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- Tarkio High School Journalism Class

200 Meter 200 - Meter

Dash, 6th, Ella
Dash, 4th,
Rolf, 34.15
jake - McEnaney
placed 1st in the
800 Meter Run and
1600 Meter Run
GUS HURST - Begins his leg of the 4x200 Meter Relay in
which the Wolves placed 2nd with a time of 2:01.05.

Junior high teams win tri-meet

The East Atchison Wolves

Boys and Girls Junior
High Track Teams hosted
a tri-meet April 7, 2016, in
Tarkio. Both teams finished
first overall with the girls
scoring 68 points, and the
boys 61 points. Individual
Wolves results follow:
100 Meter Dash - 2nd,
Autumn Murry, 14.97; 3rd,
Kilea Cooper, 15.06; 6th,
Brynnan Poppa, 15.73; 8th,
Jesse Graves, 16.06
200 Meter Dash - 3rd,
Jaycee Graves, 30.62; 4th,
Mercedes Parshall, 32.01;
6th, Ella Rolf, 34.15; 8th, Jae
Barnett, 34.38; 10th, Anna
Klute, 35.32; 14th, Taylor
Stanton, 37.17
400 Meter Dash - 1st,
Autumn Murry, 1:15.09; 2nd,
Morgan Pashall, 1:15.56;
3rd, Kilea Cooper, 1:20.00;
4th, Cheyenne Gray, 1:22.38;
8th, Ashlynn Meyer, 1:30.84
800 Meter Run - 1st,
Mercedes Parshall, 2:58.53;
4th, Allison Yates, 3:20.43;
5th, Taylor Stanton, 3:38.07
1600 Meter Run - 3rd,
Morgan Parshall, 7:12.38;
4th, Ashlynn Meyer, 7:30.06
100 Meter Hurdles 2nd, Anna Klute, 20.68; 3rd,
Cheyenne Gray, 21.38; 5th,
Ella Rolf, 21.88; 7th, Allison
Yates, 23.84
4x100 Meter Relay 3rd, (Kilea Cooper, Brynnan
Poppa, Jae Barnett, and Jesse Graves), 1:02.34
4x200 Meter Relay - 1st,

EA Wolves
in Stanberry

The East Atchison Wolves

High School Track Teams
travelled to Stanberry, Missouri, April 7, 2016, to compete in the Stanberry Invitational. The East Atchison
girls finished 17th overall
with a team score of six
points. Individual Wolves
results follow:
100 Meter Hurdles - 6th,
Shelby McCartney, 19.60
200 Meter Dash - 5th,
Grace Martin, 29.50
400 Meter Dash - 5th,
Grace Martin, 1:08.10
4x400 Meter Relay
- 6th, (Alyssa Garrison,
Shelby McCartney, Madison
Ohrt, and Catelyn Prater),

(Autumn Murry, Morgan

Parshall, Jaycee Graves, and
Mercedes Parshall), 2:08.51
4x400 Meter Relay 2nd, (Jesse Graves, Cheyenne Gray, Brynnan Poppa,
and Ella Rolf), 5:27.10
High Jump - 2nd, Kilea Cooper, 44; 5th, Anna
Klute, 36
Pole Vault - 1st, Morgan
Parshall, 66
Long Jump - 4th Ella
Rolf, 1011; 7th, Jae Barnett, 10.25; 8th, Brynnan
Poppa, 10; 10th, Ashlynn
Meyer, 710
Triple Jump - 1st, Mercedes Parshall, 287; 3rd,
Jesse Graves, 254; 4th, Autumn Murry, 25.5
Shot Put - 1st, Jaycee
Graves, 308; 7th, Taylor
Stanton, 2111; 14th, Camille Gibson, 1710
Discus Throw - 1st, Jaycee Graves, 705; 14th, Camille Gibson, 413.5
100 Meter Dash - 2nd,
Isaac Reyer, 13.03; 3rd, Dillon Palmer, 13.06
200 Meter Dash - 3rd,
Dillon Palmer, 29.21
400 Meter Dash - 2nd,
Trey Bowling, 1:07.79; 3rd,
Gus Hurst, 1:09.44; 6th,
Skylar Horton, 1:11.00
800 Meter Run - 1st,
Jake McEnaney, 2:35.81;
5th, Skylar Horton, 2:56.23
1600 Meter Run - 1st,
Jake McEnaney, 5:31.00
100 Meter Hurdles 3rd, Wyatt Burke, 20.57
4x100 Meter Relay 2nd, (Wyatt Burke, Skylar
Horton, Dillon Palmer, and
Isaac Reyer), 57.35
4x200 Meter Relay 2nd, (Wyatt Burke, Ian Hedlund, Isaac Reyer, and Gus
Hurst), 2:01.05
4x400 Meter Relay - 1st,
(Jake McEnaney, Trey Bowling, Briacin Bywater, and
Gus Hurst), 4:28.62
High Jump - 1st, Ian
Hedlund, 410; 5th, Trey
Bowling, 44.25
Pole Vault - 1st, Gus
Hurst, 86
Long Jump - 1st, Jake
McEnaney, 153; 4th, Isaac
Reyer, 125
Triple Jump - 2nd, Wyatt Burke, 276; 4th, Trey
Bowling, 256.75
Shot Put - 2nd, Dillon
Palmer, 31.5; 5th, Ian Hedlund, 302
Discus Throw - 2nd, Ian
Hedlund, 948.75; 8th, Skylar Horton, 556

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Running with Blair Broermann

By Lea Peregrine
Shes the girl that could
race for days, the girl that
could never run out of endurance; you guessed it
right, Blair Broermann!
Blair is the daughter of Brian Broermann and Melanie
Herron. Her father is married to Michelle Broermann
and her siblings include
Christine, Bryce, and Brendon. Her mother is married
to Reno Herron and Blairs
siblings include little sister,
Presley, and older brother,
Sean. Added to the love coming from her siblings, Blair
also has several nieces and
As her family, like many
others, make such great
memories, Blair remembers
clearly going out to the farm
with her dad as a child and
the several family gatherings.
Blair lives a busy schedule with babysitting and being in charge of the nursery
at her local church. She has
been involved in numerous
activities throughout her
high school career. Blair has
been running cross country
for four years and track for
four years. She has also been
in NHS for three years and
also had the opportunity to
be a D.A.R.E role model this
year. Her favorite hobbies
include babysitting and
hanging out with her nieces
and nephews. Some of her
favorite things to do include

watching Greys Anatomy

and her main movie, 4 Minute Mile. She enjoys snacking on French fries while
cheering on the Kansas City
Royals and the Kansas City
Blairs plans after high
school include becoming a
Bearcat at Northwest Missouri State University in
Maryville, Missouri. Her
main goal is to get on the
right track to become a first
grade teacher.
I asked Blair a few irrelevant questions that do not
pertain to her whatsoever
and she came back with
some answers for us.
Would you give up all
social media for the rest of
your life for $10,000?
Yes, I could buy more
Snowy days or rainy
How much wood would
a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
No clue
How many licks does it
take to get to the center of a
tootsie pop?
Are you always late,
early, or on time?
Now you guys know Blair
and her plans for after high
school! We congratulate
Blair as she embarks on
her journey to college after

Ethan Riley: Good Ol Country Boy

By Kaitlin Miller
Ethan Wade Riley is the
son of his current stay-athome mom, Rhonda, and his
farmer father, Jeff. Ethan
has one brother, Dalton, who
graduated from Tarkio High
School in 2009. Also includ-

ed in their family are one

spoiled blue-heeler puppy
named Ellie and seven pigs.
Ethan has grown up working on the farm and helping
out with whatever he could.
He told a story from back
when he was a child about
a bucket calf he had named
Rosie. I would never have to
lead her because she would
follow me. Every day she followed me from the barn to
the house and I would sit in
the yard with her. Farming
has influenced Ethans life
so much that he plans on attending Northwest Missouri
State University after high
school in order to major in
agricultural sciences.
Not only does he show
his dedication on the family
farm, but Ethan goes above
and beyond when it comes to
his involvement in this com-

Thursday, April 14, 2016 - Page 5

munity. As for his academics, ommend watching it.
hes a part of countless clubs
In the meantime, I found
and organizations such as: some pretty irrelevant quesFFA, where he just received tions that got Ethan thinkhis State FFA Degree and ing.
also received the Missouri
If you could only eat
State Fair Scholarship, Stu- one type of candy for the
dent Council, National Hon- rest of your life, what kind
or Society, A-Plus Program, would it be?
Interact, Farmer City 4-H
Thats a hard one. It
Club, and D.A.R.E. In the would either be M&Ms or
athletics department, Ethan Milky Way. Theyre both
has behind him four years of chocolate, but one has carabasketball and golf, but just mel, but the other lasts lonbecause hes a basketball ger.
player doesnt mean he cant
When life gives you
belt out a few tunes for us lemons, what do you do with
once in a while. Hes spent them?
all four years of high school
I mean the logical anin band, choir, and musical swer would be to make lemtheater awaiting his rise to onade with them, but there
stardom. Who knows, maybe are many answers to this.
one day hell guest star on I mean, you could throw
his favorite T.V. show, The them at people - NO, dont
Big Bang Theory, or perhaps say that. Thats Skittles. You
contribute to the world of throw skittles at people and
country music. As for now, tell them to Taste the rainhes enjoying his last few bow.
weeks of high school remi Do you prefer pie or
niscing on some of his fa- cake?
vorite memories hes shared
Now youre asking hard
with his friends here at questions. Theyre both so
Tarkio High. Hopefully, hell good, but if I had to say... It
find some time to watch his would have to be cake. Pie is
favorite Harry Potter mov- really close.
ies, or read his favorite book,
If you could be any ceHeaven Is For Real. I know lebrity, living or dead, who
a few fellow classmates of would you want to be?
his would like to suggest he
It would have to be a cetakes some time to watch lebrity from Harry Potter.
their 7th grade production That would be awesome.
of Brothers Grimm where
Would you rather run
Tarkios very own Ethan Ri- 5 miles or be forced to eat 5
ley stars as Justin Bieber. pounds of cheese?
Word on the street is theres
They both seem really
even footage of him sing- horrible. Running is not one
ing Biebers hit song Baby. of my favorite things, so Ill
Many of Ethans peers rec- eat the cheese.

Tarkio High School seniors

preparing for end-of-school events
The 2015-16 school year
is nearing its end and with
that comes end-of-school
events for Tarkio High
School seniors. The students
will be extremely busy these
last two months.
Jr./Sr. Prom
Seniors will be attending
their last Tarkio High School
Junior/Senior Prom on Saturday, April 30, from 8 to 11
p.m. at the Tarkio Community Building. A promenade,
which is open to the public,
will take place at 7 p.m.
at the Tarkio High School
Gym. The promenade will
allow for all parents, family,
and community members to
take pictures of all prom attendees.
Seniors will participate
in a baccalaureate service,
sponsored by the Tarkio/
Westboro Ministerial Alliance, on Sunday, May 1. A
dinner for the seniors and
their parents and grandparents will be held at the
Tarkio Assembly of God
Church at 6 p.m., followed
by the service at 7 p.m. Seniors are to wear their caps
and gowns.
The Tarkio Junior High
Band and Choir and Tarkio
Elementary 5th and 6th
Grade Band Concert will be
held Wednesday, May 4, at
6:00 p.m. in the auditorium.
The THS Spring Concert
and Awards Night for the
high school band and choir
will also be on May 4, but
will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the
Class pictures
They will also be asked
to don their caps and gowns

again on Friday, May 6, for

professional class and individual pics at 1 p.m. at the
school. This day also marks
the last day of school for the
On Sunday, May 8, the
seniors will embark on their
senior trip to Branson, MO.
The students are to arrive
at 7:30 a.m. and the bus
will leave at 8 a.m. sharp.
The students will return on
Wednesday, May 11.
On Thursday, May 12,
from 8 to 11:30 a.m., the
seniors will practice their
walk-ins into the THS Gym
for the graduation ceremony.
All seniors must attend this
On Friday, May 13, the
seniors will again meet in
the gym at 8 a.m. for a walkthrough before being treated to breakfast at the Tarkio
United Methodist Church.
At 1 p.m., the senior awards
assembly will begin in the
gym. (seniors are to meet
at 12:30 p.m. in Mrs. Wennihans room). Attendance is
required by the seniors and
family and friends are also
The graduation ceremony
will take place on Sunday,
May 15, at 2 p.m. in the
THS Gym. The seniors are
to meet in Mrs. Wennihans
room between 1 and 1:30

Tarkio FFA and

Ag Department

Tarkio R-I Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Monday, April 18 - No School.

Tuesday, April 19 - Breakfast - Sausage breakfast
bar, pineapple tidbits, juice, and milk; and Lunch - Chicken and cheese quesadilla, baked beans, peas, applesauce,
mixed fruit, and milk.
Wednesday, April 20 - Breakfast - Cheese omelet,
toast, cherries, juice, and milk; and Lunch - Breaded
chicken strips, romaine lettuce, corn, fresh carrots, mandarin oranges, pear halves, and milk.
Thursday, April 21 - Breakfast - Breakfast slider,
cheese stick, sliced peaches, juice, and milk; and Lunch
- Hard shell taco, romaine lettuce, cheese, refried beans,
sliced peaches, grapes, and milk.
Friday, April 22 - Breakfast - Biscuit, sausage patty,
pear, juice, and milk; and Lunch - Biscuit and gravy, tritater, green beans, pear halves, banana, and milk.

A 2nd entree and a chef salad are now available

the 5th-12th of each month.