Students News
Spring 2010
In this issue:
The new look welfare team
Horizon Volunteering
Hints and tips from
current students
The Coventry University
Chinese Students and
Scholars Association
1 International Students News
Welcome to all new students who have joined the
University this January. For the rest of you I hope that you
had a great holiday and are refreshed and ready to start
the new term.
In this issue we welcome new members to the International
Offce Welfare team – read all about the services they offer
and what they can do to help you.
We also look at volunteering – a great way of helping you
to gain invaluable work experience and improve your CV,
the Student Union and the Chinese Students and
Scholars Association.
Remember that you can also visit the CU Portal, where you
can get lots of helpful information and advice and also view
and share photos from trips.
Please feel free to email me at
if you have any suggestions for the newsletter or would like
to review a trip that will be printed in the next newsletter.
Enjoy the new term, take advantage of the trips on offer,
get involved and create good memories of your time
at Coventry.
Laura Wright
The CUTV channel has lots of information
about Coventry University. Including videos
about news and events, student life, our
applied research and the huge variety of courses we offer to
help you in your future. It also has flms about our vibrant city
and what you can expect from an education at
Coventry University.
CUTV is produced with the help and support of our devoted
students at Coventry University.
Check it out and tell us what you think –
Access it via the home page on the University
web site or directly through
Have a look at Tim Hunt, Regional Manager
Africa and Middle East being interviewed on
Ghana’s breakfast TV show Sunshine:
A word from the editor 2
Keep up to date and
share your experiences
Join the International Facebook Group
The International Offce has its own Facebook site – go and have
a look – share your experiences and see what other international
students have to say.
Have a look at the photos from the recent
FoundationCampus student welcome dinner.
Go and join:
CU on ITunes U
Did you know that Coventry
University has become one of
the few universities in Europe to
distribute multimedia content in
conjunction with Apple’s new
iTunes service, iTunes U.
Access it via the home page on the University web
site or directly through
3 International Students News
The International Welfare team,
located in the student centre helps over
100 international students a week. Take a
look at the services they offer and meet
the team.
Throughout your time at Coventry the welfare team is here to
help you. Whether you just want to chat, have questions about
employment regulations, accommodation, immigration, fnance
or travel, we are here to help.
International Student Support
Got a problem? Want some advice? Not sure who to talk to?
We can help with:
• UK visas and immigration
• Police registration
• Advice working in the UK during and after your studies
• Social programme and trips
• Tuition fees payment plans
• Referral to other support services within the University
• And any other problems that you may have 4
Who are we?
Kavita Cassidy
Senior International Student Adviser
“I lead the Welfare Team at the International
Offce and have worked in the team since
January 2006. I manage the team to ensure
that we work together to assist international
students before their arrival, during their
studies and after they graduate.
I previously worked as an immigration solicitor. My experience
of working in the welfare team and meeting international
students for the last 3 ½ years, has given me a wealth of
knowledge about what an international student needs to have
an exceptional experience of life in the UK during their time at
Coventry University.”
James Moran
International Student Adviser
“My name is James Moran. I have a
background in immigration law and joined
the welfare team at the end of September.
Within my role I help international students
with any problems they may have in regard
to visas, fnance and many other areas.
I studied History and Chinese Studies at the Universities of
Nottingham and Sheffeld and am able to speak a bit of Mandarin
Chinese. Since I started at Coventry I have met many international
students from as far apart as China and Bulgaria and have very
much enjoyed the experience so far!”
Hazel English
International Student Adviser
“I joined the welfare team in the international
offce, as an International Student Adviser
in Oct 2009 and have already gained a
variety of knowledge concerning Coventry’s
international students. As part of this team,
I can help with issues ranging from visas,
fnance, housing or any other problems students might need
to discuss.
I previously worked in the telecoms industry, but went back to
university to take my career in a different direction. At university
I studied History, which included a period of study in Norway.
This experience gave me some knowledge of living and studying
in another country. From this I also spent time working with
American students studying in London, making their stay here as
enjoyable as possible. These experiences set me up to work in
Coventry University’s international offce.”
Laura Wright
International Student Co-ordinator
“I joined the welfare team as the International
Student Co-ordinator in September 2009,
just in time for the September enrolment.
Since this time I have learnt a lot about
Coventry University and its international
students. My job is very varied, which I
really enjoy. I organise the social programme for our international
students which includes day trips to cities around the UK and
wednesday trips to places which are closer to Coventry. In
the next term we will be visiting Edinburgh, Oxford and Alton
Towers to name just a few. Please see the trips booklet for more
information. I also see students about welfare needs relating to
post-study work applications, visa extensions, general queries
and tier 4 visa compliance. I hope that you make the most of your
time in the UK and I hope to see you on one of the trips!”
Contact us:
Visit us: We are based in the Student Centre
5 International Students News
Laura Wright, International Student
Co-ordinator is responsible for pulling
together the packed International Offce
trips programme. The new programme
for trips from February 2010 –
June 2010 is now available.
This will include;
Date Event Price
Saturday 6th February Liverpool £25
Sunday 14th February –
Wednesday 17th February
Edinburgh £150
Saturday 27th February Stonehenge and
Saturday 6th March Bristol £25
Saturday 13th March Gloucester £25
Saturday 20th March Oxford £25
Saturday 24th April Cardiff £30
Saturday 1st May Alton Towers £40
Saturday 22nd May Leeds and Harewood
Saturday 29th May Windsor and Eton £20
Saturday 5th June Brighton £20
There are also free trips on Wednesdays to places within a 50
mile radius of Coventry such as the Worcester, Bicester Shopping
Village and Coombe Abbey Country Park.
The International Offce Social Programme
See more of the UK, experience British culture and meet new friends.
International Office Trips
Feb-June 2010
Alton Towers
“Absolute delight, amazing
experience, Superb!”
London/Lion King Musical
“Interesting, Informative,
Cold, Fun, Worth it!”
“Loved the London Eye”
reat place, great tour” Bath
“The Lion King was
“Lovely old buildings,
good guided city tour”
Clifton Bridge
Look out for the new
trips booklet.
Write your own review
Have you recently been on a trip and would like to write a
review or send some advice to new students who have never
been on one before? Email Laura,
with your review and we will publish them in the next newsletter. 6
On the behalf of CUCSA I would like to deliver my warm welcome
and faithful friendliness to those international students who come
from China.
First, I want to give all of you a brief introduction about CUCSA.
As I implied above, it is funded by the senior Chinese international
students and scholars. It is a sort of non-governmental,
non-proftable, non-political and non-religious organisation with
the aim of helping those students who have the diffculties in
aspects of life here at Coventry.
We also make a feature of organising various fascinating Chinese
type activities and parties to make more and more Chinese
background students get together. This will include day trips
to places around the UK, meetings and social gatherings to
celebrate together Chinese New Year and other signifcant dates
in the Chinese calendar.
We have also set up our own offcial website for providing the
free-membership internet community to the student who wants to
know more about us and fnds an easy way to make new friends.
In there you could fnd out a mountain of interesting topics and
useful information. Go and have a look and see what you think
Introducing the Coventry University Chinese Students
and Scholars Association, CUCSA
Qin Weng (Kevin) from the School of Art and Design a MA CCM (Culture,
Communication and Media) student, explains what CUCSA is and how they aim
to help Chinese students.
Additionally, our team is looking for enthusiastic and reliable
people to join us for developing the whole society. No matter
whom you are, what course you are doing, we welcome you to
come to meet us and have a little talk.
If you would like to fnd out more visit the website or
email Kevin at
7 International Students News
ints and Tips
Managing Your Money
1. Open a bank account as soon as possible after arriving. To open an account, you will need:
• A letter from the University confrming that you are enrolled on a course here. This letter is available
on request from Student Centre Reception
• Your passport
• Evidence of your address overseas e.g. your offer letter
• Evidence of your address in Coventry e.g. a letter from accommodation offce, tenancy agreement
• Your university identity card
2. Allow plenty of time for transferring money from your country to your account here.
3. Don’t walk around the city with large amounts of cash on you.
4. Always check and keep your bank statements.
5. All fees must be paid on time to the Finance Offce.
6. If you run into diffculties, you must come and see the International Offce immediately.
A piece of advice for new students starting this January:
“It is going to be very cold when you people will come, so please bring warm clothes with you.
You might also feel a little depressed and down due to climatic conditions in the weather at that
time because it gets dark very early. You might also feel lonely and isolated. Do not hesitate to
talk to any of the staff members or IO people as they are very helpful in such situations.

Try and make as many friends so you are never alone :) and start you studies with a bang!!!!”
Pulakit Pathak from India
MSc Automotive Engineering
Favourite place to eat: Indian - Stoney Stanton Social Club, Coventry,
Chinese - Noodle Bar, City Centre, Coventry
Lebanese - Fairuz (K2), Coventry
Favourite food: Indian, Italian, Lebanese
Best place to meet up with friends: Phoenix Club near University, Club 54
Top 5 things to do in Coventry:
1. Pubs (Varsity, Phoenix etc)
2. Clubs (Lava, JJ’s, Kasba, Demand etc)
3. Restaurants (Indian, Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, Chinese etc)
4. University Library
5. Various surrounding places like Leamington Spa, Stratford-upon-Avon,
Birmingham etc
Can I get a letter inviting someone
to visit me in the UK?
Yes – come to the Student Centre. We can
do a letter to invite your parents/friends to visit
you in the UK. You will need to fll in a form
with the name of your guest as it is written
on their passport, their passport number and
their relationship to you. We need at least 3
working days to produce letters. 8
Can I work in the UK?
Yes but you must NEVER exceed more
than 20 hours if you are on a student visa.
If you do, when you come to renew your
visa your application could be rejected.
You should obtain a National Insurance
Number when you take up employment.
To obtain a NINO you should telephone the
Contributions Agency at Cofa Court on
024 7623 2200.
Diana Stefanescu from Romania
BA Communication, Culture and Media
Favourite place to eat: Wetherspoons
Favourite food: Chicken BBQ
Best place to meet up with friends: Phoenix (also known as the Campbell -
you’ll hear the 3rd year students or locals calling it that)
Top 5 things to do in Coventry:
1. Go to open mic nights...there is one almost every night in different pubs
2. Go for a walk in the memorial park
3. Look out for posters and fyers about performing arts student shows.

Always so interesting (they usually take place in Ellen Terry)
4. Go to the Transport Museum and Herbert Media and Arts Museum
5. Go for a walk at Cathedral square, behind the Cathedral and at Transport
Museum at sights you can see
Qin Weng (known as Kevin), from China
Favourite place to eat: Cosmo (various types of buffet)
China Express (Authentic Chinese dishes)
Favourite food: Filet Fish in hot chilli oil
Best place to meet up with friends: Lava (really popular club in Coventry)
and Starbucks (world famous coffee bar)
Top 5 things to do in Coventry: 1. Visit the historical cathedral 2. Visit the transport museum 3. Visit the Herbert gallery
4. Go shopping around the city centre
5. Go clubbing with friends
A piece of advice for new students starting this January:
“Coventry is a vibrant city full of historical relics. You can fnd out dozens of interesting stuff
which you probably haven’t seen before, such as the medieval architecture. Moreover,
Coventry also has really convenient transportation for easily accessing the other big cities like
Birmingham. You can also explore the multi-cultural elements in this city. Be free to join in any
cultural background group to broaden your horizon. Coventry is a good choice for you to start
the journey in the UK. Coventry University is an extraordinary place to lead you to the way of
success. Hope you all enjoy the life at Coventry.”
A piece of advice for new students starting this January:
“Socialise as much as you can, make the most of your university experience
but don’t forget about the main reason you came here, which is to learn.
Also, don’t forget some winter gets quite chilly here.”
9 International Students News
The Schengen Visa allows you to visit the following
24 countries:
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,
Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland,
Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The
Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia,
Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.
What kind of Schengen Visa would I need?
There are four types of Schengen Visas, you should think
carefully about which one would be most suitable for the trip
you are making;
• Short stay or travel visa: This allows a visit of up to three
months in a six month period. This is the most popular type
of visa and can be used for tourist visits to one of the 15
‘Schengen countries’.
• Multiple entry visas: This allows you to travel to any
Schengen country more than once in a three month period.
So for example during the summer you could visit Norway
for a week, come back to Coventry for a week then travel to
Portugal for the next week using the same visa.
• Airport transit visa: This allows you to transit through the
transit area of the Schengen country airport, but not to leave
the airport.
• Transit visa: This allows you to travel through a Schengen
country on your way to another country outside the
Schengen space.
Schengen Visa
If you’re studying in the UK and wish to take the opportunity to see more of
Europe while you’re here, you will need a ‘Schengen Visa’.
Where to apply:
Schengen Visas can be obtained from the Embassies of the
Schengen country in the UK. However, you should use the
following guidelines when deciding which embassy to apply from;
• If you are only applying to visit one Schengen country you
should apply at that Schengen country’s embassy.
• If you are going to visit a number of countries you should apply
at the Embassy of the country in which you are going to spend
the most of your time.
• If you are going to visit a number of countries for the same
amount of time, you should apply at the Embassy of the
country which you are going to enter frst.
How to apply:
Each of the Schengen countries has its own website and
details of how to apply for a Schengen Visa are supplied on
each website.
Applications should be made several weeks before you are
hoping to travel so that you avoid any disappointment. You must
also make sure that you have plenty of stay left in the UK; some
countries require that you have up to six months remaining.
To apply you will need to complete the correct application form
and also submit the following documents:
• Passport photographs: The number of photographs the
embassy requires varies.
• Original passport: Copies will not be accepted.
• Proof of reason for visit: For example a letter from a friend
inviting you to stay, an invitation to a conference, or proof of
accommodation booking if it is for a tourist visit. 10
• Proof of return to the UK: To show that you intend to return
to the UK. If you do not want to purchase tickets prior to
obtaining a visa you can show that you have made enquiries
about the kind of travel ticket you hope to obtain.
• Evidence of funds: This is as proof that you can support
yourself during your visit, bank statements and wage slips can
be submitted as evidence.
• Evidence of student status: You can obtain a letter from the
International Offce at the Student Centre.
• Medical insurance: This must cover the entirety of the trip.
Please visit us at the International Offce for more details
bout this.
• Visa fee: The fee varies from Embassy to Embassy but is
generally from £25.00 to £35.00. Most Embassies only accept
cash and the amount will not be refunded if the application
is Unsuccessful.
If you decide to post your application you should ideally post
it by ‘Special Delivery’, ensuring safe delivery of your passport
and other important documents. You can also enclose a prepaid
Special Delivery envelope so that the Embassy returns your
document to you in the same way.
How long will it take to get my visa?
The length of time it takes for a decision to be made depends a
lot on which Embassy you are applying to. Some decisions are
made within 48 hours, others take several weeks.
11 International Students News
Run on behalf of all students the
Students’ Union helps to provide a lot of
the social life associated with University
as well as student representation and
support. We take a look at what they offer.
Sports and Social Clubs
The Students’ Union has over 80 sports and societies which cover
all areas from sport, to religion, politics and culture. There are a
wide range of societies currently up and running from traditional
sports such as Football and Rugby to non-traditional sports such
as Cheerleading and Mountaineering. They also offer religious and
cultural based societies such as Islamic, African Caribbean and
Christian Union.
We have several societies specifcally for international
students at Coventry including:
African Students:
Somali Students:
African Caribbean:
Brothers President -
Sisters President -
Meet your Students’ Union
If you would like to fnd out more or join or set
up your own society email Steve McCarthy
the Vice President Student Activities on
Student Media
‘The Source’ is a monthly newspaper produced by the Union
informing students of important student news and forthcoming
events. It is available from the Students’ Union and various places
around campus and in Halls of Residence. The Source is written
by students and they are always looking for contributions. If you
are interested in writing for the newspaper, getting involved in the
student radio station, Source Radio 1431AM or the student flm
society CUTV then contact the Vice President Communications,
Dez Cutchey, at
The Students’ Union Priory Street also hosts a cyber cafe, a
snack and coffee shop, the Sisters Prayer Room, meeting rooms
you can book, a rehearsal room for musicians, sports facilities for
fve a side football and volleyball, and a shop with a newsagents.
At FiftyFour (Cox Street) the Students’ Union puts on live bands,
dance nights, indie nights, discos and special events.
Students’ Union Advice Centre (SUAC)
SUAC is open Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm. It is
located on the frst foor of the SU building in Priory Street. They
offer a free, confdential advice service. You can go there if you
have any sort of problem including housing, legal or educational
problems. If you have any problems or complaints with any part
of the University (staff or students) SUAC can offer advice and
represent you if you need it.
SUAC offers appointments and has drop in sessions Monday
– Friday during term time between 12:00pm and 12:45pm.
Closed on Wednesdays. To make an appointment, or for more
information about SUAC please telephone: 024 7679 5200 or
NUS Extra Card
The Students’ Union can offer you an NUS Extra card. This is
packed with discounts for many high street and online retailers,
entertainment and much more. The card costs £10 and you can
buy this during the frst two weeks of term in SU Priory Street or
anytime online at
Also as a new addition to the card you can also add on an
International Student Identity Card for £1 offering even
more discounts!
The Students’ Union is also here to represent students on their
needs at University. Any student can get involved through the
Course and Halls Representative System, and the various roles
that make up the Union Council, which is the highest decision
making body in the Union.
Upcoming events at your
Students’ Union...
The Students’ Union will be hosting a wide variety of
events throughout the whole year. FiftyFour the only
student only venue in Coventry that has regular events
for all students to attend. These include:
Mondays – Happy Mondays – karaoke night
Tuesday – Skint! The £5 deal!
Thursdays – Big Quiz and Pool Competition
Fridays – Flirt! The big club night
We also hold regular Detox Acoustic Café events and
other special events throughout the year. For full details
check out
CUSU is a campaigning Union and we have the
following campaigns coming up for you to get
involved with…
January – Anti bullying, Fair Trade Fortnight
February – LGBT History month, Go Green Week,
Assessment Awareness Campaign, Housing Campaign
March – Hate Crime, Domestic Violence
For more information email:
Becky Hill
Vice President Academic Affairs
Tel: 024 7679 5203
Becky is responsible for representing all students on
education related issues, both within the University
through the Course Representative System and
on the national scale, ensuring that all students are
happy with the quality of their education.
Liah Maccallam
Vice President Welfare
Tel: 024 7679 5290
Liah is here to voice the concerns of students and
campaigns on your behalf. She promotes the Student
Union Advice Centre, Volunteering and Hate Crime
Reporting Centre. She also deals with Security and
Halls issues that affect you. She aims to promote
equality, diversity and wellbeing on campus.
Rob Wilson
Tel: 024 7679 5291
Rob is in charge of the Students’ Union’s
democracy, staff and commercial services but most
importantly he‘s here to make sure all students are
listened to and your Union is active, diverse and of
course fun.
Dez Cutchey
Vice President Communications
Tel: 024 7679 5289
Dez’s job is to make sure that all students know
what is going on through all of the Students’ Union
media which includes The Source newspaper,
Source Radio, and poster displays.
Steve McCarthy
Vice President Student Activities
Tel: 024 7679 5218
Steve is responsible for ensuring that Sports and Societies are run effectively and safely and to organise trips and activities for students. His job is
to increase participation levels across all student activities and to oversee the start up of new ones. 12
13 International Students News
Front row: Ashiver Ikongo – Volunteer, Zoib Zhan – Volunteer,
Lord Mayor, Oyinlola Akinde – Volunteer, Fran Brosnan – Horizon
Volunteering, Becky Hill – Volunteer

Back row: Emma Jackson – Volunteer, Perrine Soler – Volunteer,
Pierre Naudion – Volunteer, Tim Beer – Horizon Volunteering,
Corinne Gordon – Horizon Volunteering, Phil Dunn – Coventry
City Council,
Donald Pennington – Coventry University, Chloe Morton –
Horizon Volunteering is the volunteering department at Coventry
University Students’ Union. Our job is to help you to gain
invaluable work experience, develop key transferable skills and
improve your CV through volunteering in the local community.
How can we help?
We have links with hundreds community organisations, charities
and schools, offering hundreds of exciting and high quality
volunteering opportunities. We are here to help you to make the
most of your volunteering experience by offering information,
advice, guidance and support. We also offer ‘Induction Sessions’
and ‘Schools Volunteering Training’ to fully prepare you for your
volunteering and help you to make the most of your experience.
Why volunteer?
As an international student you will fnd that volunteering is a
great way to learn more about the new community that you are
living in. It also gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, meet
likeminded people and make a valuable contribution to the local
community. It means that when you’re asked what life is like in
England, you can speak not only of your experiences as students,
but also as citizens of Coventry.
What type of volunteering can I do?
Our opportunities are split into various categories such as; health,
older people, education, campaigns, fundraising, support and
advice, sport, children and young people, culture and media,
business, IT, environment and conservation.
Volunteering can be fexible and the time you choose to commit is
up to you, because whether you volunteer each week or just once
a year, your contribution will make a positive difference to yourself
and the community.
All of the projects we offer are an excellent way to develop your
English language skills or to share your language with others to
beneft communities locally and across the globe. For example,
you could volunteer at Coventry Refugee Centre as an interpreter
to help refugees and asylum seekers in the Coventry area. You
could volunteer at Thare Machi Education to translate English
lesson scripts into the languages of overseas partners to create
interactive learning DVD’s which convey vital heath messages.
The DVD’s are then shipped overseas with portable DVD players.
Or, you could help pupils new to the UK from the same country as
you, settle into school and support them with their work.
The choice is truly yours and whatever your skills and interests
are, we’ll have something to suit you!
How to get involved?
You will need to register on-line with Horizon Volunteering online
at: or visit the Horizon Volunteering
offce located on the top foor of Priory Street Students’ Union.
Opening hours are Tuesday to Thursday 10am – 4pm,
Fridays 11am – 4pm.
How to contact us?
Phone: 02476 79 5210
Facebook: www.cusu/horizonfacebook
Horizon Volunteering
A great way to develop invaluable work experience and engage with the
local community. 14
Student Volunteering Week 2010
(22nd - 28th February 2010)
This is a whole week of one-off volunteering
opportunities and events for you to take part in. Last
year a range of activities took place including, volunteer
taster sessions such as Paint a Playground project
at a local Primary School, Conservation project with
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust at a nature reserve, a Pizza
Party social event, Wear Red Day fundraising event for
British Heart Foundation and much more!
The week is ended with the annual ‘Big Challenge’
event which is a day of volunteering in conjunction
with Warwick Volunteers. Over 100 volunteers come
together to make a difference to many different projects
across the city.
Get involved –
for more information.
Oyinlola Akinde - One of Oyinlola’s main work experience
placements was at the Coventry Refugee Centre where she
supported asylum seekers and refugees, ensuring they gained
the support and benefts that they were entitled to. When asked
why others should volunteer Oyinlola commented that, “As an
International Student I have realised that there is no barrier,
nothing stopping you, bringing your best (talent or ability) out.
Every International student must make sure that their prospective
University has a Volunteering provision (Like Horizon Volunteering)
because volunteering brings the best out of you.”
Perrine Soler - Set up and ran French language and cultural
classes at Stoke Heath Primary School in Coventry. She
encouraged a friend to help her with some of the classroom
activities which proved a great success. Their impact at the
school was huge and the deputy head teacher of the school,
Pam Timms, commented that Perrine and Pierre were
“Two of the best volunteers we’ve ever had at this school”.
Perrine, who was able to develop her English language, and her
general communication skills, confdence and time management,
really enjoyed her time at the school and refected on her
favourite memories from her placement. “My favourite moment
was when children and I played games that I had prepared. It
was great to see children really enjoy playing and making lots of
efforts to speak French. We took such pleasure from doing the
activities with them and the children did too. When we were in the
classroom, we went back to our childhood!”
Fo: ¬o:o |·¦o:¬at|o·. co·tact Jo|· |a|:. | / 07785 378I56
14 January 2010
Cars, cars, cars...
Mike VaIente
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15 January
Via video Iink
ÞIan Pusbridger
Editor-in-Chief, The Guardian/Observer
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21 January
Don`t Make Me Laugh
Jon PIouman
The OfÞce, Vicar of Dibley, Ab Fab
I¯.ÖÖ / LTC34
22 January
Lif on the 7eIIy
Peter Ogden
X Factor
I3.ÖÖ / LTC34
28 January
$porting Conversation
Jim uhite
Columnist, Daily Telegraph
I3.ÖÖ / LTC34
29 January
$nack, CrackIe and Pop
Peter Hugh
Ex-director of programmes at GMTV
I3.ÖÖ / LTC34
5 February
Doun at Meercat Manor
Vyv $impson
ÞnimaI PIanet
I3.ÖÖ / LTC34
11 February
46 years on tv and they hand you a
maroon tie
Peter $issons
Ex BBC/ITC News Presenter
I3.ÖÖ / LTC34
12 February
Chris NathanieI
Managing Rio Ferdinand and others
I3.ÖÖ / LTC34
17 February
Hou I urite (Cov Lit Fest)
Þmanda $myth/Mez Packer
Local authors
I3.ÖÖ / LTC34
18 February
Hou I urite
Þndreu Davies
I3.ÖÖ / LTC34
24 February
Hou I urite
Nick uaIker
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25 February
¬o¬|o: T|oat:o
25 February
Þ Different Vieu of Neus
$tephen CoIe
Al Zazeera English
26 February
My Vision for the Future in Coventry
Jana ßennett
BBC Director of Vision
I3.ÖÖ / LTC34
4 March
Prof Jon $nou
Channel 4 News
I3.ÖÖ / ¬o¬|o: T|oat:o
5 March
GoogIe Us for the Future
Peter ßarron
Head PR Google North and Central Europe
I3.ÖÖ / LTC34
11 March
Neus on the Internet, Past, Present
and Future
Mike $martt
Inventor of BBC News Online
I4.ÖÖ / LTC34
15 March
Made in Coventry: 7he Making of Nativity
Kevin Marsh
BBC College of Journalism
I3.ÖÖ / LTC34
18 March
Logos and more...
Martin Lambie-Nairn
Series Producer BBC
I3.ÖÖ / LTC34
26 November
My Neu Manor
David ßrookes
Editor Birmingham Mail, Birmingham Post
and more...
I3.ÖÖ / LTC34
$PPI NG $EÞ$ON 20I 0
One hour of taIk uith media movers and shakers
staged in and around Coventry $chooI of Þrt & Design
"7he best speaker programme in any ßritish University¨
÷ Professor Pichard KeebIe
With thanks to Camelot plc and the Vice Chancellor and the Pro-Vice Chancellor 07/08 Logo and poster:
$7ILL 7O ßE $CHEDULED Pobert Peston, ßßC Þndy Kershau 7ßßC7 PhiIIyda 'Mamma Mia`
Loyd $imon '$Iumdog MiIIionaire` ßeaufoys Patrick Younge ßßC
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