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Nafufill HB

Mineral bond coat

for concrete repair
Product Properties
Short overworking times
Tested, approved and externally supervised according to ZTV-ING TL/TP PCC
Certified in accordance with EN 1504 part 3

Areas of Application
Bond coat for the area of application PCC I - driven-on areas with dynamic load
Bond coat for concrete replacement systems used for repair of new and existing structurs both
interior and exterior
Principle 3; procedure 3.1

Substrate Preparation
The substrate must be clean and free from all
loose particles, dust, oil and other contaminants.
The surface tensile strength must be in compliance with technical guide lines. To achieve sufficient
rough-ness the surface-near aggregates must be
Nafufill HB is added to the prepared water under
constant stirring and mixed until homogenous and
lump-free. Mixing takes 5 minutes. Slowly rotating
mixers must be used.
Mixing Ratio
Please refer to the Technical Data table. For a 20
kg pack of Nafufill HB approx. 3.6 to 3.8 litres of
water are required. As with other cementitious products the quantity of added water may vary.

Before Nafufill HB is applied the substrate must be
pre-wetted. Very absorbent substrates must be
pre-wetted several times. Nafufill HB must be
thoroughly brushed into the slightly moist, nonsaturated substrate. If applied onto horizontal
areas ponding is not permitted and must be avoided. Only apply as much as can be overcoated
fresh-in-fresh. Short-bristled brushes are suitable
for application.
If the time for overworking with coarse mortar has
been exceeded, the respective areas can be coated with Nafufill HB again.
If it is used on floor areas, Nafufill HB can also be
applied with a worm pump with a discharge flow of
< 1 litre per minute. If the bonding coat has been
applied with this method, it is necessary to work it
in subsequently.

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Technical Data for Nafufill HB





Fresh mortar density



Coverage* (dry mortar)



Pot life



at + 5 C
at + 20 C
at + 30 C

Application conditions

5 - 30

air, material and substrate temperature

Mixing ratio

p. b. w.

100 : 18 - 19

Nafufill HB : water

Product Characteristics for Nafufill HB


20 kg bags


Can be stored in cool and dry conditions for at least one year in
original unopened packs.


Packs must be emptied completely.

* The coverage rates depend on the roughness and temperature of the substrate, as well as storageand working-temperature. To determine the coverage for a specific structure we recommend to lay a
sample area.
** All values have been determined in the lab at 23 C and 50 % relative humidity

Note: The information on this data sheet is based on our experiences and correct to the best of our knowledge. It is, however, not binding. It has to
be adjusted to the individual structure, application purpose and especially to local conditions. Our data refers to the accepted engineering rules,
which have to be observed during application. This provided we are liable for the correctness of this data within the scope of our terms and conditions of sale-delivery-and-service. Recommendations of our employees which differ from the data contained in our information sheets are only binding
if given in written form. The accepted engineering rules must be observed at all times.
Edition 11/15. Some technical changes have been made to this print medium. Older editions are invalid and may not be used anymore. If a technically revised new edition is issued, this edition becomes invalid.

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