF showcase is to show how
M2M/IoT service providers are using oneM2M compliant
service layer platforms to deliver services more efficiently
across multiple technology domains in particular for smart
city. KINF shows (1) registration procedures of sensors and
actuators to a oneM2M compliant service layer platform; (2)
mutual registrations of multiple adjacent service layer
platforms; (3) and smart city applications that discovers the
registered devices and introduces semantic data enabling
fast auto-configuration and big-data analytics. Since the
deployment configurations of the KINF showcase span
multiple domains (i.e., field domain for end devices and
infrastructure domain for infrastructure nodes) and the node
entities (i.e., ADN, ASN, MN and IN) are from different
companies, KINF clearly delivers messages that the
oneM2M specifications can provide a service layer which
enables services and interoperability between
devices/device networks and cloud-based applications.

Story 1: oneM2M enabled smart home environment.

Movable house keeper robot with embedded remote control of
home appliance, monitor and control of sensors, actuators and
alarms as well as remotely real time video communication to
inspect the in home situation. Zigbee interworking capability to
connect standard Zigbee devices.
- Whats your pet doing right now while you are away?
- Acting as avatar to accompany family while you are in a
long business trip.
- Warn the intruder when no one is at home.
Story 2: oneM2M enabled LWM2M device management
Remotely update the firmware of the device using unified
oneM2M interface agnostic to detailed bearing technology.
LWM2M as the external management technology.
Story 3: Enablement of the M2M device abstraction and
semantics support
Based on a basic XML-based semantic data communication
schema as well as the M2M resource ontology, by abstracting
the sensor data with a virtual sensor gateway, a scenario of
intelligent control on a large conference room is presented.

This ESMIG showcase will demonstrate the processing of Smart

Meter data in central systems and consumer applications. It
concerns a 1st step towards full implementation of M2M
technology in an infrastructure for Smart Metering and Demand
Response involving various market parties such as: Grid
Operator, Energy Service Company, Energy supplier and
The demonstration will comprise one or more Smart Meters, A
Data Collection (Head End) System, at least two M2M server
applications and a Consumer Portal.
The Demonstration will show how Smart Meter & Demand
response data is communicated on Mcc and Mcc when
interworking with existing Smart meter interfaces. It will
demonstrate Smart Meters & IHDs as Field nodes,
Concentrators & Aggregators as Middle notes & Head End
Systems as Infrastructure Nodes. Applications on the Meter will
communicate with Fieldnodes on the Mca & Head end systems
with Business applications also over Mca.

A multi-vendor demo between Lamprey Networks and InterDigital showcasing the

capabilities of the oneM2M Standard as part of a Continua compliant healthcare
Continua oneM2M-based Healthcare Demonstration
This demonstration will highlight the operation of a Continua compliant HealthCare
solution running over the oneM2M service layer. InterDigitals oneM2M services are
used to link Lamprey Networks Continua compliant components to form a complete
end-to-end home healthcare solution that is consistent with the Continua architecture.
In this system, oneM2M CSE functionality will be deployed on the Continua defined
WAN Interface present between a Continua Application Hosting Device (AHD) and a
Continua WAN Service. The demo configuration will consist of Continua compliant
devices interconnected to a M2M Gateway. Hosted on the Gateway will be a Continua
AHD interworking with an oneM2M ASN-CSE. This Gateway will interface to a M2M
cloud server that will host a Continua WAN Service interworking with an oneM2M INCSE. The demo configuration will also include Continua compliant healthcare
business applications that will interface directly to the Continua WAN Services and
perform Continua defined operations such as upload of device measurements (i.e.
Observation Uploads) and download of commands to the AHD (i.e. Unsolicited
Commands). All communication between the Continua AHD (hosted on the M2M
Gateway) and the Continua WAN Service (hosted on the M2M cloud server) will be
facilitated by ASN-CSE and IN-CSE supported oneM2M functionality such as
registration, container management, subscriptions/notifications, announce/deannounce, resource discovery, and triggering.

This demo will showcase Connected Vehicle Cloud based on

oneM2M Architecture and Protocols. We will be focusing on the
Device Management and Data Management Common Service
Entities. This demo will capture oneM2M nodes inter-working i.e.
AE, CSE and NSE integration along with the oneM2M device
entity (connected vehicle).

This demonstration will have the ability to collect energy data points from a building
well as parameters like: humidity, temperature, luminance or others in order to predict
consumption and allow better maintenance of the building. The demonstration will be
based on the OneM2M Architecture and it will include multiple sensors, one or more
gateways and an infrastructure node. The business application(s) will interface with
the infrastructure node using OneM2M Mca reference point and it will take full
advantage of the OneM2M access right definitions.

Through this solution, it is demonstrated

how to control and monitor the entities in
the home and vehicle domains over Mca
and Mcc reference point. The oneM2Mdefined Resource types for registration,
data sharing, monitoring, access control
and communication can be used for this


oneM2M entities include Infrastructure Node, Middle Node,

Application Service Node, Application Dedicated Node and
Non-oneM2M Node (Connected using IPE).
oneM2M device management using OMA LWM2M
oneM2M resources include AE, remote CSE, container,
contentInstance, subscription, group, mgmtObj etc.
Abstraction and Semantics support

The showcase will demonstrate how different Common Service oneM2M registration, container management, subscriptions/notifications,
Entities communicate over the Mcc reference point to exchange announce/de-announce, resource discovery, and triggering
data, and how Application Entities can retrieve this data over the
Mca reference point.


The member companies will implement Mcc, Mcc, Mca and n/a
Mcn reference points

Smart Home,
Smart Car
Multi Vendor

Smart Cities

Smart Home
Multi Vendor

The demo will showcase some use cases like:

1. Data collection from a connected vehicle
2. Firmware/Software download/update for a connected vehicle
The demonstration will showcase Ericsson's Service Enablement
Platform alon with Ericsson's Remote Device Manager. Ericsson
Remote device Manager supports the underlying Device
Management protocols as identified by oneM2M for mapping on,
namely TR-069, OMA-DM and LWM2M.
The use-case for this demo is based on Connected Car concept
where a car is the oneM2M device to be managed remotely by a
Service Layer and capabilities are exposed towards application
Layer to build innovative apps. The demonstration will showcase
a simple application capturing end-to-end scenarios for device
management and data management in a oneM2M compliant

The showcase will demonstrate how Common Service Entities

communicate over the Mcc reference point to exchange data
related to a connected car use-case. Also, the showcase will
demonstrate how the Application Entity can create and retrieve
data and configuration over the Mca reference point related to
the connected car.

This showcase will also demonstrate how the oneM2M standard Participating Organizations: Personal Connected Health Alliance (Continua), Lamprey n/a
fulfils the requirements of the ESMIG (European Smart Metering Networks Inc. (LNI) and InterDigital Communications (IDCC)
Industry Group). Additional participants in the demo, although not
yet confirmed, may be a big Home Energy Management
solutions provider as well as a major smart meter manufacturer,
smart metering infrastructure vendor and a Communications
Infrastructure provider who are also member companies of

Smart Home,
Smart Metering
Single Vendor

setup in less
than 15 min

Objectives of each Showcase:


Showcase 8

OneM2M Business Application(s) for Smart Energy and Building Monitoring for
Predictive Maintenance


Showcase 7
A oneM2M-based Continua Compliant Healthcare System and Interworking of
Multiple oneM2M Service Layer Platforms.



Showcase 6

The demonstration shall clearly illustrate the capabilities of the oneM2M Service Layer Platform.
The showcase shall demonstrate at least one of the following messages:
1 Creating Business Applications using the standardized oneM2M Service Layer platform needs low investment and development time to access data (including access control)
2 oneM2M Service Layer platform provides functions for M2M applications across different industry segments
3 Sharing of components and infrastructure => lower investments
4 One Business Application can access different devices through flexible access rights allocation
5 Cross-Sector dialogue: efficient use of data (storage/transmission) as different Applications can commonly access to the same device data through flexible access rights allocation

Multi Vendor


Smart Car
Multi Vendor

OneM2M Service Layer with one or more CSFs implementations

Server Application (s) implementing Mca reference point
OneM2M Gateway(s)
Embedded Application(s) with access to Device(s)

Home Automation
Single Vendor

Single Vendor