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Computer Graphics 2
Restorations 10
Abstractions 16
Drawings 18
Colored Pencil 20
Paintings 22
Typography 24
Doors 26
Digital Imagery 34
Framed mass
Kelly Ciurej

C raft: For this illustration, I decided to do a rough outline

of the water bottle that I was referencing from. I used a
thinner brush, and drew rough squiggles and lines to form the
give the bottle a sharp yet free look. The lines also do not have
any specific direction or shape, they were made to look free
and messy to contrast the very defined shapes inside the bottle.
be more creative in the way i constructed these pieces.
Composition: At first doing the illustrations, I was being very
loose with my compositions. However, as I continued, my com-
the liquid would be in real life, and fill it. Each composition
also has a horizon line or a shadow to give the picture more
shape and fill.
outside of the water bottle. I then did a horizon line to give This is my favorite piece because of the color combinations and positions became more similar. All of the pieces are generally in
the background some shape. After doing this, I chose a lighter freeness of the pen drawing. Concept: The concept behind this the same place of the page, and about the same size. Most of them
blue color and began painting the background with a very large piece goes along with the title I chose for my style, which is have different brush styles, but you should be able to tell that
brush. I decided that the blue that I chose was a nice contrast to ‘framed mass’. I think that this displays the style well, because each illustration is of the same object. All of the illustrations are
the black bottle, and then decided to fill the bottom of the bottle of the way the shapes are framed by the black pen, even if the rough while at the same time very sharp because of the contrasting
with white polygons shapes. I felt these colors worked well marks are uneven and messy. I did not intentionally make this shapes with the brush strokes.
together. I chose to put a fill in the bottom polygons with a black my style, but eventually as I continued to do the illustrations, the In these illustrations, the color is essential to each of them. Start-
outline, while the shapes in the upper part of the bottle are just pattern was obvious in the pictures that I made. It is obvious that ing off just using complimentary colors, I changed that by using
outlined in white to show the differences in volumes. Instead of in this piece and in the rest of the series, that the water bottle is any color that worked well with the composition of the bottle.
doing just complimentary colors for my series, I decided to just outlined in some sort of way, and there is some kind of volume Making them contrast was important and would make it easier to
do any type of colors, as to broaden my range for the color sec- in every piece. The concept of the shapes and the lines both be- catch someone’s eye. I also thought that the rough pen marks with
tion. The outlined and filled shapes in the bottom of the bottle ing in each piece was to display a flexibility in the make of the the straightness of the shapes would bring an interesting affect to
give the bottle a more voluminous feel, and keeps the illustra- illustrations. It allowed me to be free with the way I would paint the composition.
tion’s message clear, that this is in fact a bottle with some form the illustration, while at the same time leave a common theme I used the filled shapes at the bottom of each bottle to show
of liquid. The shapes are all various sizes, and have no pattern within each piece. Also the way the lines in this piece are not volume and make the illustration look somewhat realistic in that
or specific size requirements, they are all randomly put there to stiff helps this piece stray away from reality and allows me to sense. I wanted to show the differences from the middle of the
Shoe Personified

C raft: For my craft on this series, I first had to draw

the outlines of each shape with lines. It was tedious,
but I tried making the shoe look as realistic as possible.
the fact that after trying out the outside window as a solid
color, it was definitely better to add the background to the
illustration. Tracing the outside objects and fading them a bit
The other illustrations in this series also needed the window back-
ground to display the themes of each. For example, the pink shoe
around those backgrounds to fit the shoes, the series
would not make sense. Fading them a little and also
making it look like there is almost a glare gives the il-
was placed in front of a window, looking out to a Macy’s store, as to
I then went in and did the fill of each object, and made and using the feather seemed to help the picture look accurate. display a feminine feel and bring each object together to make one lustration more dimension, and makes it look more like
sure the colors looked good together as to draw the eye It was very important to go through all these steps to get to the illustration. It was an important move to keep these pieces in context there is a window seperating the outside from the shoe
in. I did not draw the outside of the window at first, but final piece because showing my improvements was helpful to and connecting them all to each other. Compostion: The composi- on the inside.
later changed my logic to that. After filling the objects, show which illustration looked best. Concept: The concept of tion was an important deciding factor when figuring out which photo
I used the gradient tools to make the object look more this series was somewhat murky at first, but after adding the to use. The shoe at that angle and the viewpoint with the background
3D. For the other illustrations in the series, they are not outside backgrounds to the illustrations it became more clear information helped display a theme of personification of the shoe. It is
as realistic as the original blue shoe, but the general idea for everyone viewing these pieces. The outside objects were very important to keep the compositional aspect in perspective when
is presented to the audience on what the illustration is important to these pieces because it brings the shoe and the doing this series because it helps hold together all of your pieces
portraying. The lighting for these pictures also had to be atmosphere together into one idea. For the original piece, it was perfectly. My series needed to have different background windows for
correct to make sure that the image is realistic looking important to display the background as to make the shoe appear each piece to display the message of each, because without switching
and could look 3 dimensional. One important detail was more realistic and almost humanized, looking out a window.

Time for tea
F or the teapot drawings, the new experience of the
pen as a drawing tool with the computer was one
of a learning experience. It helped expand my creativ-
Secondly, I expanded my use of creativity by choos-
ing different styles of line and shape to incorporate
into each teapot. It was interesting to use the two styles
The composition for these teapots was one of
little thinking and more of “going with the flow”
instead. Instead of thinking very much about my
I think this project helped me expand my
learning to a different level and allowed
me to think in a more wide range when the
ity for the art of illustrator to a different level. Drawing into this one piece, because the end result was one of a composition, I was more focused on the craft and
next projects came into focus. It opened a
the teapots helped to incoprorate my drawing skills in very interesting type of design. I enjoyed making these kept my attention on the new experience and tried
new door for the next couple projects and I
with the graphic skills that were new to me. The craft of teapots because it was different then anything we had to do as many new things as possible in my craft
think it was a good project to start with.
this project was made by first using the pen tool to draw done thus far in the semsester, and it was also worthwile section. I tried to however, make sure that each
what was in front of me to draw the teapot. Second, and enjoying to make. The concept was to make these composition was easily distinguished as different
using whatever line and shape direction I chose, I could teapots look somewhat nonrealistic, while at the same from the next. It was important to keep the viewere
make the teapot look however I wanted it to, which is time making sure the audience knew that it was in fact a interested and make sure their eyes were moving
illustrated in the pieces of art above. teapot, with a little bit of a twist. from one composition to the other.


F or this piece of work, I wanted to restore the photograph of my grandmother,

using photoshop, and trying to make it look almost new, while at the same
time making sure it is known that this photograph is dated, to keep the old feel
Restoring these photographs helped strengthen my photoshop skills, using
tools like the clone stamp tool, adjustment layers, patch tools amd so on.
The end result is very exciting to come to and the craft is the most impor-
still alive. It was a very great experience restoring this photograph from this first tant part of these design compositions.
original state.

Keeping with the restorations, I restored an old photograph of my grandparents,
making the color brighter and eliminating the tears and folds.

T he detailing in this restoration came with much time and effort put forth in making the final
product something of beauty. Using photoshop to restore this image, many tools were in-
volved in the process of making each detail of the photograph look restored and new, while at the
Tools were used such as the clone stamp tool, patch tool, spot healing brush tool, quick
selection tool, etc. Several adjustment layers were used to make the color more vibrant, and a
vignette of black was used on the outside to give the photograph a more professional feel. The
same time making sure the photograph looked like it was from its time. end result left the colors brighter, and the features more recognizable.


I n this series of abstractions, they were done

digitally on Photoshop. Starting off as drawings
done in black marker, they were then scanned into
Keeping somewhat of a consistent tech-
nique, I used the blur tool, along with the
paint brush tool in this project to create
the computer and used then in Photoshop to distort the desired effect in each illustration.
the images, growing progressively through the Color was also important, as to keep
series. Starting off as a more conservative distor- certain colors as a consistency while
tion, the second became a little more creative, changing others to make each piece look
ending with the third distortion that is virtually somewhat different.
unrecognizable of the original shape and color of
the beginning project.


T he general compositional technique for these drawings in-

volved shading and proportion. The main purpose of these
drawings was to portray a realistic sense of what was in front
of me, and transferring it to paper in form of a drawing. These
were all done in different varieties of pencil, through about
three years of experience in drawing classes.

Colored Pencil

T hese colored pencil drawings were done by me while I attended

Mother McAuley High School, most during my Advanced Place-
ment Studio Art class. The different perspectives and themes of the
pieces were to show my breadth and diversity when it came to skill. The
compositions were arranged to make each piece catch the viewers eye,
and to focus on keeping the viewpoint at an unusal standpoint. The far-
thest left colored pencil piece was done in the beginning of my develop-
ment of the use of colored pencil, and trying to shade the face and eyes
and hair of the face was difficult, but a great learning experience and
opened my eyes to new ways of doing things with each drawing utensil.
I enjoyed using colored pencil for my compositions because they allow
me to be in control of the color and range of colors within each piece.



Learning typography was a great way to get started in photoshop and learn the tools
and variations of type for beginning in graphic design. It was important to do this as
to open up my creativity more and be aware of the different types and styles avail-
able to me through Photoshop.


F or my concentration in Advanced Placement Studio Art, everyone in the class
was told to pick a concentration to focus on for the entire year. At first when I
chose doors as my concentration, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make twelve
I was ultimately very happy that I chose doors as my concentration, because it helped
me with my creativity and to think outside the box every time I had a new project to
do involving doors. The complexity was not seen in the beginning for me, but towards
pieces of art with this simple of a concept. However, the more I continued to explore the end I realized the numerous possibilites that were in front of me for making art with
this concept, my thought process expanded and I started to expand my concept to the this one object.
distortion of doors and the alternate world that doors can hold a key to. Most of these
pieces are done through digital manipulation, but other medium that were used were
oil paint on canvas, colored pencil, and colored pencil on gesso.

Digital Imagery

U sing tools in Photoshop such as brushes and filters with different blending modes and different
styles of brushes, I was able to transform a photograph of myself into unrealistic distortions.
Learning these new techniques in digital imagery is something that will be useful to me for years to
come, and not to mention enjoyable. There are always new and challenging things to learn in this pro-
gram, and there is never a dull moment when using Photoshop.


This dream like photograph was manipulated using two separate photos, then pulled
together and blended, and also by changing the opacities. The collage of self on the
next page was done using Photoshop filters, and different drop shadows and effects to
get the final look of the piece.

Illustrations & Manipulations

T hese manipulations were done through Photoshop as well. They are all a collage of
some sort of at least two different objects or photographs, to form the illustrations
you see on these two pages. The page on the right was done using 3 dimensional objects
to form this type of illustration. Using a collage of two objects and different blending
techniques, I was able to form this piece and make it unique. I enjoyed doing these proj-
ects and using collages to form art is of my favorite techniques to use.

“Lion” on scratchboard.