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Adds any amount of money.

sims.modify_funds +[enter amount]

Adds specified amount of satisfaction points to current sim
action_points #
All items
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement - Unlock all career rewards in Buy Mode
Testingcheats on should be enabled, as some cheats will not work without it. Ski
ll/Career cheats affect the selected Sim.
Money X - Type Money 50000 or 1000000, whatever you like, and your family will h
ave that amount exactly. This can be used to subtract funds, because it sets the
money to whatever amount you specify.
Satisfaction/Aspiration Cheats - Type aspirations.complete_current_milestone and
you will get all the satisfaction from completing those, while moving closer to
the special trait you get. You can do this over and over to get all special rew
ard traits on a Sim. To simply get 100 Satisfaction, type sims.add_buff Points,
followed by sims.remove_buff points. You must type these two over and over to ge
t the 100 satisfaction again. The Aspiration cheat is better in my opinion.
households.autopay_bills - Annoying bills will trouble you no longer.
sims.remove_all_buffs will remove all moodlets from your Sim. Those from high ne
eds and environment will come back up, so you can effectively remove negative mo
odlets with this one.
Skill Cheats - Type Stats.set_skill_level skill X with X being the level of skil
l you'd like the selected Sim to be. You can find _ near the backspace key on yo
ur keyboard. Skills are named like this:
Stats.set_skill_level major_handiness 10 - make handiness 10. Note the Major
_ before the skill name. If you did this, you'd see the level 10 popup. If you w
ant to see what unlocks with each level, read the guide or adjust it by 1 each t
ime so that you can see information on each new level. Here are all the skills y
ou can type
Major_Bartending (Mixology)
Major_Herbalism - Outdoor Retreat Game Pack

Setage Your Sims is becoming an adult

Quick Guide for How to Make Ambrosia
If you don't need any help with Gardening or Gourmet Cooking and want to skip th
e rest of this, here's a quick rundown of how you make Ambrosia in The Sims 4:
Get Level 10 Cooking and Gourmet Cooking, Level 5 Gardening. The Recipe will
not appear unless you have 10 in both Cooking Skills.
Graft Cherry on Apple to get Pomegranate or catch at the Pond in Willow Cree
k's Park
Graft Lily onto Snapdragon to make Orchid
Graft Orchid onto Pomegranate to make Death Flower
Catch an Angelfish in any River in Willow Creek
Accrue 1500 Satisfaction points to buy the Potion of Youth Reward Potion. Ne
ed 1 per Ambrosia.
With Ingredients gathered, Cook Ambrosia and bring back the dead!
Cherry Oasis Springs - Behind the Park by Springscape.
Lilly Willow Creek Park, also in front of Oakenstead
Onion Willow Creek, Rendle Rose (House), also across the stream from A
gave Adobe in Oasis Springs

Willow Creek Park, also behind Umbridge Manor (Mansion)

Potato Willow Creek, Garden Essence Home (BFF Household)


Willow Creek, Behind Umbridge Manor (Mansion)


Willow Creek, Garden Essence Home (BFF Household)

Tomato Oasis Springs, up the road from Slipshod Mesquite (the home that
looks like a trailer) are planter boxes. There you will find Tomato and some oth
er plants.
Tulip Oasis Springs, near the abandoned mine down the hill behind the
Landgraab Mansion.
Cow Berry
Graft Dragonfruit with Snapdragon.
Cow Plant berries have been found while Fishing at the glimmering stream with a
cave in Oasis Springs' Big Park, as well as Sylvan Glade's larger body of water.
These may also be found while on missions in the Rocket Ship via the Rocket Sci
ence Skill. More on Cow Plants Below.
Death Flower
Graft Orchid with Pomegranate. I
t does not stop a Sim's death immediately as it did in TS3. In The Sims 4, you n
eed another Sim to give Grim a Death Flower after he's done arriving to take the
soul. He'll accept it and bring the dead Sim back to life. Death Flower is also
used in the Gourmet Cooking Ambrosia Recipe.
Graft Strawberry with Snapdragon
Orchid Graft Lily with Snapdragon. This is also found after completing
the Space Rock collection from the Rocket Science Skill.
Graft Apple with Cherry. These h
ave been found while Fishing in Magnolia Blossom Park, Willow Creek. I caught on
e in the central pond where you can also look for frogs while fishing without ba
Trash Plant
Trash Fruit
Have your Sim take out the trash, but ca

ncel the interaction. Let this trash sit in your yard (it can be moved in buy mo
de), and it'll become one very unhappy trash plant. Water it fast, and one day y
ou'll have your very own Perfect Trash Plant.
Unidentified Fruit Object
U.F.O. Rare
These ev
idently don't need watered, but do need weeded. Unidentified Fruit Object is wha
t you harvest, but the plant is actually named Intergalactic Growth Pod. U.F.O.
Fruit has been found while on adventure in the Rocket Ship. I got one while an A
stronaut in an encounter with the Green Man (like Yoda). I took the weapon and d
efeated the Nega-Sim and got a Cowplant Berry along with an U.F.O. as a reward!
The Cow Plant looks like a bit of a nod to the Plants Vs Zombies series (also pu
blished by Electronic Arts). To unlock this bovine greenery, you ll first need to
head over to Desert Bloom Park in Oasis Springs.
Once you reach there, head over to the mineshaft door, but don t actually enter it
. Near the doorway is a small pond, which you can fish in. Stick with it, and yo
u ll eventually catch a Cow Plant Berry. Plant the berry in your lot, and wait a few
days. It takes a while, but you ll eventually be left with a glorious, healthy Co
w Plan, complete with udders on its chin. Be careful though
it s very possible to
be swallowed whole by one of the fully grown Cow Plants if you re not careful!
Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise
Graft Tu
lip with Chrysanthemum
Bonsai Bush
Bonsai Bush
Graft Daisy and Strawber
ry. May be made into a Decorative Bonsai Bush for $25.
marvel HENSHIN
sonic cahaya
traits.equip_trait trait
Careers.Add_Career career
Adds a certain career to the Sim any spaces in the career name should be removed
, for example Careers.Add_Career SecretAgent
Careers.Promote career
Promote Sim in a certain career
any spaces in the career name should be removed,
for example Careers.Promote SecretAgent
stats.set_skill_level retail_workethic 5
stats.set_skill_level retail_maintenance 5
stats.set_skill_level retail_sales 5