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Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings

An employee enters a building with a badge his work space is illuminated, network access is
provided, HVAC adjustments are made, and nighttime power conservation methods are disabled
A motion detector is tripped in a secure area cameras zoom in, video feeds transmit, classified
applications are locked down and SMS text, e-mail, and IP phone alerts are forwarded to security
A fire alarm is activated emergency lighting and pathway guidance systems are activated, exit
doors are unlocked, audio instruction feeds are enabled, emergency shutdowns are initiated and
detailed status information is forwarded to rescue personnel


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ConvergeIT is an intelligent building cabling solution that
combines Siemons proven quality with advanced copper and fiber
cabling technology to create a structured cabling solution that
converges critical data, voice, video and low-voltage building
automation systems (BAS) onto one integrated physical



Voice & Data




- Networked computers and servers

- Analog and VoIP phones
- PBX and Fax

- CCTV (analog and IP-based) camera and monitors

- Pan, tilt, zoom and remote powered devices
- Motion, glass-break and audio detectors
- Access control (employee card and biometric readers)

A/V (Audio & Video)


- CATV, satellite video, IPTV

- HDMI, VGA, SVHS, and composite/component A/V
- In-house broadcast systems, overhead paging, and intercoms
- Indoor digital signage

- Alarms
- Fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
- Pull stations
- Emergency lighting and pathway guidance

Energy Management



- Energy demand montoring

- Automated, demand-based energy controls
- Smart Grid integration

- Automated climate control

- Temperature sensors
- Air movers/ventilation

Lighting Controls
- Automated demand-based lighting
- Sensors
- Smart switches


Wireless Devices
- LANs
- Scanners and readers (including RFID)


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ConvergeIT Enables Smarter, Greener Buildings

Properly planned, intelligent buildings offer 2 kinds of Green:
Cost Savings

Environmental Sustainability

Less cost to operate

- Energy savings up to 70%1

Energy savings = significantly reduced carbon footprint

- Lower recurring maintenance costs up to 25%2

- Cable

Worth more to owners and tenants

- Intelligent systems can enhance building asset value by 2-3
times initial investment 3

- Pathways

- Achieve ROI 3-4 times faster than traditional buildings3

Green Building/LEED credit potential

Reduced material waste

- Equipment
Fewer contractors/contractor visits

What can a ConvergeIT network offer?

Reduced Construction/Deployment Costs - Case Study4
Case Study Overview: The data at left is based on the
deployment of a comprehensive intelligent building system in a new
1-million ft2 hospital facility. The analysis details material and labor costs for
the installation of all data/low-voltage cabling and pathways, comparing the
costs for a conventional non-converged intelligent building against a
single, ConvergeIT-style IP-based system.

Pathway material - 40% savings

Data/low-voltage cabling material - 16% savings

*Some published figures indicate savings as high as 33%2

Sources of Cost Savings for IP-Based Systems:

Material - Low-voltage systems like audio/video, security, climate
control, voice and data run over a single structured cabling network,
reducing the materials needed vs. multiple cabling systems and pathways.

Cabling and pathway labor 31% savings

Labor - With one structured cabling provider installing one low-voltage,


$2 million

$4 million


voice, data and pathway system, ConvergeIT reduces labor costs and construction time.

$6 million


Reduced operating costs

Energy Efficiency: Intelligent lighting control, HVAC, power
management systems and other ConvergeIT enabled technologies help maximize building efficiency
Simplified Moves, Adds and Changes: With a single structured
cabling infrastructure, MACs happen more quickly, are easier to
manage and cost less
Reduced Maintenance Costs: ConvergeITs open IP infrastructure reduces reliance on specialized contractors and vendor
service contracts to maintain proprietary systems


According to the EPA, intelligent green buildings can

reduce energy use by up to 70%

Structured cabling MACs can cost 20% less with a

ConvergeIT system. A zoned cabing topology further
streamlines MAC work, boosting these savings by
up to 38%3

Working with a single structured cabling contractor

for ongoing maintenance can reduce service contract costs by 15%3

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Industry Recognition
Siemon's ConvergeIT cabling system is a perfect match for Honeywell EBI
(Enterprise Buildings Integrator) to enable the convergence of a building's systems onto
a single IP Ethernet network. Honeywell controls and EBI, combined with Siemon high
performance cabling efficiently manages HVAC, Security and Access Control, Fire and
Life Safety, CCTV and Digital Video, Asset Tracking and Energy Applications to make smart
green buildings a reality.
Robert Morrow, District Sales Leader, Honeywell Building Solutions

ConvergeIT harmonizes with Ciscos Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG)

Connected Real Estate Practice, which emphasizes the ability to facilitate
intercommunication and interaction among buildings and digital infrastructures
- Kevin ODonnell, Executive Consultant, Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco
Siemon's ConvergeIT greatly improves the efficiency and flexibility of the structured
cabling plant, providing a scalable foundation enabling convergence of a building's
systems into a common IP network environment. This helps us deliver to our clients the
Johnson Controls Technology Contracting approach of integrated, intelligent,
sustainable buildings that have higher performance and productivity with a lower life cycle
cost, including lower energy use.
Hugh Hudson, Director of Business Development, Johnson Controls

Siemon is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council

To learn more about Siemons ConvergeIT structured cabling solution, visit:


The Americas
Watertown, CT USA
Phone (1 ) 860 945 4200 US
Phone (1 ) 888 425 6165 Canada


Europe/Middle East/Africa
Surrey, England
Phone (44 ) 0 1932 571771

Shanghai, P.R. China
Phone (86) 21 6390 6778

Central & South America

Bogota, Colombia
Phone (571) 657 1950/51/52

2015 The Siemon Company

1 - EPA/Energy Star - http://www.energystar.gov

2 - Innovative Engineering Solutions, LLC - Whats an Intelligent Building? - 2009
3 - CABA - Bright Green Buildings - Convergence of Green and Intelligent Buildings - 2008
4 - Sinopoli and Associates - Smart Buildings: How To Integrate Advanced Building Systems - 2007

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