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in memory of Paolo Buzzonetti, BCG Alumnus

ART. 1
The Boston Consulting Group gives notice of a competition for the awarding of 1 scholarship worth 48,000 Euro, in
memory of Mr Paolo Buzzonetti, available to applicants to the Master of Business Administration Program 2016/2017
organized and promoted by SDA Bocconi School of Management.

ART. 2
Only candidates with the following pre-requisites are eligible to apply for the awarding of the scholarship announced in
this competition:
- Degree obtained with top grades in due time
- At least 3 years working experience
- Fluency in English and in one of the following languages: Italian, Greek, Turkish
- International experience is a plus
ART. 3
The Scholarship Application Forms must reach the Admissions Office of SDA Bocconi, Masters Division at the
following email address: admissions@sdabocconi.it, within May 16th, 2016.

ART. 4
Consideration will be given only to applicants who have submitted a regular Application for Admission to the MBA
2016/2017 Course together with the required documentation.
To be eligible for the scholarship candidates must have obtained admission to the MBA 2016/2017 Program.

ART. 5
The judging panel will be made up of members appointed by The Boston Consulting Group and members appointed by
SDA Bocconi. The following criteria will be used in judging the applications:
- analysis of academic and professional record;
- results of MBA course selection tests
- results of any interviews held by The Boston Consulting Group.

ART. 6

The panels decision will be considered final. The assignment of the scholarship will be formally notified to the
beneficiary by the Commission through an assignment letter, no later than the starting date of the 2016/17 MBA.
Failure to accept the scholarship, as well as failure to enroll in the MBA Full Time 2016/2017 Program by the date
stated in the notification letter, would determine the loss of the scholarship.

ART. 7
Tenure of the scholarship will be for the duration of the Course and disbursement of the same, subject to the carrying
out during the Course of an Individual Project at The Boston Consulting Group as envisaged by the MBA Program,
will be effected by The Boston Consulting Group at the conditions provided by The Boston Consulting Group in
accordance with the dates of the instalments of the tuition fees for the Course. Tenure of the scholarship is subject to
the regular completion of the 2016/17 MBA program.

ART. 8
Tenure of the scholarship does not constitute any form of subordinated employment by The Boston Consulting Group
and excludes social security and welfare contributions of any kind. The stated amount of the scholarship shall be
intended gross of taxes, if any is due, under the current Italian or the winners residency country tax laws.

ART. 9
The scholarship cannot be accumulated with any other post-graduate/specialization scholarship, award or financial
support granted by companies or private and public bodies. The winners must self-certify the absence of the abovementioned accumulation.

ART. 10
Application for the scholarship announced in this competition involves full acceptance of the herein conditions.

Milano, February 9th 2016