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Josh Barton GDS

Design Process and Pricing Sheet

My freelance design is a great

solution to your startup
Sections: business:
Section 1 will cover pricing In today’s economy, starting a business may be difficult, to say the least.
and processes for all offline You may have a great idea, product, service or company that you want to
tangible content. launch into the public. You may need to gain a publicity edge against
local competitors, or just continue ruling your market. Now where do you go
i.e. Logos, Business Cards, for your new website, logo, business cards etc., and where can you find a
Flyers, Advertisements quality inspired and affordable solution?

You have 3 options:

Section 2 will cover pricing •You do it on your own. And as a “real estate agent”, your strictly left-brained artistic
2 ability is futile in attempts to create anything appetizing about your services.
and processes for all on
•You go through a local or national graphic designing firm, paying prices up to $6000
screen non-tangible designed for the logo face of your company, or even $15,000 for a 10-page website.
items. -or-
•You choose me. A freelance graphic designer not associated with any government
taxes, personnel staff, and facility charges, who can afford to charge honest
i.e. Websites, Flash Animation,
reasonable prices for graphic design! You choose an individual with over 5 years of
Web Ad Banners, Digital experience graphic designing, and directly dealing with clients. My prices are as
Signage Projects, SEO Service followed on the next few pages. Check it out, see if I am the right fit for your business!
Tangible Items
Pricing and Process

Section 1 Logos plesamplesamplesamplesampl

Pricing of logos starts at
•$100 with a max cap of $300 mplesamplesamplesamplesam
Physical materials:
Logos, Cards, Flyers
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Section 2

Non-tangible materials

Websites, SEO, & More!

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Websites start at just
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Why pay $1,500,831,098.00 for a potenti. Donec sit amet tortor. posuere vitae, risus. Sed iaculis erat
website when you can pay a
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I was a DJ/Webmaster for elit sit amet eros convallis eleifend.
www.radiolaspositas.com 2008- pede imperdiet mauris, ac
2009. Roundstone Properties INC Aenean fermentum. Nam
placerat enim urna sed mauris.
is an awesome company of an pellentesque tincidunt quam. Nunc
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awesome broker in Danville. I
feugiat tellus at eros. Nulla eget
themed Chicago’s Art Festival. Morbi a nisi.
dolor. Vestibulum nec nunc

Contact Me:
510 566 8063
57 Carrick Drive
Hayward, California 94542

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