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On our 4th meeting dated 15th of January 2010 we have a discussion

regarding the characteristics which a teacher should have to be able to become

an effective teacher. The task was given into three specific areas which are
knowledge, skills and attitude.

In our point of view, we think that we cannot view all this as something
which is separated from one to another. The characteristics given are very vital
in determining the success of an effective teacher. In the knowledge part we
were exposed on how a teacher’s knowledge should always one step ahead of
their students. No matter what it takes for that particular teacher to achieve this,
their level of knowledge should always be up to date with the current issues and
not only that, a teacher should always be open to any discussions and able to
adopt and adapt new knowledge as part and ways to enhance their teaching

Focusing on knowledge only will not bring any benefits for the students if
the teacher failed to have the right skills and attitude to manage the students
and the classroom. An example of a skilled teacher can be seen on the creativity
and innovative in handling the classroom. With the right skill and the correct
attitude, a teacher not only can bring the joy and attract students’ interest but
the teacher can also reduce their disappointment if the students which they
taught did not manage to achieve the target of the lesson.

Continue with the class presentation but only for a short period of time and
madam has to finish the class quite early since the air conditioner is not

We are preparing to our test in our next class.


For this week there is nothing much to do. We are on holiday because of the
Chinese New Year celebration.


For this week we learn how to produce a lesson plan. At first, madam asks
us what a lesson plan should have and she instructed us to produce a lesson
plan and submit it to her as soon as possible before the class ends. It is a very
interesting race. All of the groups tried their best to produce the ‘best’ lesson
plan in such a short period of time.

Later on in our next lesson it is followed with article review presentation by

three groups. The first group is Villerie and Aqilah Osmadi. The second one is
Syazalinah and Adila. The third group is Ayuni and Zahirah. Among the three
groups, we think that presentation from Syaza and Adila is very informative, fun
and interesting.

It was a very interesting presentation. We really wish that we are given

more and ample time to discuss about it. It was about the Google generation. We
admit that, nowadays all the information is just a click away. However, we
disagree with the presenter that the information which can be regarded as the
“express information” is a bad thing. Internets are and still useful tools in
conveying information. However, we have to admit that not all the good thing
comes in one package. Normally it will also get mixed with the bad things too. If
it were up to us, we think that the public should actually be taught on how to
manage and able to differentiate between the useful information and the spam
which proves to be something annoying and wasting time of the internet users.
Week 4

At the beginning of the lesson, madam has revised the Tyler’s Model and
she continued the lesson with Taba model. She has explained that in Taba
model, it has 7 stages which is started with the diagnosis of need or better
known as needs analysis. Then it was followed by the selection of the objectives,
selection of content, selection of learning experiences and the last phase is the
evaluation phase.

Madam also stated the differences between Tyler’s and Taba’s models. The
major difference is that the Taba’s model have the need analysis. It put a very
high emphasis on the need analysis.

Later on, we learn the contemporary model. And the definition of evaluation
which is quite interesting. Evaluation can be divided into two types which are
formative and summative evaluation. In formative evaluation the evaluation is
done as an ongoing process. However, in summative it is done as in a collective
way such as it is determine through the finl examination.

On that day we also learn that the curriculum is viewed and changed if
necessary after three years. The reason why the curriculum was reviewed is to
ensure that the curriculum is alligned with the present needs. This action have
its own pros and cons. The most unlucky fact about this is that, the people who
are not involved in making this decision is not the one who makes the decision,
such as the teachers and educators wholly. The person who calls for such
decision did not take into consideration the effect of cancelling the previous
curriculum towards the person who are actually involved directly with the
teaching and learning process.

Since the curriculum was being revised so much, it actually caused a lot of
confusion. When the students and teachers are just about to feel comfortable
with the current curriculum, the government decided to change it. In the end,
the students and teachers who are the one going to face the direct impact of
these actions. The major example of this can be seen on the ETeMS which ended
up it the medium of instruction of Mathematic and Science which was proposed
to be in English change back to the Bahasa.

The intention of the implementation might be good. However, actions

should be taken into consideration when they think about to implement those
actions. When the government started to implement the change it created an
uproar in the society. But, once the government decided tho change it back, it
the uproar which it created is also as equal as before.
Week 10

For this week, madam has explained on how to make a good lesson plan. She
also pointed out mistakes that we had make from the lesson plan which we had
submitted last week. We all really had a good laugh. She commented on some
good and some which is quite good example of lesson plan.

But, we are really proud since our group was praised by madam since our lesson
plan does not need any corrections and the lesson plan which we had submitted
nad produced is very interesting and good. Well, we combined song and
learning new vocabularies using a theme song which is suitable with the
students level.

She also gave us some new ways of evaluating students and a few different
types of evaluating the students.
W 12

Last week we learn about integrating media in our presentation and we

were criticized by madam since there are some of my colleagues who did not
know how to utilize and use the media presentation effectively. There are some
of us who use dark background colour during the presentation and there are also
some who uses small fonts and causes the audience who watch and listened to
the presentation of slides to strain their eyes in order to grasp the gist of what
being presented in front.

W 14

We have through all sorts of microteaching for the past few classes. I
think one of the most enjoyable microteaching would be from Zalikha. This is
because, during one of her activities, we learned to engage very much with her
activities in her classroom and we need to do a lot of moving during her

She asked us to stick some paper which explains the act that the people
do and the fastest of all will win some reward. It’s really hilarious seeing an adult
behaving like children, running around and fighting over who stick and arrived
first to stick the action on the board.