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Air-conditioning and

Refrigeration System
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HRD Division

The course outline,

1) Refrigeration
a. Thermodynamics
i. Properties of solids, gases and vapour
ii. Force, work, power, energy calculation
iii. Heat and temperature
iv. Change of phase, Pressure
v. Density, specific volume, and mass flow
vi. Sub-cooling, Super-heating, Evaporator pressure, Condenser pressure.
vii. Compression, Condensation, Expansion, Evaporation
viii. Ambient temperature, Boiling point & Freezing point.
b. Refrigeration system
i. The basic refrigeration cycle
ii. Equipments of refrigeration system
iii. Different types of
1) Compressors.
2) Condensers.
3) Expansion valves.
4) Evaporators
iv. Accessories used in Refrigeration & A/c system.
c. Refrigerants
i. Classification
ii. Ideal properties of primary refrigerant.

Air-conditioning and
Refrigeration System
HRD Division

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iii. Properties of important refrigerants.

iv. Ideal properties of secondary refrigerant.
v. Properties of important secondary refrigerant.
2) Air-conditioning & Ventilation
Psychrometric Chart
i. Definition of Air-conditioning and Ventilation
ii. Dry-Bulb temperature. Wet-Bulb temperature, Relative humidity, Dew point
temperature, Specific volume, Specific humidity, Enthalpy.
iii. Measurement of wet and dry bulb temperature of air
iv. Calculation to determine temperatures of mixtures, mass flow of air, amount of
v. Humidification and Dehumidification
vi. Transfer in cooling, heating, humidification and dehumidification process Using
psychrometric chart. Instruments used in HVAC to measure air velocity, DBT, WBT,
RH etc.
3) Air-conditioning Ventilating system
i. Window units.
ii. Split units.
iii. Package units.
iv. Centralized plants (using Dx Coils).
v. Cold storage/Water cooler /Freezer
vi. All air system
vii. All water system
viii. Air-water system
ix. Heat pump

Air-conditioning and
Refrigeration System
HRD Division

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4) Ventilation

Different types of ventilating system


Different types of fans

5) Chillers
i. Reciprocating chillers
ii. Centrifugal chillers
iii. Screw chillers
iv. Cooling Tower: Counter flow/Cross flow/ Chemical treatment of condensed water
6) Chilled water piping.
i. Pipe materials, type and applicable standards
ii. Components & Accessories
iii. Erection Methods.
iv. Installation checks
v. Testing methods
vi. Materials and relevant standards
vii. Good Practices
viii. Bad practices & affects
ix. After installation checks
7) Ducting System
x. Ducting system, components and accessories
xi. Duct Insulation
xii. Applications

Air-conditioning and
Refrigeration System
HRD Division
xiii. Good practices
xiv. Bad practices & affects
xv. Final checks
8) Selection of HVAC components
a. Cooling load Estimation (Manual)
i. Building survey & Architectural drawing study
ii. Zone & Space concept, Strategy
iii. Type of load & load components
iv. Factors & tables
v. Procedure & practices
Selection of
vi. Compressors
vii. Condensers
viii. Evaporators
ix. Air Handling Units (AHUs)
x. Fan coil units (FCUs)
xi. Expansion devices
xii. Piping system design
b. Ducting system
i. Demonstration of various methods
ii. Advantage and applications
iii. Critical factors and effects

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Air-conditioning and
Refrigeration System
HRD Division

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iv. Static calculation and practices

c. Chiller selection
i. Procedure, practices and performance change due to varying condition
d. Piping system
i. Basic terms & definitions
ii. Type & application Piping system
iii. Pipe sizing methods, economizing factors
iv. Losses calculations and practices
e. Fans and selection
i. Basic terms and definition
ii. Types & working principles
iii. Fans Characteristics curves, Selection methods, Critical duty points
iv. Applications
v. Case studies of wrong selection and affects
9) Electrical system and controls

Electrical Principles and Electrical safety


Motors and motors controls


Identification of Electrical and Electronic components


Principle & operation of Electrical and Electronic controls


Test and adjust various electric controls


Carrying out minor repairs on HVAC controls


Controls used Refrigerant Circuit, Chilled water and Conditioned air circuits