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The Leagues of Ordinary Gentlemen

In my little life spanning over a short duration of 25 years, I have

desperately sought after the goal to become an extra-ordinary gentleman.
Through education and business, through scheming, planning and
strategizing. I have acted intuitively and planned my approach, studied
hoards of books and pushed and toiled hard. At the end of the day as I see
what I have achieved, I look back and see nothing stellar about my
achievements. Neither am I on the path to riches, nor a young prodigy. I
belong neither to any Ivy League colleges or institutions nor the league of
pompous young entrepreneurs.
Since every aspect of my being lies in the ordinary domain I cannot breakfree from any angle. My height, 58, body skinny, color wheat-ish fair, IQ
129, average linguistic ability average mathematical capacity, average
voice quality and musical endowment almost absent (unlike my father).
Most of the ladies would find me pretty boring (some have even
commented the same) due to my fascination with books and reading. My
risk-averse attitude eliminates me from those leagues where people tend
to shout at their top most vocal capacity the adage No risk no gain.
Being in the IT profession, male by sex and an engineer by qualification
makes me one of the lot of the majority. After lots of effort I must conclude
that I belong to the League of Ordinary Gentlemen.
Although I hate the fact that there is nothing distinguishing or amazing
about my abilities, background or achievements, I continue to seek to
study what truly makes one a person of extra-ordinary merit. Is it their IQ
level or the emotional quotient (both of which I believe are very ordinary
in me, the latter being worse than the former). The question that I wish to
explore and find an answer to. In my pursuit, I read several books of the
self help category in the hopes that they might emancipate me from my
predicament of ordinary-ness. The list of books, articles and personalities
that have influenced my thoughts since the 10th standard is as follows:

In the 9th std, I came across an article titled Critical thinking in the
education times (still preserved) that kick-started my journey
towards extra-ordinary-ness
I read Graphology (still in the 9th) since my handwriting was (and
still is) pathetic
I read The flight of an eagle by J.Krishnamuruthy from my fathers
collection which had a heavy philosophical dose (and pretty difficult
to understand)
I read How to Win Friends and Influence People by dale Carnegie
Lives of a 101 great scientists by Dr Jay Greene

The Jackrabbit Factor by Leslie Householder

Rich Dad, Poor