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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF DELAWARE CARRIER CORPORATION, Plaintiff, v. Civ, No. 12-930-SLR GOODMAN GLOBAL, INC., et al., Defendants. ORDER At Wilmington this 11'" day of April, 2016, having reviewed the parties’ submissions made in connection with defendants’ renewed motion for a stay and the parties’ scheduling suggestions for the new trial on liability (D.1. 439, 441, and 448; D.I 443 and 451); IT IS ORDERED that defendants’ renewed motion for a stay (D.t. 438) is denied Consistent with the statistics generated by the PTO, defendants’ request for reexamination, filed on September 14, 2012, is still pending with no predictable end in sight. Given that it was defendants’ choice to opt for inter partes reexamination rather than inter partes review (available as of September 17, 2012), ! see no reason to revisit my prior decision to conclude the litigation. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, however, that plaintiff's request to include the issues of willfulness and damages within the scope of the new liability trial is denied, for the same reasons | bifurcated such issues in the first instance. Indeed, this case is the poster child for bifurcation in terms of the complexity (created by the parties) of the liability issues, and | decline to change course at this stage of the proceedings. By separate order, } have endorsed defendants’ proposed schedule, albeit with some modifications. United th Judge