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To the Wesleyan Community:

The University withdrew recognition from the Mu Epsilon chapter of Beta Theta Pi in
June of 2005. This action was taken after the members of the organization failed to
satisfy the requirements to remain in our “program housing” system (the primary
connection between Wesleyan and our existing Greek houses) and prohibited
representatives from our office of Public Safety from addressing behavioral and/or safety
concerns on their property. During this same period, the University also became
increasingly concerned by the significant number of underage students who required
hospitalization for severe alcohol intoxication and reported that they had been drinking at
Beta. We hoped that withdrawing formal recognition from Beta would focus attention on
these safety concerns and behavioral issues, and that both the undergraduate and alumni
brothers might agree to work with us toward a more productive relationship and a safer

We have continued to receive reports of illegal and unsafe behavior on the premises, and
our concern for the safety and well-being of Wesleyan students living at the residence or
visiting the house has intensified. Throughout the fall semester, we engaged the
undergraduate and alumni leadership of Beta as well as a representative from Beta’s
national office in an attempt to resolve the behavioral issues and improve the relationship
between the organization and Wesleyan. Unfortunately, Beta has chosen not to enter into
an affiliation agreement with the University and to continue to prohibit Public Safety
from addressing behavioral and/or safety concerns on its property. We believe Beta’s
decision to maintain this stance is clear indication of an intention to continue to violate
University policy and/or local laws.

Consequently, we will be working with City officials to address the safety issues and
problematic behavior at the house. We remind all members of the University community
that Wesleyan does not have a relationship with this privately-owned house. Further, we
advise all Wesleyan students that they should avoid the residence because we cannot
establish the safety of the premises. As has always been the case, individual students
who are documented by Public Safety and/or local authorities for alleged violations of
University policy, at Beta or elsewhere, will be held accountable for those violations via
established judicial procedures.

We hope that our relationship with Beta might improve at some point in the future. Until
then, we remain deeply concerned about the safety of those students who choose to
affiliate with the house or attend events there against our advice.

Rick Culliton, Dean of Students

Dean Mike Whaley, Vice President for Student Affairs