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͟What?!͟ Smith stared wide eyed at Julie in shock, his jaw hitting the floor. My eyes grew big as well,
and I looked at the twins for answers, but they didn͛t even glance into my direction. Their icy glares
were pointed towards Smith, and when you looked at them, it almost seemed impossible that they
one second ago had made sarcastic remarks and joked with the rest of us. Alice and Edward tensed
beside me, and Edward frowned.

͞You know exactly what I͛m talking about!͟ Julie spat at him, her anger rising each second. ͞The last
month we͛ve found 4 dead bodies drained of blood around Forks, and 7 people have gone missing.͟
Smith stared at her like she was speaking a different language, and after a few seconds, he

͞I don͛t know what you͛re talking about; I have nothing to do with this! You know I don͛t hunt
humans, I only survive on animals!͟ he yelled back at her, his futures showing anger twisted with
confusion. ͞And besides, even if it had been me who killed those humans, it would͛ve shown. My
eyes would͛ve changed color to red instead of yellow, you know that! And it takes at least a week for
the original color to get back.͟

Julie frowned disapprovingly at him, clearly not believing what he just had said. She began to said
something back, and so did the twins, but I didn͛t listen because right at that moment, Edward
stretched his hand behind me to pat Alice͛s shoulder.

͞I don͛t know, we can always ask.͟ He said in a soothing tone that in the same time sounded a little
stiff. I looked at Alice, and gasped at what I saw. Tears had begun to roll down her cheeks, and her
face wore a heartbroken expression.

͞Alice! What͛s wrong?!͟ I asked, almost yelled, which made the other conversation in the room to
quiet down. Alice͛s body shook from her soundless sobs, and I immediately turned and started to pat
her soothingly as Edward had.

Suddenly, her sobs erupted, and she swiftly looked up at Smith in a glare. ͞_ !͟ she yelled in her
tiny voice, making Smith stiffen in his seat. The anger and sorrow in her voice and expression was
clear and a jolt of pain shot through my body as I saw my best friend in this condition. ͞You we͛re the
one who made them go missing! They wouldn͛t just disappear without a notice! You killed them!͟
she screamed at him, tears flowing down her cheeks from her glaring eyes. Smith frowned in
confusion at her, not understanding what she was talking about.

͞You killed Liz and Mia!͟ Once her words were out, I gasped in horror, and turned my eyes to Smith.
He looked confused, but there was something else there, hiding beneath the surface. Julie͛s eyes
became wide with shock and she leaned forward in the sofa.

͞When did they go missing Alice?͟ She asked in an almost sad voice, the burning curiosity hiding
beneath it.

͞La-Last Sunday...͟ She stammered, having a hard time to keep it together. When I heard that, I
narrowed my eyes. I remembered the happening between me, Smith and Jake͙












That happened this Saturday͙ Did he really do it?! To admit it, I don͛t want to believe it. I want to
believe that Liz and Mia went to Seattle to have some fun for a week, and then they͛d come home
again͙ But killed? Alice just said that they were missing, that they had run away from home. And
Smith͙he  I would regret it, but when I met him that Monday, he didn͛t do anything͙Does that
mean that he actually͙?

͞You bastard͙͟ I muttered, tears beginning to fill my eyes. Smith͛s eyes turned to me, and his
expression was utterly heartbroken.

͞Bella, what´s wrong? Are you hurt anywhe-͞

͞Why did you do this?! You said that  was going to regret it, but why did you take it out on Alice͛s
friends?!?! Why didn͛t you punish me instead of them?!͟ I cried, feeling how the tears ran down my
cheeks. Edward put his arm around me soothingly, hushing me from starting bawling right there, but
the sadness and anger didn͛t disappear. Jake, who had been all cheerful and relaxed before, now sat
tensed in his teas, shaking with anger.

͞What are you talking about, Bella? I haven͛t killed someone in at least 50 years! These people that
you speak of; I͛ve never heard of them!͟ He exclaimed desperately, and looked at the skeptical Julie
with panicking eyes. She ignored him, and looked at me instead.

͞Can you please explain what you are talking about?͟ She said in that calm but firm voice, and I took
a deep breath so I could speak, wiping away my tears with my hands.

͞This Saturday, Edward and I went on a date. Smith͙ he followed us, and didn͛t like that we had. We
talked together later that night, and when I said that I loved Edward, he became angry. So angry I
thought I was going to get killed, but luckily for me, Jake came in the very last minute. Smith left with
saying: _       
 I didn͛t see or hear anything from him the rest of the weekend.͟ I
explained in a quiet voice, looking down at my hands. Alice had grabbed my hand as I talked, and
now gripped it firmly in her tiny little hands.

͞Are you out of your mind?!͟ Rick asked with disgust in his voice, glaring at the shocked vampire in
the sofa. His brother mimicked his brother, and did the same. I͛ve actually never seen them so angry.
Both of them looked like they were ready to kill at any moment now. Their eyes burned with the
feverish anger they held inside, and their normally liquid blue eyes became hard like stone.

͞I swear I didn͛t-͞Smith began to say, but Mick interrupted the beginning his little speech, hissing his

͞I think Aro will be 

 when he hears this.͟ There was no kindness in his voice as he spoke
͞Yes, delighted indee-͞Rick began, but Julie curtly hushed him quiet.

͞Enough!͟ she shot a glare at her sons. ͞Be quiet! Aro will hear of this, I assure you all he will, but I
will only inform him information I know is true.͟ She turned her eyes to Smith, and her expression
became cold as the winter. ͞Did you or did you not say those things to Miss Swan?͟ she asked him

͞Yes, but-͞

͞Alright, so you confess that you openly threatened her?͟ She interrupted him curtly.

͞You could say that, but-͞he tried to speak again, but she kept on going.

͞Did you mean what you said? That you were going to do something to her later as a revenge for her-
Smith suddenly let out a furious growl, which made Julie stop talking instantly. Alice tensed beside
me, and Edward tightened his grip on me.

?!͟ He hissed in a low and dangerous tone, which sent shivers down my spine.
The room became deadly quiet, and the only thing you could hear was the sound of our hearts,
beating fast in our chests, and our low, rasping breaths.

͞I   kill those girls. I did follow her and that boy,͟ He said, shooting Edward a glare, and then
looked back at Julie. ͞And I did threaten her if you may call it that, but I haven͛t killed    . After
I had said that stupid thing, I ran north and thought of how stupid I had acted!͟ he said, and then
looked at Edward again, but this time it wasn͛t a glare.

͞You can read my mind, can͛t you? You can see through my mind what I did after that! I haven͛t
killed anyone!͟He repeated, and looked helplessly at Edward. Julie narrowed her eyes, and raised
one eyebrow skeptically.

͞What do you see, Edward?͟ she asked him, and he sighed.

͞His thoughts are as he says, but that doesn͛t mean they͛re true.͟He said which made Mr. Smith hiss,
but Julie shushed him and gestured for Edward to continue. ͞You can always make up things with
your mind, everything you think aren͛t always true. I only read thoughts; I can͛t judge what͛s true or
false.͟ He continued, and Julie nodded her head slowly as she listened to him.

͞Maybe we could give Maggie a call͙͟ Rick murmured, but his mother scoffed.

͞That woman wouldn͛t come here for such a trivial matter.͟ She said dismissingly, and then sighed. ͞I
can͛t report that Smith has anything to do with your friends disappearing, I͛m sorry. There just isn͛t
enough evidence to prove that he did it.͟ She apologized to Alice, who stared back at her

͞But͙but they couldn͛t have run away by themselves, it just doesn͛t suit their personalities at all!
They wouldn͛t leave me here alone without saying a word, without saying goodbye͙͟ She trailed off,
and then threw her tiny arms around me and cried against my shoulder.

͞What?! Mom, you can͛t do-͞Rick and Mick began to babble together in protest, but Julie interrupted
them both.
͞Yes, I  .͟ She sighed deeply, and then looked up at Smith seriously. ͞Do you have any idea what
could͛ve happened to those girls??͟

Smith shook his head. ͞No, I have no clue. Surely, they͛ve just run away together. To immediately
think that they͛ve gotten killed is just absurd.͟ He said in a serious tone, and I felt how Alice slightly
tensed, but she didn͛t utter a word. She just continued to cry like there was no tomorrow, and I
slowly patted her back like a mother comforting her child when it has tumbled and fallen to the

Julie looked from my face to Alice, her lips in a tight line and her eyes slightly narrowed. Then she
shook her head and sighed.

͞Edward, Bella, Alice; it was a pleasure having you here, but I think it͛s time for you to go now.͟ She
said in a nice tone, and gave me a halfhearted smile. I stared at her in confusion, not believing her
words. Leave? But we hadn͛t heard anything from Smith yet, and we hadn͛t even started to discuss
anything about those dead bodies! If Smith told the truth when he said that he didn͛t have anything
to do with those dead bodies, it meant that another vampire was here, or we had a mentally
disturbed murderer on our hands. Either way, we had to talk about it.

͞What?͟ I exclaimed in confusion and slightly rage, and was just about to rant about all the reasons
why we should stay, Edward removed his arm around me, and rose from his seat.

͞Thanks for having us; it was really nice of you to let us participate.͟ He said in a calm, polite voice,
gave her a small smile. Then he turned to me, and stretched out a hand towards me.

͞Come on Bella, it͛s time for us to go.͟ He said, but this time I noticed something beneath the calm
façade. Desperation showed in his deep green eyes but his face was serious.

͞Ah͙Alright.͟ I said, and began to stand up, bringing Alice with me as I did. She rose too on her shaky
legs and then let go of me to wipe her eyes, but new tears kept coming so she gave up, and just
dropped her hands to her sides.

͞Sarah can show you to the door.͟ Julie said, and then called after her maid. The young woman
appeared in the door and she looked at Julie with curious eyes. Her features reminded me of a child,
and when she spoke her voice was very light and childish. She spoke fast in a low tone and Julie
nodded, and then replied swiftly to her, still in French. Then she turned her head to us, and gave us a
small smile.

͞Goodbye now, I hope you got some of the information you wanted.͟ She said, and I nodded slightly.

͞Bye.͟ I shortly replied, and then followed Edward to the door.

͞Please visit again!͟ The twins called after us, and I looked over my shoulder to give them a small

͞Please come this way.͟The maid called Sarah said with a heavy French accent, and began to walk
away in the hall in small strides, almost skips, gesturing that we should follow her. Her curly, brown
hair was set up in two perfect ponytails on either sides on her head, and they slightly bobbed up and
down as she walked. Then suddenly, she looked over her shoulder and scanned us with her ci y blue
eyes. When our eyes met, she immediately looked back straight ahead. I frowned in confusion at her
strange behavior, and looked at Edward for answers, since he could read her mind. He shook his
head, and then lowered his head to my ear, his lips slightly touching it.

͞I͛ll tell you later.͟ He said, and then we all continued to walk in silence.

We got into the car, and Edward slowly drove away from the large mansion. Alice sat together with
me in the backseat, her head lying lump on my shoulder. She had calmed down now, but tears were
still running down her cheeks, wetting my shirt.

͞What was that maids deal?͟ I asked after a moment, breaking the silence in the small car. ͞She was
a little creepy͙͟ I added to myself and thought of how she looked at us.

͞It wasn͛t her fault.͟ Edward said with a small smile. ͞She just wanted to see if we were any threat
against them. She͛s their maid/bodyguard.͟ He said, and my eyes became big as golf balls, risking
falling out of my sockets.

͞What?͟I exclaimed and stared at him as he quietly laughed at my reaction. I thought back at the
young woman with that childish face and high-pitched voice, and wondered how in the world she
was going to defend them is a threat came. She was going to become beaten to a pulp if someone
came and tried to do something against them. ͞But she͙she͛s so-͞I began, but he interrupted me.

͞Don͛t be fooled by her size. That girl knows all kinds martial arts, and could kick Emmet͛s ass in one
second if he even tried to touch her.͟ He said, and the information he gave me amazed me.

͞How do you even know all this? Did you get all that by just reading her mind?͟ I asked, and he
nodded as he made a small turn.

͞She thought about it when we had the meeting.͟ He answered simply, and I just shook my head in

͞You͛re freakishly amazing͙͟ I mumbled, and he chuckled.

͞Well thank you, I love you too.͟ He said sarcastically, and I gave him a small glare.

͞You know I love you.͟ I said, feeling how my cheeks slightly heated. Edward͛s smile grew, and he
turned around to meet my eyes.

͞Yes, and I love you.͟He said again, and I would͛ve been really touched if he wasn͛t driving a car
without watching the road.

͞Watch the road!͟ I commanded in slightly panic, and he chuckled, but did what he was told.
Suddenly, Alice spoke rose in her seat, and cleared her throat. She wiped her eyes, and took a few
deep breaths.

͞Are you-͞I began to ask, but she answered before the whole question was asked.

͞I͛m fine.͟ She said, and took another deep breath. Edward͛s smile disappeared, and the mood once
again became gloomy in the car.
͞Alice, they could still be alive. You don͛t know that they͛ve been killed, and besides it͛s even less
likely that Smith killed-͞Edward said, but got interrupted by Alice, who already knew what he was
going to say.

͞I know! I know that, alright?!͟ she exclaimed in anger, and then sighed and buried her head in her
hands. ͞It͛s just that͙after I saw what he did to Bella͙I can͛t see him like anything else but a
monster that wants to kill. And don͛t tell me he isn͛t, alright? I don͛t care that he͛s a ͚veggie͛ vampire
who doesn͛t drink human blood, he still a vampire and he will always crave blood.͟ She said in a dark
voice, and then took another deep breath, and straightened up in her seat.

͞I͛m sorry I acted the way I did.͟ She said, and looked at me this time.

͞Alice, it͛s alri-͞I began to say, but she interrupted me once again like she had before.

͞No please, let me finish. I could͛ve handled it much better than I did, and because of me we had to
leave early.͟ She said, looking directly into my eyes. ͞I͛m sorry that I just broke down the way I did; I
know that they can still be alive and well. But Mr. Smith͙ I don͛t trust him. A . ͞ She said, her face
going stern in anger. Then, she looked at Edward, her eyes practically pleading.

Edward sighed up front, and I looked at him in wonder. ͞Alice, that͛s a little far-fetched, don͛t you
think?͟ he said, and I looked at the two siblings in confusion.

͞Please! If you two did that I would be able to sleep sound at night. Come on!͟ she begged him, and I
frowned in puzzlement. You  ?? Was she talking about me and Edward? What did she want us to

͞Fine, but I won͛t do it forever. And besides, you have to ask her too.͟ He sighed, and our eyes met in
the rearview mirror. I turned my head to Alice, and frowned at her.

͞Alice, what are you talking about?͟ I asked her, and she turned her puppy-eyed gaze to me.

͞Bella,͟ She said slowly, looking at me with those hypnotizing eyes. ͞Please stop going to Mr. Smith͛s
lessons!͟ She begged, and her request made me speechless. ͞If you two please just did that͙then I
wouldn͛t have to worry that that   is going to kill you every 5th second.͟ She said, and I stared
at her, not believing the words that exited her mouth.

͞Wha͙ are you serious?͟ I asked, and she nodded quickly. I bit my lip in uncertainty, and looked
down at my hands. ͞He͛s going to become very mad at me for not going on his lesson.͟ I said quietly.

͞ going to be very mad if you do.͟ She said snappily at me in an angry tone, and then took a deep
breath. ͞Please Bella, for me. It͛s not like you͛ll flunk or anything. We͛ll just arrange so we͛ll have
another teacher, all three of us.͟ She said, and I sighed in defeat. After all that I͛ve put the two of
them through today͙this was the least I could do for them.

I raised my head, and looked into her yellow-brown eyes. ͞Fine, I won͛t go.͟ I said, and she squealed
in happiness and hugged me with her tiny arms.

͞Thank you so much Bella!͟ her happy voice made all the previous uncertainty and doubt about the
decision I͛ve just made go away in a blink, and I hugged her back whilst smiling slightly.


All three of us got out of the car, and began to walk up to the house. It was already dark, and the
wind blew coldly at us, which made us hurry inside even faster. Edward opened the door for us, and
as he did, we heard an angry voice yelling. I frowned as I stepped inside, and followed the others to
the living room where the ruckus was happening. Rose was sitting in the sofa, glaring at Emmet, who
was sitting as far away as possible from his girlfriend. Jasper was leaning against the wall, looking
slightly annoyed and tired. When he noticed we we͛re here, he immediately left his spot and walked
quickly to Alice͛s side.

͞What͛s wrong?͟ were his first words to her, and he caressed her face gently, looking into her eyes.
͞You͛re sad͙and slightly Mad.͟ He said, and she hugged him tightly to herself, not uttering a word.

͞What happened here?͟ Edward asked Rosalie, slightly ignoring his sister and her boyfriend.

Rosalie sighed angrily, and looked at Edward. ͞He had this dream this morning that Jasper and I had
an affair with each other. Ever since he woke up, he͛s been ignoring me. He͛s being crazy! Jasper is
my brother for god͛s sake!͟ She exclaimed in anger, and Emmet scoffed from where he sat.

͞Completely crazy? Yeah right. I͛m not the one who was cheating!͟ he retorted, his voice slightly
shaky. Rosalie sighed again, and shook her head to herself.

͞See?! He͛s impossible!͟ She groaned.

Jasper looked at his best friend, and sighed. ͞Come on Emmet, can-͞he began, but Emmet
interrupted him.

͞And don͛t let me get started on you, bro! I thought we were bro͛s!͟

Both Jasper and Rosalie sighed, and then shot him a glare. ͞It was a dream, Emmet!!!͟ they two
twins yelled at him, which made him flinch.

͞But-but still! You two betrayed me!͟ he exclaimed desperately, and we all sighed. Then suddenly,
Esme appeared in the threshold to the kitchen, and her normally smiling, friendly face was twisted in
a frown and she glared at the 6 of us.

͞What͛s going on here?!͟ She scolded disapprovingly.

All of us looked at Emmet, who looked down at his lap. Esme͛s piercing gaze turned to him, and she
put her hands on her hips.

͞Emmet.͟She called, but he didn͛t answer. Her eyes narrowed, and she tried again, more acid applied
in her tone. ͞4.͟ This time he looked up and met her eyes, and we all saw how he flinched.

͞What have you done ?͟ she asked, and he sighed in defeat.

͞I͙I dreamed a dream that Rose cheated on me with Jasper͙͟ he mumbled, and Esme nodded once.
Then she turned to Rose, her face becoming more like the one we all knew; the friendly and
motherly one.

͞Did you cheat on Emmet with your brother, Rosalie?͟ she asked softly, and Rosalie shook her head.
͞No.͟ she curly, but friendly answered Esme, who smiled back at her. Then she turned to Jasper, who
still was hugging Alice to his chest.

͞Did you cheat on Alice with your sister?͟

͞No, I didn͛t.͟ he answered, and then gave Alice a small kiss on the top of her head. Esme nodded,
then turned back to her son, and dropped her smile.

͞Emmet, apologize to them immediately.͟She commanded him firmly, and he sighed in defeat. Esme
may seem sugar sweet on the outside, but inside, she͛s a kick-ass mom.

͞I͛m sorry you guys.͟ He apologized, and Esme smiled. Then she turned to me and Edward, and
looked at me.

͞Hello Bella, it͛s nice to see you here. What brings you to us this late hour?͟ she asked, and I was just
about to answer, when Alice did it for me.

͞She͛s staying the night.͟ She said, and gave me a look, challenging me to say anything different.
Esme smiled at me, and I nodded, not saying anything.

͞Well, I͛m okay with it, just as long as you tell your dad.͟ She said. I looked at Alice for an escape, but
she ignored my gaze. I sighed, and then took out my cell phone from my pocket and dialed my dad͛s
number. It took a while before he answered, and judging by the sound of his voice, he had been

͞Huh? Swan͛s residence.͟

͞It͛s me, dad.͟ I answered, and it took a few seconds before he understood who ͚me͛ was.

͞Ah! Bells! I started to get worried. Where are you?͟ he asked gruffly.

͞I͛m at the Cullen͛s. I͛ll stay the night if that͛s okay with you.͟ I said, and a few more seconds passed.

͞Sure, alright.͟ He said tiredly, and then yawned.

͞You should get back to bed dad, you sound exhausted.͟ I said, worrying a little about him.

͞Alright, alright. Take care of yourself Bells, I͛ll see you tomorrow.͟ He said, and yawned again.

͞Okay dad, I will. Bye.͟ I said, and then heard how he hung up on the other line. Alice looked at me
with a pleased look, and I sighed. ͞Yeah, I͛ll stay the night.͟ I confirmed to the others who didn͛t have
future telling skills.

͞That͛s great!͟ Esme said in a warm voice, and I couldn͛t help but to smile when I heard the
satisfaction in her words. ͞Well, you kids should get into bed, it͛s getting late.͟ She said, and Emmet

͞Yeah, that͛s right! You kids really should!͟ he said mockingly, and Esme turned to look at him with
one raised eyebrow.

͞I was talking about all of you.͟ She said in a stern tone, and he sighed in disappointment.
͞Fine. Come on Rose.͟ He said, and the two of them walked together up the stairs. I turned to
Edward, and he smiled at me.

͞Am I sleeping in your room?͟ I asked.

Before he could answer, Alice did it for him. ͞Yes. If you don͛t want to sleep here on the sofas.͟ She
said, and then took Jaspers hand and dragged him towards the stairs.

͞I guess we should get to bed too.͟ Edward said and took my hand.

͞Yeah.͟ I said, and together we walked up to his room. Once inside, he began to look through his
closet. After a small moment, a knock was heard from the door, and Alice came into the room.

͞I thought I would come on drop this off.͟ She said, and placed a bundle of clothes on the edge of the
bed. I stared at her in terror, remembering the last time she got me a pajamas, and was just about to
ask her about it when both she and Edward began to laugh, both of them already knowing what I
was going to say.

͞Don͛t worry, it͛s just a t-shirt with some sweatpants.͟ She giggled, and then turned and walked out
of the room. Once she was out, I quickly half ran to the bundle of clothes, and reassured that she was
telling the truth. But just as she had said, in the small package there only were a t-shirt and a pair of

͞I͛ll be right back.͟ I said as I took the clothes in my arms, and walked to the bathroom. After I had
changed, I came out and found Edward in the middle of making the sofa ready for me to sleep on. I
don͛t know how it happened, but suddenly it just felt stupid that we were going to sleep in two
different beds.

͞Edward͙͟ I mumbled, feeling how my cheeks burned. He stopped what he was doing, and looked at

͞What is it?͟ he asked, and I took a deep breath before answering.

͞Can͙can I sleep in your bed tonight?͟ I asked, and it took a few seconds for him to answer.

͞Sure, I can take the sofa, it͛s okay.͟ he said, misunderstanding what I was trying to tell him.

͞No. What I mean is͙ can I sleep in your bed͙together with you.͟ I said, feeling how my cheeks
flamed in embarrassment. ͞I don͛t mean  
you but-͞I quickly began to explain, hearing the
misunderstanding in my words, but he just laughed at me.

͞Sure, it͛s okay. I understand.͟ He said, and then walked over to his large bed. I followed him, and we
both crawled down under the sheets. He turned off the lights, and the room became dark as the

͞Goodnight.͟ He called from his side of the bed, and I yawned.

͞Goodnight.͟ I said sleepily, and felt how the fatigue took over and put me to sleep.