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We stand at a crossroads today;
witnessing greatest technological
advancements of all time, and yet at
the venture of dissipating all we have
built over the centuries. This self-
imposed threat comes from rising
fidgety minds and the chaos in our
world. It is ironic that in an age
considered more sophisticated than all
the preceding world orders, we are
simplistic enough to overlook what
was given prime importance even in
the ancient world - peace. Moreover,
we are in great danger of defraying an
unimaginable price for this neglect.
No development can be sustainable
in the lack of a tranquil world – be it
peace without, or the peace within.
The scourge of war and social tension
can take an indescribable toll on
material and moral wealth. Strife is an
impediment to not only the prosperity
of nations, but also for the overall
advancement of ultimately the
The very religions that were
founded to bring us closer to
quiescence are now being used for just
the antipodal grounds. Terrorism has
reared its ugly head and looms large
over all the nations in our cosmos-
world. Racism emboldens separatism
and liberation movements, which are
prolonged for years and involve
superfluous bloodshed.
Hence, the International Day of
Peace was established by a resolution
of the United Nations General
Assembly to be the third Tuesday of
September every year “devoted to
commemorating and strengthening
the ideals of peace, as the day of
global ceasefire and non-violence, an
invitation to all nations and people to
honour a cessation of hostilities during
the day”. Subsequently it was agreed
to be celebrated on September 21
every year.
Peace is a gradual and wonderful
event that occurs because
compassionate people are inspired to
help others discover the joy of peace!
Helping others also has the direct
effect of escalating our personal
reconciliation and well being, but this
is merely one of the many bonuses
that come from sharing our kindness
with our fellow human beings. “Better
than a thousand hollow words is one
that brings peace” as Buddha truly
thought, that one word is probably the
most egregious lesson we must learn
during our lives and the sooner the
better. The advent of World Wide Web
may just provide the boost in
knowledge mankind has been waiting
for. Knowledge is power, Knowledge
combined with enlightenment leads to
wisdom and the lesson is learnt i.e.
wisdom is peace- the amity within the
That’s why; still, it is indeed
paradoxical that in this age of
globalization, when the planet is
nothing but a global village and
information technology has made the
boundaries of state and nation a non-
entity, we continue to restrict
ourselves to barriers of nationality,
cast, creed or race. The shackles of
discord can only be broken if each and
every one of us rises to the occasion
and recognizes as John F Kennedy
accurately said, that “mankind must
put an end to war or war will put and
to mankind”. If there is to be peace on
earth, it must begin within us .at this
noble point of time, we can join hands
for the countdown to world peace –
everyday is the opportunity to create
harmony and spread the message.
Peace is a journey of thousand
miles, and it must be taken one-step
at a time. In today’s world’ peace
needs to become more than just a
word. Let’s pledge to open our hearts
and meditate on actions for world
peace …to be the change we wish to
see in the world… let’s begin with our
own little step, and see what a world
of difference that makes.

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