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About us

Thought Ignitors, conceived by a group of creative minds and initiated by

Jathish Namboothiri, aims at grooming tomorrows Thought Leaders. The
spark with the potential to create a unique product, that would revolutionize
the impartation of creative and innovative skills in people was recognized and
ignited by Late Prof.Ramaswamy, Founder Director of IIM-Bangalore. Right
through the creation of this programme, Jathish Namboothiri was mentored
and guided by Prof. N.S.Ramaswamy and a team of Management Gurus and
Industry Experts.

Our Advisory Panel

Prof: Mathew J Manimala, one of the outstanding
research scholars of modern management, is the
Chairperson - Organizational Behavior & Human
Resources Management, IIM Bangalore and author
of many management books.
Dr. A.V Srinivasan, one of the management experts
of our times is currently, Director at Corporate
Planner Indian Network, Hyderabad, India. He is
the Co-Founder of IIM Indore.

Mr Vinod Jayaraman, is an business consultant and

entrepreneur. He is currently heading an India based
IT organization and providing consultancy to
multiple organizations.
Dr. C.R Mukundan is a leading neuropsychology
scientist and is the first person to publish paper in
ERP, from all over Asia. He has done extensive study
in the area of EI and Cognitive Science and author of
many books about cognition and EI.

What do we do ?
Our Offer

Our Approach Our Promise

We help
organizations to
identify & actualize
opportunities for

We follow Customer
Context Centric approach
to reduce the risk of failure.

We promise you
delivering tangible



Define the

Sense hidden


Ideate &

Execute &




Execute &

opportunities opportunities

Refine the

into business





Realize the

Detailed Program Layout

Day 1




9:00 9:50

Pre-session Assessment

9:50 to 10:00

Creativity & Innovation Introduction

Definition, Process

10:00 to 11:30

Basic Techniques
Mind Maps

For each concept, theory

will follow simple

11:45 13:00

Basic Techniques
Attribute Listing
General Morphology Technique

For each concept, theory

will follows simple

14:00 16:00

Defining Generation / Exploration

Space (Context Maps)
The STEPP Canvas
Creating Context Maps
Context Rings

This session focuses on

introducing and expanding
universal aspects of the
space under consideration
(shall be customized for
the crowd)

16:00 17:30

Context Maps,Context Rings and

journey maps Cntd..
[Sample Project continues ]

STEPP Canvas as a tool for

generative / explorative
/Associative thinking

Detailed Program Layout Contd..

Day 2

Day 3

09:00 11:30

Applying the Techniques

Sales Process

11:45 13:00

Applying the Techniques

Introduces the process of
Innovation as a sense making process generation / innovation
with problem solving

14:00 16:00



16:15 17:00



09:00 11:00
11:15 12:15

Day 4

Generate all possible

contexts and their
corresponding elements
(Sales Contexts)

09:00 11:00
11:15 12:15
12:15 13:15

Discussion & evaluation of the ideas

Idea evaluation
Gathering Feedback from the field.
Post Session Assessment and

Discuss and consolidate the

ideas generated
Plan presentation
Gather input from the field
Refined Plan presentation

Why us ? - here are some factors!!


Faster realization

We follow a highly systematic

We assure faster realization

and holistic process to deliver

of benefits with our rapid

most relevant solutions.

and parallel provotyping


Context Centricity

Simple & Effective

-centric approach to assure

apply and effective for

We follow customer context

100% success.

Our processes are easy to

persuasive designs.

Our areas of focus

Functional areas
Product Innovation

Marketing & Sales Innovation

Service Innovation

Strategic Innovation

Process Innovation

Business Model Innovation

Contact Details
Mr. Jathish Namboothiri
Creativity & Innovation Consultant and Coach
Thought Ignitors Private Limited
Email : jathish.namboothiri@gmail.com
Phone :- +91 9497191690.