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CodI In lld Llnited

Reeistered Ofiicet Coal Bhawm, Core-2, 3rd Floor,
Premises No,04 MAR, Plor No.AF-llI,
Action Area-1A, Nw Town, Rajdhat, Kolkata 700156.

PHONE:033 23246526,FAX.O33 232465L0

Email - mviswsathM2.ci@coarindia.in
WEBSITE: rl/w.coalindia.in


Ref No.CILr)c(Dl:04156:2016: / 4 25?

Datd r2d April2016

Bombay Stock Exchege Limited,

l4n Floor, P.J.Towers,

Subr Giving-up of Perfotudce llceltiee fo! supply of highe! ghde6

of coal to I.SA consuaeG o! tdal basis.

ln the

324u meeting of Bodd of Dirctors of CIL held on l1d

February20L6, CIL Bodd ac.orded its alproval for Civing up perfommce
incentive for supply oI higher giades oi coar (G5 dd above) in the Model Fuel
Supply Ageement for power dd non-power with jmmediate effect md to
imptuve lifting of coal. This decision was taken due to fall in intenation.l coal
pdces, improvd supply of coar by CIL and there is a sluggtshness in coal dellfud
in general @d higher g.ade ot coal in particular,
This is for your informalion. This infor@tion is given as per Regulation
30 of Listing Regulations'2o15.