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When I came out of caring f/t for my mum in 2009 I had been in isolation for 7

years. When I came out I sensed the UK had 'changed'. It wasn't the same
country I had temporarily 'left' in 2002 to go as the f/t carer for my mother 'in
I couldn't put a finger on what I was 'sensing' ...until I read this book from the
library. Then everything fell into place... and I began to think of emigrating...
I have written to Melanie Philips; I don't anticipate a reply as I'd imagine she is
far too busy. But I gave her my thoughts from chapter 1. As I progressed through
the book I realised she was echoing those thoughts, feelings, impressions with
facts, information. That was to me frightening. She has the courage to write
about present UK reality. Not the reality I grew up with in the 50s/60s (I'm 60
The reality she writes about began with my generation destroying the Britain my
father's generation had fought for. I was and am ashamed at 'my' generation for
this ongoing process of (self-) destruction. But now my generation of selfdestructive PC MC lefties is tearing a hole in British culture called PC and MC
through which Islam of the Saudi variety is driving a horseless carriage and ...oil
tanker through...
I don't recognise this country she describes so clearly and in detail. It isn't
Britain, Great or otherwise. Its a 'Saudi Islamic oil colony wannabe'... Its almost
as if the British Establishment want to be ruled from Riyadh and pray to Mecca in
return for guaranteed oil at the pumps (they remember 1974...). Will the UK be
Muslim, an Islamic State by 2066, a millennium after a previous successful
invasion in 1066? More than likely as there is No Opposition to this, as she so
clearly points out. The British Establishment are ready to roll on their backs to
Riyadh and on their knees to Mecca. Most Brits simply dont know or, apparently,
care, give a damn. In 1066 the AS and Vikings resisted the Normans and got the
Harrying of the North in return. In 1940 GB resisted Hitler successfully.
Unfortunately, maybe, GB then let in the US culture invasion through the back
door which would prove destructive in other non-military ways Then Soviet
Marxism took hold, followed by Tony Blair and Cultural Marxism. Then Saudi Islam
hitched a ride on that. So very, very sad.
I shall be long gone by the time the UK becomes the Caliphate of Britain. This
book is a treasure trove and an eye opener. Should be read by every European,
not just British person, who treasures their non-Muslim heritage, before we lose it
all to Allah and his prophet Mohammed and his energy-petroleum. I imagine
Saudis believe that Allah gave them the desert to learn humility but petroleum
under it both to test that humility and to give Allah the world. Well they aren't
doing well with the humility-its turning to hubris, but with regard to the world
starting with the UK, they're doing very well. Londonistan says it all. Please 'read,
learn and inwardly digest', as my old science teacher used to say (he was a plain
speaking Yorkshire man) about textbooks essential to our O and A level exams.
This book is essential to the survival of the UK as a European state as we

presently know her. Unfortunately given the spinelessness of the British

Establishment it is more likely a swan song to Our Beloved Country...as was.