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Starters & Shares



fresh farm vegetables served with dipping sauces

Zucchini & Sweet Corn Fritter

creamed corn, tomato preserve, dill crme fraiche


Salmon California Roll

have it for dinner or share it with a friend or two!

one pound of alaskan halibut served lettuce wrap style,

marinated tomato, creamy slaw, pickled fresno, cilantro, scallion


Spicy Tuna hamachi Roll

Pan Roasted Red Snapper


jalapeno, cilantro, avocado, masago, spicy mayo


caviar, dill, red onion, caper berries, crme fraiche

Wild Boar & Wild Rice

Shrimp Tempura

crispy waffle cone, kaiware sprout, cucumber, avocado

Salads & Vegetables

Joys Caesar Salad


Ahi Tuna Bowl

Burrata & Heirloom Tomato


heirloom tomatoes, sweet & sour onions, grilled bread, aged balsamic

Steaks & Chops & more


sesame, soy, ginger, jalapeo

14 oz Bone-in Berkshire Pork Chop


14 oz Prime Skirt Steak

(all bowls served with sushi rice, scallion,

cucumber, kaiware, avocado)

14 oz New York Strip steak

Cucumber & Vegetable Wraps

Roasted Chicken Roulade

fried triple cream brie


pickled vegetables, sushi rice, cilantro, spicy mayo, soy

seafood tower

Crispy Phyllo Wrapped Tiger Shrimp


Juicy Lucy slagel Farm Cheese Burger


Pork Loin Sandwich Milanese Style

nueske bacon, apple bourbon bbq

sweet chili, cilantro


red rock cheddar, american cheese, grilled onion, raw onion,

house made pickles

truffle honey, chive

Smoked Spare Rib


chicken jus simmered overnight roasted carrot puree, grilled ramp



Raw & Cold

selection of six king crab legs, one whole maine lobster, six oysters,
six jumbo prawns, selection of daily nigiri


lobster brown butter sauce




caramelized onion, green peppercorn demi

chipotle buttermilk dressing, corn bread croutons, fire roasted chilis,

cilantro, avocado, baked black beans
honey, apple, almond, pickled shallot


bone marrow butter crust

sesame, soy, sambal, togarashi


Red Quinoa & Tuscan Kale


sweet pea risotto, cippolini onions, pea tendrils, shaved marcona almonds,
white balsamic


sesame, soy, lime, sweet chili

Salmon Belly Bowl

baby romaine, toasted croutons, parmesan cheese, white anchovy

Spiced Wedge

Sauted Sea Scallops

Charred Chicken Bowl


pei mussels, clams, bay scallops, sweet shrimp, crushed tomato,

toasted chili, garlic

meat ball, roasted red pepper sauce, wild rice risotto, banana peppers,
farmer cheese



coconut sticky rice, papaya relish, kaiware, carrot curry

GRILLED Salmon Cioppino


masago, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo


Hawaiian Tuna Poke Cones

Himalayan Salt Slab Alaskan HalibuT $46

king crab, avocado, cucumber, yuzu tobiko, micro shisho


marinated octopus, sweet corn relish, green garlic aioli, micro arugula

Deviled Eggs

really Spicy Tuna Roll

scallion, cucumber, chia seed, wasabi tobiko


Grilled Spanish Octopus Taco

Rolled & Bowled

FISH & Seafood


parmesan crusted, lemon garlic aioli, baby arugula


ADD farm fresh fried egg $4



paprika honey butter, apple bourbon bbq, glass of champagne

Oysters on The Half Shell


Whipped Truffle Ricotta Tortellini

whole and half dozen, yuzu mignonette, smoked tomato cocktail

COLLOSSAL Shrimp Cocktail


smoked tomato, horseradish, lemon, pickled vegetables

Executive Chef Matthew Wilde

Spring 2016


smoked beech mushrooms, marinated artichoke, spring garlic,

heirloom cherry tomato, lemon

Sides & Sh*t Yukon Gold Smashed Potatoes | Creamed Corn | heirloom Baby Carrots | Grilled Green and White Asparagus | House Made Tots or Fries | $7 EACH