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Business English


Edition 2015
Wijang Sakitri, S.Pd, M.Pd
Tusyanah, S.Pd, M.Pd
Sri Utami, S.S, M.A

Business English


Unit 1 Business and Businessman 3

Unit 2 Global Trade . 12
Unit 3 Promoting a Product .... 24
Unit 4 Business Communication 37
Unit 5 Getting a Job

.... 46

Business English


A. Warming up Activities



Try to make words from the above letters.

Read the text below!
There are many activities for people in the world today, some people like to be
employer, and others do not. Actually, all activities are businesses, but now if
someone talks about business, it must be an economy activities which has
correlation with profit and loss.
Some people define business as an activity or venture to provide profit. Profit is
gained after people doing something in economic activity such as: trading,
producing, negotiating, exploring, etc.
When people doing a business, we can call him as a businessman. There are
many things that people have to do to be a businessman. Before running a
business, he has to prepare himself and the following questions may help him:
a. What is a good business for us?
b. How much money should be invested?
c. Where the business will be done?
d. What kinds of people do we need?


Do you have dreams. What are they?

What do you prefer, being a businessman or public civil servant?

What will you do for making your dreams come true?

Business English

B. Language Focus
Language Focus 1: Simple Present Tense
S + V(-s/es)



The Rest of the sentence

I / you / we / they

speak / learn

English at home

he / she / it

speaks / learns

English at home

For repeated or regular actions in the present time period.

I take the train to the office.

The train to Berlin leaves every hour.

For fact

The President of The USA lives in The White House.

A dog has four legs.

The spelling for the verb in the third person differs depending on the ending of that verb:
1. For verbs that end in -O, -CH, -SH, -SS, -X, or -Z we add -ES in the third person.

go goes
catch catches
wash washes
kiss kisses
fix fixes
buzz buzzes

2. For verbs that end in a consonant + Y, we remove the Y and add -IES.

marry marries
study studies

3. For verbs that end in a vowel + Y, we just add -S.

play plays
enjoy enjoys


Business English

Task 1
Complete the sentences!

1. Denise (work/always)...........hard. She (be,not)......lazy

2. Mary and Jonathan (want).............to buy a car, but they (have,not)................enough
3. Granada Film, part of the Granada Media Group, (produce)............and.............(cofinance) a broad range of films for the UK and international markets
4. Due to Expansion, we (recruit).........a Finance Manager with film finance
experience, good communication skills and the ability to work under pressure
5. A pharmaceuticals company (develop)....... and......(manufacture) a wide range of
medicines and its currently developing a new drug against asthma.
6. The cable operator companies (provide)....... cable television to thousands and
thousands of homes and they (want).................to expand and theyre developing
a new high-speed internet service
7. A: What do you know about the Virgin Group
B: Theyre very large group. They (exist)....... in a lot of different sectors. And
Richard Branson (run)......the group
8. A: what (you, know)........ about Benetton
B: they are Italian and they are successful manufactures
9. LVMH (stand).....for Louis Vuitton Moet Henessy

Business English

Language Focus 2: Future Will

S + will + V1



The Rest of the sentence

I / you / we / they

Will learn

English at home

he / she / it

English at home

For expressing future activities

Tono will be a great musician

She will live in UK

Task 2
Put the verbs into the correct form (future I simple). Use will!
1. You (earn).................... a lot of money
2. You (travel) ...........around the world
3. You (meet) ...........lots of interesting people
4. It (rain/not).......... tomorrow
5. I promise I (be/not)......late
6. We (start/not).........to watch the film without you
7. The bus (wait/not)...... for us
8. He (believe/not).........us
9. It (rain/not)..............tomorrow
10. I (do).......this later

Business English

C. Writing
Read the text below before making your own paragraph!

My name is Rivozanov. I have a lot of dreams. When I was a kid, my dream was
to be a pilot, and as the time goes by, I have other dreams. Sometimes, I want to
be a president, an army, doctor and other interesting dreams. However, I have
grown up. Now, I know what I want to be.
At this moment, I almost finish my study in a university. I will obtain Bachelor
of Science Information. After I graduate, I want to work in one of the biggest oil
company such as Chevron, Petronas, Exxon, and etc. I want to be the staff
manager or manager at least. I prefer working offshore to work in the office
because it gives me challenge and good salary.
That is just the beginning of my dreams. After I work for 4 or 5 years, i will have
a lot of money. Then, I will quit my job and start a business. I will buy 3 or 4
shops and run my shops. Further, I will have another business such as futsal
court or restaurant. After I run my business, I will marry a beautiful woman. I
will start to have a family and have 2 children. I will live in a big house with a
garden or a pool inside so that my children can play inside my yard. Finally, I
want to take my family to Makkah for umrah or hajji. I think that is all I can
say about my dreams. It is just a simple dream for a simple man like me.

Business English

Task 3
Compose similar paragraphs about your dreams. Use tenses written in the Language
Focus. Then, try to speak up in front of the class for telling what you have written!
D. Reading
Reading 1
Questions 17
Look at the three restaurant advertisements on the following page. Answer the
questions below by writing the letters of the appropriate restaurants (AC).


It stops serving lunch at 2.30 pm.

1 It is open for breakfast.

2 It is open every night for dinner.
3 It is only open for lunch on weekdays.
4 It has recently returned to its previous location.
5 It welcomes families.
6 It caters for large groups.
7 It only opens at weekends.

Business English

Reading 2

Networking as a concept has acquired what is in all truth an unjustified air of modernity. It
is considered in the corporate world as an essential tool for the modern businessperson, as
they trot round the globe drumming up business for themselves or a corporation. The
concept is worn like a badge of distinction, and not just in the business world.
People can be divided basically into those who keep knowledge and their personal contacts
to themselves, and those who are prepared to share what they know and indeed their
friends with others. A person who is insecure, for example someone who finds it difficult to
share information with others and who is unable to bring people, including friends,
together does not make a good networker. The classic networker is someone who is strong
enough within themselves to connect different people including close friends with each

Business English

other. For example, a businessman or an academic may meet someone who is likely to be a
valuable contact in the future, but at the moment that person may benefit from meeting
another associate or friend.
It takes quite a secure person to bring these people together and allow a relationship to
develop independently of himself. From the non-networker's point of view such a
development may be intolerable, especially if it is happening outside their control. The
unfortunate thing here is that the initiator of the contact, if he did but know it, would be the
one to benefit most. And why?
Because all things being equal, people move within circles and that person has the potential
of being sucked into ever growing spheres of new contacts. It is said that, if you know eight
people, you are in touch with everyone in the world. It does not take much common sense
to realize the potential for any kind of venture as one is able to draw on the experience of
more and more people.
Unfortunately, making new contacts, business or otherwise, while it brings success, does
cause problems. It enlarges the individual's world. This is in truth not altogether a bad
thing, but it puts more pressure on the networker through his having to maintain an ever
larger circle of people. The most convenient way out is, perhaps, to cull old contacts, but
this would be anathema to our networker as it would defeat the whole purpose of
networking. Another problem is the reaction of friends and associates. Spreading oneself
thinly gives one less time for others who were perhaps closer to one in the past. In the
workplace, this can cause tension with jealous
colleagues, and even with superiors who might be tempted to rein in a more successful
inferior. Jealousy and envy can prove to be very detrimental if one is faced with a very
insecure manager, as this person may seek to stifle someone's career or even block it
The answer here is to let one's superiors share in the glory; to throw them a few crumbs of
comfort. It is called leadership from the bottom. In the present business climate, companies
and enterprises need to co-operate with each other in order to expand. As globalization
grows apace, companies need to be able to span not just countries but continents. Whilst
people may rail against this development it is for the moment here to stay. Without cooperation and contacts, specialist companies will not survive for long. Computer
components, for example, need to be compatible with the various machines on the market
and to achieve this, firms need to work in conjunction with others. No business or
institution can afford to be an island in today's environment. In the not very distant past, it
was possible for companies to go it alone, but it is now more difficult to do so.
The same applies in the academic world, where ideas have been jealously guarded. The
opening-up of universities and colleges to the outside world in recent years has been of
enormous benefit to industry and educational institutions. The stereotypical academic is
one who moves in a rarefied atmosphere living a life of sometimes splendid isolation, a
prisoner of their own genius. This sort of person does not fit easily into the mould of the
modern networker. Yet even this insular world is changing. The ivory towers are being left
ever more frequently as educational experts forge links with other bodies; sometimes to
stunning effect as in Silicon Valley in America and around Cambridge in England, which
now has one of the most concentrated clusters of high tech companies in Europe.
It is the networkers, the wheeler-dealers, the movers and shakers, call them what you will,

Business English

that carry the world along. The world of the Neanderthals was shaken between 35,000 and
40,000 BC; they were superseded by Homo Sapiens with the very 'networking' skills that
separate us from other animals: understanding, thought abstraction and culture, which are
inextricably linked to planning survival and productivity in humans. It is said the meek will
inherit the earth. But will they?

Questions 1-5
Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage
written above?

if the statement agrees with the writer's claims

if the statement contradicts the writer's claims
if there is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this

Networking is a concept



Networking is not a modern idea.

Networking is worn like a badge exclusively in the business world.
People fall into two basic categories.
A person who shares knowledge and friends makes a better networker than
one who does not.
5. The classic networker is physically strong and generally in good health.

Questions 6-10
Using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage, complete the sentences
6. Making new acquaintances ........................................ but also has its disadvantages.
7. At work, problems can be caused if the manager is ........................................ .
8. A manager can suppress, or even totally ........................................ the career of an
9. In business today, working together is necessary in order
for........................................ to grow.
10. Businesses that specialize will not last for long without ........................................ .


Business English

Questions 11-15
Using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage, complete the sentences
11. In which sphere of life have ideas been protected
12. Which type of individual does not easily become a modern
13. Where is one of the greatest concentrations of high tech companies in
Europe? ........................................
14. Who replaced the Neanderthals? ........................................
15. What, as well as understanding and thought abstraction, sets us apart from
other animals? ........................................
E. Speaking
Describe a successful businessman that you know. Here, you can choose one of the successful
businessman below, if you want.

Describing people
Simple present tense,
past tense, present
perfect tense
Simple, compound,
and complex


Business English

Here, you should say

Who is the person

How you know this person
How s/he become successful
And explain why you consider him/her as a successful business person

Sample Answer

Mr. Alex Smith (.../or say a name you prefer...) is a successful businessman I know
about. He is from my hometown and he now owns two groups of industries and the
products line of his companies are famous in our country.
Since he is from the same town where I spent my childhood and teenage time, I have
heard a lot about him and few times i met him as well. He was a son of a successful
local businessman and he inherited his fathers electronic industry many years back.
That was just the starting and over time he has worked really hard and built his
empire in the local business market. In few years he took some giant leapt in his
business and lately has been awarded as one of the business enterpreneur in the
country. From the local electronic business, he had inherited from his father, he
gradually and successfully amassed the fortune and business success and thus has
become one of the enviable businessmen in the country.
Taking great decision and gradually enhancing the business was his success mantra.
Everyone in our locality agree that he was an honest, hardworking and wise person
who knew when to take risk and when not to. His timely decision, investment in
promising sectors and hard work have rewarded him well and his industries have
made the opportunity for others to earn their daily breads.
Games for Fun


Business English


Warming up Activity
Look at the picture below!
Mention at least 15 countries and their currencies!


Reading 1
Companies are involved in many activities, for example buying, selling,
marketing and production, in a range of different industries, such as information
technology, telecommunication, film and car manufacture. Many well-known
companies are multinationals, these are companies which operate in a number
of countries.
Multinationals often have a complicated structure. There is a usually a parent or
holding company. This company owns other companies or parts of other
companies. These other companies are called subsidiaries.
Key vocabulary:
1. Buying

5. Multinational

2. Selling

6. A parent or holding company

3. Marketing

7. Subsidiaries

4. Production

8. Manufacture


Business English

Task 1
Look at the pictures below, please answer the following items!
a. What each company produces
b. Where the company operates
c. Who its main competitors are

Reading 2
Global Trade
In an open market, any number of sellers or competitors can offer goods for sale.
All companies try to gain the biggest market share possible, and compete
aggressively with their main competitors to do this. Companies with the biggest
market share for a product, the market leaders, may compete with their rivals
on quality, image, brand loyalty or price. Major companies compete across
borders in the global market place to try to enter new markets in countries
where they do not have a presence.
Global trade, also known as international trade, is simply the exchange of goods
and services across international boundaries. Global trade involves the export
and import of goods and services between international borders. Goods and
services that enter into a country for sale are called imports. Goods and services
that leave a country for sale in another country are called exports. For example,
a country may import wheat because it does not have much arable land but
export oil because it has oil in abundance.


Business English

Key vocabulary:
1. Open market
2. Global trade
3. Market share
4. Main Competitor

5. Market leader
6. Import
7. Export
8. Enter new market

Task 2
Work in pairs! Who are the main competitors in the market in the following
sectors in Indonesia?
a. Motorcycle

c. Telecommunications

e. Soft Drinks

b. Noodle instant

d. Cosmetics

f. House wares

The world not all countries are equal
This is a sensitive area of vocabulary if important area of vocabulary. How do
you describe the different regions of the world. Here are a few basic alternatives
to get you started:

Thinking globally (and locally)

Globalization is a good word, but you do need some alternatives. These options
allow you to use the word global in different ways and thinks about different
aspects of globalization.


Business English

Globalization means trade (and wealth for some people)

In many ways, there is a strong connection between trade and globalization.
This also connects to issue of consumerism we want to buy whatever we want,
wherever we go. For this you need some globalization vocabulary to discuss
issues such as consumerism and its close cousin: capitalism.


Business English

Not everyone likes globalization

Here is some useful globalization vocabulary to help you write and speak about
the negative sides of globalization.

Co-operation and integration

One key feature of globalization is that nations work together and become more
integrated. Try some of these words and phrases



Business English


Language Focus
Language Focus 1 : Gerund And Infinitives

What is a Gerund?
A gerund (often known as an -ing word) is a noun formed from a verb by adding -ing.
What is the infinitive?
An infinitive is to + the verb.
The most famous infinitive quote has to be, "To be or not to be. That is the question."
For some, either the gerund or infinitive is possible.


Business English

Task 3
Which group of verbs is followed by: an infinitive without to? an infinitive with to? a
gerund? Check in a dictionary
Group A

= like, dislike, delay, finish, include, avoid, postpone, practice, risk,

suggest, involve
Group B

= arrange, decide, expect, hope, help, manage, promise, plan, refuse,

Group C

= can, could, may, might, should

Task 4
Complete the paragraphs below with gerund or infinitives!
Ali's Story
Booking The School
Ali decided that he wanted (study)

abroad. (achieve)

he had many things that he had (do)

his goal,

. Firstly he needed (improve)

his English so he could take the IELTS test. Unfortunately Ali disliked

English so this would not be much fun. His friend recommended


a school close to his house. Ali went to look and from what he

could see it seemed (be)

a good school. He didn't delay (register)

for a course. He managed (get)

a good price for the course

because they had a special offer on. This was good because he could not afford (pay)
too much.
He had never read much in his life and knew he was weak in this area, so he practiced

as much as he could. He hated (write)

in English too as

his grammar was quite weak so he also planned (practice)

many essays as possible. His teachers agreed (check)
turned out, Ali actually really enjoyed (study)
on the course didn't hesitate (help)

writing as
these for him. As it

English. The other students

Ali and the teachers always offered


Business English


him if he was stuck. He kept up his studying for a number of

months because he wouldn't risk (sit)

the exam until he was ready.

Language Focus 2
Listing ideas or things in order


followed on



followed by







Giving and justifying an opinion

I think

I am sure that

I believe

It seems to me that

In my opinion


It is obvious/clear that


Adverbs of frequency








Business English

Linking wordds and phrases

Such as

result in


for instance

For eaxmple



such as

As well as




Because of






Task 5
Watch the video about global trade, Please share your opinions on:
1. Why do countries need the global trade?
2. What is global trade?
3. Is Indonesia ready for the global trade?


Task 6
Discuss in pairs, mention the advantages and disadvantages of ASEAN Economic
Community for Indonesia!


Business English

F. Writing
Task 7
Please compose an analytical exposition text with your teacher. The topics is written
as follow;
As mass communication and transport continue to grow, societies are becoming
more and more alike leading to a phenomenon known as globalization. Some
people fear that globalization will inevitably lead to the total loss of cultural
identity. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Remember about Analytical exposition Paragraph!

Social Function : To persuade the reader or listener that something is the case
Generic (Schematic) Structure
1. Thesis position: introduces topic and indicates writer position
2. Preview

: outlines the main arguments to be presented


Point: restates main argument outlined in Preview

Elaboration: develops and supports each Point/argument

3. Reiteration

: restates writers position

Games for Fun: Help John for find his friend.


Business English


Warming up activity
Look at the pictures below!
What can you see from the pictures?

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Reading 1
Read the paragraph below!
For nearly every type of product there are many similar goods on the
market. The unique selling point (USPs) of a product are the things that make it
special and different from other similar products. A good advertisement, which
brings the product to the publics attention, should describe these USPs. The

Business English

marketing department should have a customer profile in mind, that is the sort of
person who will buy the product. When trying to sell the product, its important
to give information about the products features or characteristics, and to
emphasize the benefits or advantages of the product to the customer.
Key Vocabulary:







Customer profile





Task 1 Work in pairs!

Choose 1 product and discuss;

What are the features of the product?


What are the products benefits to the customer?


What type of customer probably buys this product?

Picture 1. Nike Bag

Picture 2. Peugeuot Car


Business English

Picture 3. Asus Laptop

Picture 4. Samsung Watch Phone.

Reading 2
Definition of Marketing Mix
What is marketing? The definition that many marketers learn as they
start out in the industry is:
Putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time.
The marketing mix is traditionally known as the four Ps: price, place,
product and promotion. But these days, many include three more elements
(people, process and physical evidence)to make it the Seven Ps.
There are many ways to price a product, and the price can be different
in order to appeal to different segments of the market.
This is also known as the channel, distribution channel or intermediary.
It is a mechanism trough which goods and services are moved from the
company to the consumer.
A product is not simply the tangible, physical entity that may be bought
or sold it is also the ideas and emotions associated with the product.
This can be personal selling, direct mail, sponsorship and advertising.


Business English

People are the most important element of any service or experience.
Staff training and customer service are the people part of marketing mix.
The process is what the customer participates in at different points
during their experience with a product or a service. For example, when you
book a flight on the internet, first you visit the website. Then, you enter
information about the destination. Then, you book the flight. Lastly, at the
airport you check in desk, and get on your flight. This is all part of marketing
Physical evidence.
Physical evidence includes all the thing associated with the product or
company; the packaging, internet sites, brochures, logos, building, business
cards, etc.
Task 2
Work in pairs!
Please choose a product from Task 1 above and describe its marketing mix!
Reading 3
Please read the text below and answer Questions 1-7.
Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Website
All businesses, large or small, need a website. Here are several reasons a webcan help a company of any size improve its business.
A website is the most important tool a business has for maintaining contact with
customers. The website gives customers a way to know what services or products
you sell and how to contact you. By offering an e-newsletter sign-up on your web-site
customers can stay informed about events related to your business and your
products, and you save on printing costs. A link to your blog keeps customers up-todate on what is happening with your business, and keeps them coming back.

Business English

A website allows you to expand your customer base beyond your immediate
community, and even to other countries. Anyone in the world can have access to your
services and products through your website, at no extra cost.
No matter what the size of your business, it is not hard to afford a website. It is
easy to set up, and it does not have to break your budget. There are templates
available if you want to create a website yourself. Or, you can hire a Web designer for
a more professional look. Depending on what you need, using the services of a
professional does not necessarily cost huge amounts of money. The hosting fees you
pay to keep your website up and running are minimal.
You can save on expenses by keeping your website simple. Even just a few pages
can be enough to provide your customers with the necessary information to keep
them interested in what your business has to offer. A large website with lots of pages
is not always necessary. The most essential facts to include in any websiteyour
business name and location, your products, and your contact informationcan be
contained on just one page.
Your website can be a place for your customers to buy your products. You may
still do most of your selling at your physical place of business, but the website is
another opportunity to sell, and you can reach more customers this way, too.
The text contains five sections, AE. In which section can information about the
following be found? Write the correct letter, AE, on lines 1-7 on your answer. You may
use any letter more than once.
1. finding international customers
2. the cost of maintaining a website
3. ways to communicate with customers
4. selling your products online
5. the size of your website
6. website design
7. the most important information to include

Business English


Language Focus

Advertisement is a promotional tool to increase the selling of the product.

Advertisement may be both argumentative-persuasive (this is good because
.) and directive (so buy now!).
1. Common Elements of Advertisement
a. Headline: a headline is word phrase or short sentence which is at the start of a
paragraph and it has various color and bold and large font size and its
functions are for attracting the readers attention and leading them to read the
copy of advertisement.
b. Image
c. Address, phone, fax number
d. Body Copy: a copy is the body or the text of an advertisement for
persuading,catching and holding the interest of prospective buyers. It can be
about information of a product or the advantages of buying and using a
product, Finally, it consists of a line, two or a single paragraph or quite heavy
e. Price (optional)
f. Logo (optional)


Business English

2. Stages
There is no stages of an advertisement. It means it is structured variously. The
example is written below
They are for attracting the readers attention



Special Treat at Grand Mirage Resort & Talaso

Enjoy two-night stay in a newly renovated Deluxe
Ocean View Room. Including return airport transfer,

A weekend in Bali

welcome amenities, daily buffet breakfast at grand Caf

or breakfast service in the privacy of your room,

.. a weekend at Grandmirage Resort and

complimentary entrance to the Games room, Gym and

Karouke Lounge, complimentary usage of all nonmotorized water-sport facilities, 60-minute beach

Thalasso Bali

massage for two, late checkout till departure and 20

percent discount on any Thalasso package


The Playful Side of Paradise

address and phone number

For reservations, please contact asiansales@grandmirage.com or call 0361771888.

Rates are applicable until June 30, 2009 and limited to Indonesian citizens and KITAS
holders. Rates exclude 21 percent tax and service charge. Valid for maximum of two adults
and two children below 12 years old
Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso
Jl. Pratama 74, Tanjung Benoa
It is for making the prospective buyers easy to do an action (buy the products)
They are written for giving information about the benefits of the product, building the
readers interest and creating the readers desire to buy the products advertise

3. Realization of Advertisement

: word group, imperative, declarative (rare)

Example of word group

A wish to explore
Special Gift
Honey moon Package At holiday resort Lombok


Business English

Example of declarative
Sheraton Mustika presents Lagoon Access Room.
Example of imperative
Welcome to Novotel Lombok

: declarative, imperative, word group

Example of declarative
InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza takes a great pleasure to announce the
launch of its exclusive Jakarta Escapade package. This luxurious treat is the
perfect opportunity over the Easter holiday long weekend and for families.
Example of imperative
Celebrate this Chinese New Year with the authenticity of a series of our
special festive promotions. Do not miss

the especially created sweetness,

lavishly packed as perfect gifts during these happy and prosperous moments.
Example of word group

Superior Room

Inclusive breakfast, lunch, dinner for 1 (one) person

Free 1 hour Karaoke at Batavia Karaoke


: word groups, declarative sentences or imperative sentences

Example of declarative
A Jakarta Escapade at InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza starts at just Rp
988.000++ per room per night.
Example of word group
Regular Rp 1.920.000 net
Stay 2 nights in a garden Chalet
Example of imperative
Stay for 2 nights, get 1 additional night free

Business English

Address phone & fax number

: word groups and numbers, and imperative

Example of word group

RSVP 0370-693444 Senggigi Beach, Lombok NTB 83355
F.0370-693092 E, reservationmgr@holidayresort-lombok.com,
Example of imperative
Further information for reservation Meeting and Celebration, visit our hotel
Call 0281-6844040 Fax 0281-6844041
Task 3
Make a well-designed advertisement about a product below consisted of 6 elements of


Business English


Task 4
Match the photos to the descriptions!

1. An elegant white leather shoes

2. A durable white and grey shoes
3. A stylist purple Italian shoes
Task 5
Which adjectives give opinions and which gives facts?
1. Stylish
2. Beautiful
3. Black
4. Small
5. Leather
6. Cotton
7. Crazy
8. Innovative
9. Smart
10. Slim


Business English

Task 6
Work in pairs!
Choose two products and write three adjectives to describe each one!

A stylist small red bag


Business English

E. Listening
Task 7
Watch the video and write the adjective, comparative and superlative!
1. ..
2. ..
3. ..
4. ..

Look at the examples below!

The green watch phone is more expensive than the brown watch phone.
The grey watch phone is the most expensive watch phone I have ever seen.


Business English

Task 8
Look at the picture below and make comparisons (comparative and superlative)

adjective = high, good, nice, sporty

adjective = delicious, expensive, sweet,


Task 9
In groups, make your own new product. Present your product well in front of the class!
Prepare your slides and include;
a. The background of making the product
b. The description of the product
c. The procedure of making the product
d. The price and place to get the product
e. The promotion of the product (show the advertisements!)


Business English



A. Warming Up Activities.

Source: istockphoto.com

Look at the following picture and choose the words in the box


Business English

Task 1
First, read this article. Choose the correct answers 1,2, or 3 to fill in the gap A-H
We will learn several vocabularies related to trip for business.
Going away on business?
Careful planning before you depart will help (A) _______________ your company and you.
Planning will make sure your department operates efficiently while youre away and stop
you worrying about how things are going while (B)_____________________ not there. Choose the
best person to (C) _____________ decisions while youre away. Tell this person (D) _____________
problem which might come up, and suggest the most effective ways of dealing (E)
___________________ these problems. Tell everybody in your office where you will (F)
______________ during your trip. Tell them when they can and when they cant contact you.
You (G) _________________ get a phone call duringh an important meeting.








When you are on travel, you will mostly need to book airline ticket, hiring a car, and you
will need to make questions.
B. Language Focus
Language Focus 1: Making Questions
Task 2
Put the word in the correct order related to sentences used in a hotel!

You/or/double/single room/would/a/like/a?

Business English


Is/the second/201/your room/on/floor

Language Focus 2 : Simple Present Tense (the use of to be (am, is are) ).

Simple present tense is used to express a stative meaning.
Please see the following examples:
1. I am excited to visit Museum of Kata Andrea Hirata in Bangka Belitung.

The Verb Be

Borobudur is located in Magelang,

Central Java province.


Semarang is popular with its Lunpia.

There are many beautiful beaches in
Bunaken marine park is the iconic
tourism object in Sulawesi because of
its amazing sea corals.
I was at Museum of Kata Andrea
Hirata in Bangka Belitung when you
called me.


Be is used as an auxiliary verb in the passive

Is = auxiliary
Located = main verb
A sentence with be as the main verb has three
basic patterns in the examples:
In (2)
: be + adjective
In (3 and 4): be + noun phrase
In (4)
: be + a prepositional phrase

Tense Forms of Be


Simple Present
I am
You are
He, she, it is

Simple Past
I was
you were
he, she, it was

Present Perfect
I have been
you have been
he, she, it has been

We, you, they are

we, you, they were

we, you, they have been


Business English

C. Reading
Descriptive Text.
Task 3
Look at the following website of tourism promotion
and answer the questions!

A descriptive text functions to

describe a particular person,
place, or thing. It has an
identification and a description

Answer the following questions:


What can Central Java province offer?

Where is Central Java province located?
What information can be found in the website?
Discuss with your friends if the website provides enough information for tourists?
Give explanations!


Business English

Answer the questions below!

1. What does Bali island offer?
2. Where is Bali island located?
3. What information can be find in the website?
4. Do you think the website provides enough information for the tourists? Please
discuss with your friends and give explanation.


Business English

5. Can you compare the promotion website of Central Java and Bali? What is the
D. Writing
Task 4
Please describe a tourism object that you know well in a paragraph at least seven
To describe, you can use simple present tense (see Unit 1) and Language Focus 2 (the use
of am, is, are) . Remember that you have to pay attention to the structure of descriptive
text consisting of identification and description.
E. Speaking

First Meeting in a Business Situation

You will learn what to do when meeting someone at the first time.
Scene 1: Pleased to meet you

Please fill in the blank the missing phrases!
Pleased to meet you
Sam Eric
Mr. Victor Tang
Sam Eric
Mr. Victor Tang
Sam Eric
Mr. Victor Tang
Sam Eric
Victor Tang
Sam Eric

: Hello, (1)................................................... . Im Sam Eriks.

: Victor Tang. (2) ..........................................
: What (3) ......................................................, Mr. Tang?
:Ocean Wide. Im the sales representative for this region
: Ah yes. I know your company. And your business is expanding very
rapidly at the moment
: Yes, we are doing quite well. And yourself, (4) .........................................?
: Actually, I work for myself. I am the CEO of a small export and
packaging company. We specialize in seafood.
: It is a growing market.
: Yes, but a very competitive one, Mr. Tang
: (5) ............................. Victor

Business English

Sam Eriks

: Sam. Victor, (6) ........................................................................ Lin- this is Victor

Tang-He is the region rep for Ocean Wide. This is Lin Chan my sales
: (7) .............................................., Mr. Tang?
: Im very well thank you. Nice to meet you, Ms. Chan
: And you.
: Can I get you another drink?
: Thank you.


Please answer the following questions.

1. Do you think they have known each other?
2. How did Sam introduce himself to someone he didnt know?
3. How did Victor reply?
4. What phrase can you use when you want to introduce your friend to someone
5. Having finished answering the above questions, please watch and listen to the
video about the conversation.
6. Practice the conversations with your friends!


Business English

Pleased to meet you= is a good formal greeting for most situation

Western tradition is to shake hands when you meet someone
Usually, when we first meet someone in a business situation, we want to find out
what they do, what their job, or position is
When you ask people questions about themselves in English, use a falling tone. It
sounds friendlier
- Hello
- Good morning, good afternoon, etc
- Hello, I dont think weve met. I am _(yourname)_(for someone we dont know
Introducing yourself:
- I am Henica. I work for UNICEF or I am with UNICEF. I am the education
consultant for this region
Introducing others:
Excuse me, Id like you to meet a friend.
There is someone Id like you to meet.
Let me introduce you to a friend of mine.
Let me introduce you to my friend.
This is Victor Tang. Victor, this iLin.
This is Victor Tang. Victor, Id like you to meet Lin.

Scene 2

Focus: Requesting someone for joining an activity

Aim : to enable students applying the common phrases used to reques someone for an
1. Watch and listen to the video
2. Fill in the missing phrases.
3. Practice the conversation with your friends.
Victor : Well, its been good to meet you Sam, and very interesting to hear about your
Sam : Look, were having a small dinner for some of our clients and friends after this
Why dont you join us?
Victor : 1....................................... Ill just check with my associate whether they have other
arrangements for us
Sam : Your associate is most welcome to join us, too
Victor : Thank you excuse me
This is Sam Eriks from Eriks Imports. He has very kindly invited us to a dinner

Business English

Sam : Yes, would you like to join us?

Walter :.2. ................................. I have another engagement. But, 3. ..................................... .
Sam : Well, perhaps you could join us after that for a drink?
Walter : Sounds great. Ill be very happy. 4...................................?
Sam : How about the lounge bar here. At about ten?
Walter : 5. ................................................. Excuse me.
Sam : Lin. Victors joining us for dinner
:Oh wonderful!
Victor : 6................................................
: Of course not. 7. .......................................
Sam : Well, shall we make a move?
: 8. .............................................. if I just say goodbye to a few people?
Sam :No problem well see you outside in a few minutes
: OK
Task 5
Make groups of 3 students and perform the dialogue!

Get business cards

Complete your personal data in a card including
Office Branch (in another country)
Telephone No.
Then, try to give it to someone that you have never met (use the phrases in in the
4. Introduce your new friend to another person.
5. Request your friend for a dinner


Business English

Unit 5
A. Warming-up Activity
Think of your dream jobs or what you want to do in the future. Please tell your friends &
explain your reasons.
Then, please complete the table.
Dream jobs

Skills needed

What you need to


Where do you want to


B. Reading
Reading 1
Read the advertisement below and answer Question 1-6


Do you want to have the best summer holiday ever? Have you just
graduated and want to escape for a unique experience abroad?
Only $1950 will make it all happen!
This unbeatable program fee includes:
return flight from Sydney to Los Angeles (onward travel in USA not include)
3 months insurance cover
2 nights accommodation on arrival plus meet and greet and airport transfer
arrival orientation by experienced InterExchange staff
visa application fees

Business English
You also have:
access to J l visa enabling you to work in the USA
an extensive directory of employers
InterExchanges support throughout the program
24-hour emergency support throughout the length of the program
Call toll-free 1 800 678 738
InterExchange has 50 years experience in international student exchange program. 18,000 students
from around the world travel yearly to the USA on this very program. InterExchange can also offer
you work opportunities in other countries.
InterExchange, one of the worlds leading operators of international exchange programs and
related service:

is a non-profit, non-govermental organization

has 700 professional staff in 30 countries worldwide
was founded in 1947

InterExchange operates these programs for students all around the world. It offers you trained
and travelled staff, plus full support during the application process. You can choose any job that
interests you anywhere in the USA, whether that is working in a law firm in Boston, a famous ski
resort in Colorado or serving coffee and doughnuts in the buzzing streets of New York. You can
select the period you work and the period you travel; you may want to work for 1 month and travel
for 3, or work the entire duration of your stay. The choice is yours.

a full-time student at an Australian university or TFE college

presently enrolled, or finishing this year, or you have deferred a year of study
over 18 years old by November in the academic year in which you apply to InterExchange
enthusiastic about the experience of a lifetime
Sign up now!!

Question 1-6
Do the following statements (1-6)agree with the information given in the advertisement previous
Please write:

if the statement agrees with the information

if the statement contradicts with the information
if there is no information on this

Business English
1. The program cost includes internal flights within the USA.
2. Emergency assistance offered in the program includes legal advice.
3. InterExchange offers similar programs in countries other than the USA.
4. InterExchange is part of a government program.
5. There are no restrictions on the type of job you can do.
6. There is an upper age limit applicants.

C. Writing
Writing 1: An Application Letter

Social Function: for applying a job

Stages: 1. opening
2. Body
3. Closing


It should inform the position which is applied and the source of the vacancy information
In response to your advertisement in todays The Hindustan Times, I am applying
for the position of a secretary
I was pleased to see your advertisement for a Medical Representativein todays
The Times and would like to be considered for the position


Business English

I was interested to see your advertisement in yesterdays The Jakarta Post and
would like to be considered for the position of Secretary
I am writing in response to your advertisement in the Femina Magazine for a
position listed as Science Editorial. I believe my broad scientific knowledge and
writing skills make me an excellent candidate
I have read your advertisement in The Indonesian Observer of today and wish to
apply for the position of secretary
Please allow me to apply for the position of shorthand typist which you have
advertised in the Surabaya Post, April14

Tell about your education (a resume of your education), your strengths, your work
experience, the amount of the salary you want if it is necessary
1. Education
In 2007, I graduated from UNNES and specialized in Accounting
I am a graduate of the Institute of Accounts, Far Eastern University, and specialized
in Accounting
I was graduated from the Holy Ghost College, Manila, in November 2007. Here, I
completed the four-year completed commercial course
I am male and 23 years of age. I am still single. I graduated from Semarang State
University this year with GPA 3,02 (scale 0 to 4)
2. Strengths
I have a good knowledge of accounting and I am of course, experienced in all types
of secretarial work; and, during my spare time, I have taken a short computer course
in order to support my job to be efficient.
I m sure I can readily adapt myself to the routine of your office


Business English

I have just completed a six months course and enclose the certificate which I
obtained. As you will see I have a speed of 120 words in short hand and 60 in typing
Being energetic and dynamic, I can get on very well with other people. Operating a
computer is not something new for me especially for Windows, Autocad , and
Mechanical Desktop
Im 27 years old, of good appearance and personality.
3. Salary
Although it is difficult for me to say what compensation I should deserve, I should
consider Rp 1.000.000-Rp. 1.500.000 a month a fair initial salary
As much as should like to join your organization, it would not be advisable for me to
change my position for less than Rp 1.000. 000 a month which is the regional
minimum salary in Semarang
I hesitate to state a definite salary, but as long as you have requested me to, I should
consider Rp 1.000.000 a month satisfactory
I feel it is presumptuous of me to state what my salary should be. My first
consideration is to satisfy you completely. May we settle this matter to our mutual
satisfaction at an interview?
I believe I would be a creative and energetic asset for your company. I am looking
forward to hearing from you soon and I can be contacted at 08132591
I shall be glad to provide any further you may need and I hope I would be given an
early opportunity for an interview
I also enclose all the requirements you asked and I would be available for an
interview at any time. I feel confident that you will not be disappointed if you decide
to employ me. Thank you for your attention and I am looking forward to hearing
from you soon
If character, ability and willingness to work are desired, I can fill the position to your
complete satisfaction. I shall appreciate a personal interview


Business English

May I present myself in person to consider the possibilities of my being service to

your firm? My telephone number is 46087786. Thank you
If my application has indicated my ability to fill the position to your satisfaction I
shall appreciate your letting me know when I may call so that you can judge my
personal qualifications.

Task 1
Please complete the sentence with the appropriate words in the box.
have completed

would like to apply

1. In response ________________________ in todays Kompas newspaper, I ________________ for

the position of a Director at your company.
2. I was ____________________ to see your advertisement in Suara Merdeka today and would
like to _________________________ for the position of a secreary
3. I was ___________________________ to see your advertisement in last weeks post on the
jakartapost website.
4. I _____________________ all the requirements you asked
5. I would be __________________________ for an interview at any time
6. I should ___________________________ Rp.3.000.000,- a month
7. I ____________________________ English and Chinese course to meet the need of current
posts in companies.

Writing 2: Writing a CV
What is a CV?
A CV is a short list of facts about you and your work history, skills, qualifications and
experience. A good CV is essential when looking for work and it is worth spending
time getting it right so it sells you to an employer.

Business English

What to include
There is no set format or perfect template how you present your CV is up to you.
and each sector may require a different emphasis on a different aspect of the
content, such as career history or qualifications. However, the basic format of the CV
is as follow:

Personal details, including name, address, phone number, email address and
possibly any professional social media presence. You no longer need to include your
date of birth, owing to age discrimination rules

Career history, starting with your most recent job first. Include dates and temporary
or voluntary jobs if appropriate

A personal profile which sells yourself and your qualities, tailored towards the job
you are applying for

Achievements from previous jobs that are relevant

Qualifications and training from previous jobs, with the most recent first

Interests, if they are relevant and especially if the skills or teamwork concerned are
relevant for the job

Any extra information, such as reasons for a career change or reasons for gaps in
career history, such as caring duties

References, ideally two or more and including a recent employer

Last but not least, do not forget sign your CV. A phrase you can use is I confirm that
all informaion stated in this resume is correct and complete to the best of my

Please try to make CV of yours. You can see the format at the appendix. Please remember
that there is no such set format, you can improve and develop your CV as needed.


Business English


: Semarang
: January 16, 2015
: Management
: Unknown Salary
For our expanding business we require a General Manager
The candidate must fulfill following requirements:

MBA/Master degree from any reputed university

5 10 years experience as a General manager (operational)
Experience in planning production units and production monitoring
Knowledge of factory work study
Excellent english skills
Working job
Direct and coordinate activities of businesses or departments concerned with the production,
pricing, sales, and/or distribution of products.
Manage staff, preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties.
Review financial statements, sales and activity reports, and other performance data to measure
productivity and goal achievement and to determine areas needing cost reduction and program
Establish and implement departmental policies, goals, objectives, and procedures, conferring with
board members, organization officials, and staff members as necessary.
Determine staffing requirements, and interview, hire and train new employees, or oversee those
personnel processes.
We offer an interesting position in an international company with international career chances in a world wide
operating company. Please send the application form together with your curriculum to following address :


D. Language Focus
Language Focus 1: Present Perfect
In writing an application letter, we can tell our prospective employer what activities we
have completed related to the requirements of the applied position. We can use present
perfect tense to express the idea that something has happened (or never happened) before
now, at an unspecified time in the past. The exact time it happened is not important. If the
time is specified, the simple past is used. Adverbs that frequently used with the present
perfect are ever, never, already, yet, still, and just.
Please complete the following sentences with the Present perfect tense form.

Business English

1. I have completed (complete) advanced level of an English course last year.

2. I mark of Chinese was not good. My teacher ___________________ (give) me the last
chance to improve my grade.
3. The new system at school ___________________ (help) many low achievers to get more
4. Rebecca _________________________ (see) the best movies of the year.
5. The policy makers ______________________________ ( decide) to inform the decision on
the fuel issue.
After you complete the above questions, please make the passive form of the sentences.
Number one is done for you as an example.
1. Advanced level of an English course has been completed (by me) last year.
2. ____________________________________________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________________________________________
4. ____________________________________________________________________________________
5. ___________________________________________________________________________________

E. Speaking
Please read the text below answer questions 1-6.
Job Interview Success
When you apply for a job, the impression you create during the interview Z5 Just as
important as the skills and background you bring to the table. The following suggestions
will help you prepare for a successful interview.
Before You Leave Home
Dress appropriately. This means the attire you choose should be the same as what you

Business English

would wear for work once you are hired. Conservative colors and styles always convey a
more trustworthy image.
Rehearse the interview at home. Think of questions that you will probably be asked, and
prepare answers for thetas. This will help you be calm when you are the actual interview.
Don't be late for your interview. The best way to avoid this problem is ME decide ahead
of time how you want to get there. If by bus or subway, check- the schedules the day before.
If by car, plan your route carefully and figure out how long it will take. Careful planning will
ensure that you will make a good impression by arriving on time.
During the Interview
Speak clearly. Look the interviewer in the eye when speaking and use clear, cons tones.
Do not speak too quickly or nervously. Rather, pronounce your words carefully and pause
when searching for ideas. Speaking with a firm, clear voice is one of the best ways to give
an impression of self-assurance.
Ask questions. Do not be afraid to do this. It will not make you appear unprepared or
stupid. On the contrary, asking the right questions shows that you are knowledgeable about
the company and conveys the impression that you are interested and enthusiastic.
Complete the sentences below.
Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the text for each answer. Write your answers
on lines 1-6 on your answer sheet.
1. Wearing ______________________ clothes makes a better impression during
the job interview.
2. Practice answering questions ahead of time so that you feel _____________
during the interview.
3. If traveling to the interview by bus, make sure you know ________________
ahead of time.
4. You will be _________________________ for the interview if you plan your trip
5. Use your_______________________________ to convey an attitude of confidence.
6. Show what you know by asking ____________________________________________

Business English

The following are the questions usually asked in a job interview:

Good morning/afternoon/evening
How are you
Was it difficult to find our office?
Did you find it difficult to come here?
How was the traffic from your home to our office?
What time did you leave your home?
How did you come here?
How do you feel now?
Tell me about yourself
What kind of person are you?
What are your weaknesses and strengths?
What are your hobbies?
When were you born?
Where were you born?
Did you grow up in the village/city?
Where did you spend your childhood?
Do you live with your parents
What do your parents do?
Do you have brother/sister?
What is she/he?
Could you please tell me your educational background
When did you finish your university?
How long did it take to finish your university
What is the title of your final project
Why did you write that topic?
What is the significant contribution of your education in university to your job


Business English


How do you spend your free time?
Do you have a special hobby?
Why are you interested joining this company?
What makes you interest working her?
Do you know the main business of this company?
How did you know our company?
What do you know about our products?
In your opinion what makes our company special compared to others in the same
How many languages can you speak? What are they?
Can you convince us that you are the right person for the job?
In your opinion, what is an ideal teacher like?
How much salary do you expect from this company?
Frankly speaking, this is a very difficult question for me to answer, Sir. Ill let you
decide because Im convinced that you have a fixed standard salary especially for a new
employee like me. In this case, I depend on your fixed standard salary for new employees.
Work in pair with your friend. One becomes an interviewer and the other is an interviewee.
The interviewer should ask the questions usually asked in a job interview and then, give
the interviewee score based on the following rubrics.


Business English








Oral profeciency scoring categories (Brown, 2001, pp. 406-407)



Speaking vocabulary
express anything but
the most elementary

Incoherent , with no
devices. No evidence of
ability to respond


Within the scope of his

very limited language
statement if delivered
with slowed speech,
Able to speak the Can discuss particular Comprehension
with interests
of quite complete at a
sufficient vocabulary competence
with normal rate of speech
participate reasoonable ease.
effectively in most
formal and informal
Can understand and Able to use the Can understand any
participate in any language fluently. Can conversation
conversation within participate in any the range of his
the range of his conversation
within experience
experience with high the range of this
degree of precision experience with a high
of vocabulary
degree of fluency





Business English
After the interview, what did you feel?






Business English

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