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Translate the following sentences into English using passive forms:

1) El cuadro fue enseñado a todos los invitados.

2) Se le está dando de comer (feed).

3) El tesoro se escondió en una cueva (cave).

4) El libro estaba siendo revisado (revise) cuando le llamé.

5) El dictador ha sido asesinado (assassinated).

6) El postre había sido alabado (to praise) por todos.

7) La casa habrá sido vendida dentro de un año.

8) El clima va a ser alterado con tanta contaminación (pollution).

9) El edificio puede que sea derribado (pulled down).

10) Se espera que llegue a las 9.

11) Se dice que son muy ricos.

12) Se informó (report) que los ladrones han robado 10.000$.

13) Me gusta que me den regalos (passive –ing).

14) Me prometieron un ascenso (promotion)

15) Me dieron todo el dinero.

16) Me enviaron una tarjeta muy bonita.

17) Me ofrecieron un trabajo muy interesante.

18) Cuando era joven, me enseñaron a no ser maleducado (rude).

19) Se les pagó una fortuna por el yate (yatch).

20) Se supone que tienes que dar un discurso (make a speech).

Translate the following sentences into English using passive forms:

1) The picture was shown to all the guests. All the guests were shown the picture.

2) They are being fed.

3) The treasure was hidden in a cave.

4) The book was being revised when I phoned him.

5) The dictator has been assassinated.

6) The desert had been praised by everyone.

7) The house will have been sold in a year.

8) Climate is going to be altered with so much pollution.

9) The building may be pulled down.

10) He is expected to arrive at 9.

11) They are said to be very rich.

12) It was reported that the thieves have stollen 10.000$.

13) I like being given gifts/presents.

14) I was promised a promotion.

15) I was given all the money.

16) I was sent a very nice card/a beautiful card.

17) I was offered a very interesting job.

18) When I was young I was taught not to be rude.

19) They were paid a fortune for the yatch.

20) You are supposed to make a speech.

Rewrite each sentence so that it ends with the words underlined.

b) Our complaint is being dealt with.
c) Not all the missing passengers have been accounted for.
d) The lock of the front door had been tampered with.
e) We do not know how the body was disposed of.
f) I must insist that the rules must be kept to.
g) This allegation is being looked into.
h) Any attempts to cheat in the exam will be frowned upon.
i) The youngest student complained (that) he was being picked on.
j) In her husband’s will Ann was well provided for.

Complete each sentence with a suitable preposition

b) in
c) in
d) with
e) by
f) by
g) with
h) in
i) with