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Gods Grace Public School Moradabad

Summative Assesment-(2)
Syllabus (2015-16)
Class I
Sub: Science
Note: All Question are
Q.1 Answer the following Question
Q.(a) name Some words we get form plants.
Name three things you should not play with

Name some oilseed plants

What is the importance of spring season
When does a tree shed its leaves?
What season do we have in the following months
Q.2 Fill in the blanks
(slowly, winter, air, fly, wind)
Air is called
. Is all around us

Moving makes the kite.

you wear sweater in season
Clothes fry dry . In the rainy season
Q3. Tick (

) the correct Answer

We get cereals and pulses form



We get oil form



Tea is obtained from



The GREEN light says.



We should play games.

On the road

in the park

Math the following


Moving air


air occupies space


Present every where

Inflated balloon

turned by wind
atroing and fast moving wind

Give two example of each of the following


Gods Grace Public School Moradabad

Sylabyus (2015-16)
Class II
Sub: Science
Attempt all the question:Choose the correct option:The nearest niehbour of the earth in space is the
a) The nearest neighbor of the earth in space is the




b) The Taj Mahal is made up of



(ii) standstone

(iii) granite

c) Moon geat its light from the



(ii) earth

(iii) sun

d) Pots and sculptures are made of


Silica (ii) rock salt

(iii) china dish

e) The first Indian cosmonaut to reach on the moon was


Kalpana chawala

(ii) rakesh Sharma

(iii) sunita Williams

f) The minerals quarts is used in



(ii) toothpastes

(iii) states

Q.2 Match the following

Coloum (a)

coloum (b)


Hardest mineral


Buildings and Statues


softest minerals

Enrald and ruby




Q.3 Tick ( ) correst statement and (x) the wrong one

(i) the moon is bigger than the earth
(ii) There are no rocks on the moon

People go to the moon in an aero plane

(iv)There is life on the moon

(v) Moon has no light of its own
Section B
Name a rock which is
(i) Used to make roofs
(ii) A Hard rock

Used for making buoildings and statues

(iv)Used in wzatches
Fill in the blanks
Every night , we dons see the .. in the sky.
There is no .. to drink on the moon.
some countries have sent their to the moon.
The moon looks every night.
(Water, different, Spaceship, moon)

Answer the following Question:a) When does the moon shine

b) Who stopped on the moon first time?
c) Why there is no life on the moon?
d) What are rocks?
e) What is the lead in a pencil made from?

Gods Grace Public School Moradabad

Summative Assesment-(2)
Sylabyus (2015-16)
Class III
Sub: Science
All question are compulsory?
q.1 what is soil made of ?
What is the sun made of?
How class the moon shine?
What does air contain ?
Write two uses of water
What is matter
What do we need a house?
Jumbles words:






Write true and false?

Bathrooms should be cleaned regulary.(

Garbage should be kept in the kitchen (

Tree growing around the house clean the surrounding. (

Nathroom flowers should not be stoped so that water stangnated three (

Open spaces loke veranclas gicve air and light (

Q. Give the example of each of the following.

Match the following coloum A with coloum b
1. Marble


2. Ruby and emerald

Pots and toys

3. Clayey Soil

Home in soil

4. Humus

Bits of dead Plants and animals

5. Earth worm


Fill in the blanks (reflects, Sunita Williams , William, Mercury, Sun

1) is the nearest lannet to the sun
2)The moon revolves round the. And the earth revolves round
3) the sun and . Planets make the solar system.
The moon the light of the sun at night.
. Is an Indian born astronaut who stayed the longest in the space.

Name the following

1. Five seasons :1)





2. three factors in which weather depends.



3. Three eatables you like to eat in summer.









4 ) three Clother you wear in winter



Three collours you have notices in a rainbow.

Tick the correct answer

Which of the following needs food to grow.
1. Bird


Plants make their food woth the help of

1. Sunlight

2) Water

A Man made non living things is

1. Bridge


Gods Grace Public School Moradabad

Summative Assesment-(2)
Sylabyus (2015-16)
Class III
Sub: Science

Note:- All Question are compulsory

Q.1. Choose the correct answer
1. anything that occupies space nd has ;mass is called
(a) Solid

(b) Liquid

(c) gas

(d) matter

2. The Smallest Particle that can exist independently is the

(a) Atom (b) molecule (c)election
3. Which of the following is not a liquid?
a. milk

b. Water

c. Oxygen

d. oil

4. Which of the following statements true about solids?

a. solids do not have definite shape
b. solids do not have definite volume
c. the molecules of a solid are closely packed
d. solids can be compressed easily
5. Which of the following is not soluble in water?
a. salt

b. Sugar

c. lemon drops

d. chalk

6. The solid that dissolves in water is called ?

a. solution

b. solute

c. solvent

d. solubility

7. One of the states of matter is

a. Oil

b. Brick

c. Gas

d. air

8. The force acting on a moving ball is

a. muscular force

b. magnetic force

c. frictional force

d. atomic force

9. The relation between the force and work is given by the formula
a. Force = work X displacement

b. Work= force X displacement

c. displacement= work X force

d. Work = force Displacement

10. The nail cutter is a kind of

a. lever

b. pulley

c. wedge

d. screw

Q.02 match the following column A With column B

1. Humus

a. Quantity of water in the soil

2. Loam

b. used for making pots and toys

3. Moisture

c. cut or wound due to rusted objects

4. Clay

d. the best soil for growing crops

5. Tetanus

e. organic matter that nourishes the plants

Q.03 Unscramble the following with the help of clues given below
1. Bits of dead plants and animals that provide nutrition to growing plants


2. The type of soil made of tiny stones and pebbles


3.it live in the soil


4. A Natural agent of soil erosion


5. Structures constructed across the rivers to stop floods


Q.04 State T for True and F for False against each statement ( )
1. Petrol and coal are renewable resources ( )
2. There is an unlimited supply of oil under the earth ( )
3. Minerals from which metals are obtained are called fuels ( )
4. Trees prevent soil erosion ( )

5. Water is used to generate electricity ( )

Q.05 fill in the blanks with appropriate words
1. . Energy is stored n photo-sensitive cells.
2. ..is used to operate flour mills.
3. Soil, water, sun are ..sources of energy.
4. Use of low energy bulbs like..saves energy.
5. Coal and petroleum take.years to be formed.
Q.06 Give reason for the following
1. The places near the equator always have summer
2. The earth is a unique plant
Q.07. Answers the short Questions:
1. Define matter
2. Name the layers of the earth
3. What causes change in water?
Q.08. Answer the following long questions
1. The places near the equator always have summer
2. The earth is a unique planet
3. Define force
4. How is the energy of moving water utilized ?

Gods grace public school

S.A. 2
Class v
Sub Science
All question are compulsory / do any 10
1. How does soil affect the growth of plants?
2. Name the system that works as the internal communication on network of the body.
3. Which organs are affected by snake bite?
4. Name four things that catch fire easily?
5. What is the main source of water?
6. What are changing shapes of moon called?
7. What are tides?
8. Name the substances by which all rocks are made?
9. On what basis rocks are classified?
10. How is soil formed?
11. What is the contamination of air, water or land called?
12. What are the main sources of air pollution?
Name the scientific terms for the following:
1. Carrying away soil from erosion.
2. A white rock made from limestone..
3. A soft rock made of mud and clay.
Match the following1. Aryabhat

a. first Indian satellite

2. Solar eclipse

b. The earth between the sun and the moon

3. Chandrayan-1

c. Indias first moon mission

4. Lunar Eclipse

d. The space craft which carried

5. Sputnik?

E. The moon between thee sun and the earth

Fill in the blanks

1. and..are metamorphic rocks
2. ..is a hard rock while..is a soft.
3. Magma that reaches the surface of the earth is called..\
4. ..rock is formed from the lava a froth.
5. ..and.are renewable sources of energy.
Tick the correct answer
1. Mens activities lead to:
a. Water pollution

b. air pollution

c. all of the these

2. Which one of the following is not caused by air pollution


b. Asthama

3. Carbon dioxide, methane and water vapors are called

a. Green house gases

b. Nobel gases

4. Noise pollution cause

a. Hearing ailmants

b. Jaundica

5. The climate of the earths is changing due to

a. Global warming
Write a long Q.
Q.01 How is coal formed?
Q.02 How is petroleum formed?
(Draw a air pollution picture)

b. Acid rain

c. Slow growth of plants

Gaur Grace Public School moradabad

Summative assessment -2
Class VI
Sub: Science
Note: All questions are compulsory
Q.01. Multiple choice questions
Tick (\/) the correct option
1. Air is a mixture of
a. One gas

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