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Updated 4/13/2016

Golden Rules:
1. The Staff have the final say in all situations. Do not argue with staff
members. If you have a problem with their staffing report them on our
2. Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch), killing other players without a
valid RP reason.
3. Do not RDA (Random Arrest), arresting other players without a valid RP
4. Do no break NLR (New Life Rule). The rule states that you should forget
everything in your previous life once you die. This includes:

You may not return to where you died for 5 minutes.

You may not return to the same situation until it is over.
You may not revenge RDM.

5. Do not Metagame, using information obtained from outside of the

game to affect your decisions. This includes:

Knowing someones job from the table above their head.

Helping a player because they are your friend in real life.

6. Do not FailRP, breaking job specific rules (see below), or conduct any
illogical actions.



Do not mass spam props. You will be banned immediately.

Do not spam flashlight.
Do not spam keys (knocking/locking/unlocking)
Do not spam the open/close door.
Do not camera spam.
Do not spam the stun stick.
May not AFK in spawn.
Do not demote if staff members are online.
DDoSing, prop spamming, and threatening to do so can and will result
in severe punishment (ban).
Do not act biased against players because of their age or gender.
Do not set your name to something vulgar or inappropriate.
Using LUA scripts except from the ones that come with the server
is forbidden.
Do not impersonate any staff.
Do not encourage or tell people to break the rules in this MOTD.
Do not leave the server to avoid a raid, punishment, etc.
Do not break rules to enforce rules. Report any rule breaks to an
admin. If no staff is online please record evidence and make a post on
the forums.
You may not sell RP cash for real currency.
Make sure the person you are kidnapping/mugging knows you
are doing so.
Trolling = KOS/AOS (Warn them before doing so).
RDM (Random Deathmatch) means killing people for no reason.
Blatant RDM will result in a !warn and mass RDM is a day ban or more
severe punishment.
Don't take advantage of jobs to annoy people on purpose. This
will result in a !warn.
Do not use bugs or exploits. If you find one, report it on the
forums immediately. If you are found abusing bugs or exploits you can
be !warn-ed or banned depending on the severity of the abuse.
Do not body block people or pretend to be AFK in doorways.
If you die during a raid, you may not go back. (See Raiding/NLR
No roleplay of any kind in the spawn area. As soon as you leave
the spawn area, you may not re-enter to avoid roleplay.
If someone is following you, you must make it clear to them to
stop following you. If they refuse you may kill them.
Do not RP if you are spawned in jail cell after being un-arrested,
call an admin for assistance.

Text and voice chat:

1. Do not be racist or bigoted in the OOC.
2. We do believe in freedom of speech, but there's a line between
harassment and freedom of speech.
3. Do not harass players for their age or gender.
4. You may not communicate while dead if you are RPing.
5. Do not mic spam (Unless you are a hobo).

Props and building:

1. If players are harassing you while you are building and no staffs are
online, you may prop block your entrance until you have finished
building. You may not have any loot inside while prop blocking.
2. Do not prop block.
3. Do not prop climb.
4. Do not prop surf (using a prop underneath you to scoot/fly across the
5. Do not prop kill (use a prop to hurt/kill someone).
6. Do not prop minge (create props that are welded and constantly
colliding into the wall or themselves in order to create lag)

1. Do not trap other plays in bases.
2. Do not use props to hold valuables (printers, drugs, etc) out of a
players reach.


Do not build any inappropriate/offensive structures.

Do not build maze and zig-zag bases.
Do not use black or invisible material.
Players should not have to jump/crouch anywhere in your base.
Do not create double fading doors (2 fading doors next to each other
making it impossible to lock-pick both to get through).
8. You must have a "KOS" line to kill someone in your base or you must
warn them to leave.
9. If someone is basing with you, they must own the doors aswell.
No floating bases.
Do not fading door abuse. Once the fading is set ALWAYS use the
Keypads must have a minimum open time of 5 seconds.
Don't build anything that gives you a ridiculous advantage over
people breaking into your base.
Don't build in or on places that you don't own. Do not build in
shared-bases unless those who are basing with you agree that you can,
if there is a disagreement call an admin over to solve the problem.
Don't build out on the streets or anywhere public unless you
have permission from an admin or highest rank currently on the server,
for a specific project. Hobos are exempt from this rule, hobos can build
on sidewalks as long as they don't block off any entrances or exits.
If you have 5 or more people in your party you can construct a
megabase in a small area of the map. You can do this so long as you
don't block off NPCs, and you're careful of how much area you block
off. Megabases must be checked by staff before and after building.
You may not stack your fading doors. Meaning if you base in the
hotel you may not stack all the fading door behind each other one by
one. The real door must be within 5 meters of the fading door.
You cannot have a base that has a shoot-through fading door
with a no collided prop behind it that you can move in and out of cover.
The base/house must be able to be shot at from and able to return fire
in a fair manner.


You may not construct a base to create a situation where it is unfair to the
person raiding you. ex: using slanted props so that you can shoot the
raiders, but they are unable to return fire.

1. Groups with 5+ members can create a megabase, a base that
encompasses a large portion of the map.
2. Before and after you build, you must okay the megabase with a staff.
3. All doors in the megabase must be owned by the party.

Sign rules
1. May not have KOS if loitering/annoying/micspamming.
2. May have KOS if inside.
3. May not use signs out of roleplay, meaning you may not post stuff that
involves out of game remarks.
4. May not contain racism.
5. No signs that are blatantly offensive, e.g. directed at a specific
individual, and are made in order to offend/annoy someone.
6. May only place signs in/on your building.

Class specific:
Criminal based:
1. May not assist the government in any way.
2. May not assist another criminal unless they are basing with you or they
are in the same gang.

1. May base with thieves but not gangsters.
2. May not mug.

3. May not raid, counter-raid or assist in raid.

4. May not stay in base for prolonged amount of time.
5. May not kill the target if the kidnap is unsuccessful, unless they take
out a weapon or they already have a weapon out.

Thief/Pro Thief/Master Thief/Psycho:

1. May base with other criminals except gangsters.
2. May raid, counter-raid and assist in raid.
3. May not KOS cops, including psychos. May not break laws on purpose
just to kill cops.

Hitman/Elite Hitman:



raid without a hit on the target.

mug or kidnap.
take hits outside of the hit menu.
stay in base for prolonged amount of time.
accept hits on the same person for 10 minutes.
base with other criminals.
place hits.

Bloodz/Cripz/Mafia Member:

May not base with other any other criminal classes.

May only base with their respective gang leaders.
May not KOS each other without a valid RP reason.
May only raid, mug and kidnap with their leaders.
MUST follow the orders of their leaders, provided that they do not
break any rules.

Bloodz/Cripz/Mafia Leader:


May raid and mug.

May only kidnap enemy gangs.
May form temporary alliances to raid a gang.
May wage war against another gang, if the gang accepts, may KOS the
enemy gang.

Government based:
1. May not mug.
2. May not kidnap.
3. Must have a legitimate search warrant to raid (can't raid for a suspicion
of contraband).
4. May only build inside PD.
5. Must follow mayors orders, provided that it does not break the rules
and are reasonable.
6. May not be corrupted. (May not perform illegal activities, may not
ignore illegal activities.)
7. May use any weapons at their disposal, except the Mayor.
8. Cannot weapon search someone unless you have their consent or they
enter the PD.
9. May shoot someone if they run away when you are attempting to
arrest them.


The Mayor may only have a pistol.

May use SMG if stated in the law.
Maximum amount that can be charged for a gun license is $5,000.
Maximum amount that can be charged for bail is $10,000
The mayor has a 5 minute grace period after being elected, for which
he cannot be killed and the PD cannot be raided.
6. Mayor cannot raid or assist in raids.
7. May not establish a set curfew for longer than 6 hours.
8. May not raid.

Police Officer/Police Chief/S.W.A.T/S.W.A.T

Sniper/S.W.A.T Medic
1. May baton rush.
2. Must have a legitimate search warrant to raid (can't raid for a suspicion
of contraband).
3. Must follow orders of respective leader.
4. S.W.A.T and Police are two separate bodies. They may work together,
but do not have to follow orders from the other body.

CP Chief/Swat Leader
1. Follows the same rules as Police Officer/Police Chief/S.W.A.T/S.W.A.T
Sniper/S.W.A.T Medic.

2. May give orders to lower ranks.

Secret Service:
1. Secret Service must be at the mayors side and disposal at all times.

Swat Medic:
1. May only heal Government Officials. (Unless someone shot an innocent
civilian you may help.)

2. Follows the same rules as Police Officer/Police Chief/S.W.A.T/S.W.A.T

Sniper/S.W.A.T Medic.


1. May not base with criminals.

2. May not mug, raid, kidnap.
3. May own printers and drugs.

1. Citizens may change their job title with /job for RP reasons, but they
will still be considered citizens and must follow citizen rules.
2. Citizens cannot raid or assist in a raid.

Dr Freeman:


not be hired to be a personal medic.

not have a gun larger than a pistol.
not base with anyone except other medics.
create a shop to sell heals.
assist in raids but only by healing people.

1. Hobos are allowed to build on sidewalks and parkways. Hobos CAN
Sing and play music through their microphone (must have a stand/prop
to stand on).
2. Hobo homes cannot block doors or entire streets.
3. Hobo is not allowed to have a gun larger than a pistol.
4. If a hobo has a stand outside someone's base and are asked to leave
they MUST do so.
5. Hobos cannot be mugged.
6. Hobos may not place props in a way that would severely limit a
player's ability to walk in the streets.

Hobo King:

1. Follows Hobo rules.

2. Does not have to listen when asked to leave, but maybe killed after 3
3. May not have a gun larger than a pistol.
4. May not give orders to other Hobos.

Body Guard:
1. May not be hired by criminals.
2. May not steal from people who hired them.
3. Must protect the hirer at all times.

Weapon Dealers:

MUST have a shop at all times.

May not self-supply.
May not scam people.
Weapons dealers cannot base with criminals.
Weapons dealers cannot raid, or assist in a raid.
Weapons dealer must sell to all players.

Black Market Dealer:


May not self-supply.

MUST have a shop at all times.
May scam people for a maximum value of $25,000.
MUST sell to all players.

Raiding Rules:
1. You do not have to advert a raid or counter-raid.

2. You can raid different bases every 5 minutes, and the same base every
10 minutes.
3. Do not raid-bait. You may not use /advert or /ooc to tell players to raid
your base.
4. You may counter-raid players, but you may not counter raid players
that are raiding PD.
5. If you are raiding you may not kill bystanders unless you give a
warning to leave. You may not shoot cops on sight unless they rush you
or a party member in an attempt to arrest during the raid.
6. Raiding just for kills is not allowed. For example, if there is a club or
shop and you come in and kill everyone then leave: that is rdm.
7. Raiders may use snipers but must have people trying to raid the base
8. PD raiding is allowed. During a PD raid you may shoot all cops within
the building. Acceptable reasons to raid the PD:
Breaking someone out
Kidnapping the Mayor/CP
Robbing the bank
9. Hitmen classes may raid for a hit. You may not steal printers, money,
weed plants, drugs, and guns as you are not a raiding/criminal class.
If you do advert a raid, that will give the Government full
permission to want/arrest you.
You may NOT raid while building sign is up. If there is no sign you
are not building, if you have valuables like weed, printers you may not
have a sign up.
You may not have a "building" sign out for longer than 15

Mugging Rules:


You do not have to advert a mug.

You may only mug the same person after 5 minutes have passed.
Only raiding classes may mug, otherwise it is failRP.
If you do advert a mug, that gives the Government full permission to
want/arrest you.
No counter mugging. However, if you are basing with someone and
they are being mugged then you can counter mug. Counter mugging
because they are your friend is not a valid reason.
Cannot mug police or any Government officials.
You may not mug any hobos, or the hobo leader.
You may only mug for a maximum of $5,000

Kidnapping Rules:
1. You do not have to advert a kidnapping
2. As soon as you have your hostage secured (Ex: In a cell) you must
/advert that you have them hostage and request a ransom. You may
only hold your hostage for 15 minutes (more depending on
negotiations). After the 15 minutes is up, you must either release or kill
your hostage.
3. The maximum ransom is $25,000 dollars.
If the player escapes, the kidnapper may kill them.
If the player escapes, he may defend himself.
4. You may kidnap every 10 minutes, every 20 on the same person.

Warrants are simply used by Government Officials to open doors during a
raid, it is not required to be within a persons house. If doors are left open to
enter a base (even with a KOS sign), CPs are allowed to enter.

In-Game Laws
These are default laws that should be followed in-game when a Mayor is not
present. Some of them may not be overridden by the Mayor. Disobeying
them is punishable by Government Officials. Mayor may override the
punishment and legality of some laws.

May not be overridden:

Firing off a gun in public is illegal

Drugs are illegal
Murder/Attempted murder is illegal
Raiding is illegal

Mugging is illegal
Kidnapping is illegal
Money Printers is illegal
Jaywalking is legal
Tool, Physics and Gravity guns are legal
Medkit is legal
Self-defense is legal (only with a legal weapon)

May be overridden:

Melee weapons are legal (Knives, crowbars)

Batons are legal (Unarrest baton, stun stick)
Black-market goods are illegal
Guns larger than pistols are illegal
Threatening to break a law is illegal
Pistols are legal
Raiding, kidnapping, pickpocketing tools are legal
Rocket boots are legal
Bug baiting is legal
Disrespect is legal
Peaceful rioting is legal

Things that the mayor may change:

If there is bail or not

If there are gun licenses or not

Written by James Cola