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Past Health History

It was in the year 1997 when Mr. D started to felt episodes of lower back and
he considered it that it was just a pilay. Ang alam ko noon pilay yun e.
Sinubukan kase naming hulihin yung kalabaw sa bukid, he said. And
whenever he experienced lower back pain. And on `S, he managed it by
Years has passed, on the year of 2000, he was invited for a free check up to
an Iridology center in Cagayan and based from their examination, they have
found out that he has already kidney failure. Since there were no symptoms
occurring from that time, he opted to seek medical advice.
Ten years later, it was in 2010 when her sister who was an Iridologist, asked
him for an examination. Magpaparatice daw sya sa akin. Nung nakita nya
yung mata ko may lacuna daw, yung guhit ng mapa ng kidney parang may
kanal na, he said. But then he ignored again what they had seen in the
In 2011, He was rushed to Infirmary hospital in Montalban when he
experienced diarrhea accompanied by vomiting, body weakness and sudden
weight loss. Based from the fecalysis examination results showed
amoebiasis. On the other hand, urinalysis result showed the presence of
protein. Mr. D recalled that during that time, he described his urine output as
mabula yung ihi ko, akala ko normal yun kaya hinayaan ko na lang.He said
that during his hospitalization they did not address the abnormality in his
urinalysis result.
His blood pressure started to rise from 150/90 in 2013. And on September of
the same year, he observed discoloration of his skin to yellowish. It was in
December 2013, while he was on the his way back home to Manila from
Cagayan province, he experienced something different on his face. Nung
nasa bus ako pauwi ng Manila, parang mabigat yung kalahati ng mukha ko.
Pero di ko na masyado pinansin. Ang alam ko nauntog lang ako sa bus, he
said. He also said that he was so irritable and he also experienced vomiting
at that time. And when he got home on January 2 , 2014, his wife urged him

to consult a doctor. On January 6, 2014, they seek medical advice from a

doctor near their place. He said that upon the doctor saw him, he
immediately ordered blood chemistry. He still remembered that his creatinine
level reached to 1800. Ganitong ganito yong pagkakasabi ng doctor noon,
Pare gagawa na ako ng letter sa NKTI. Mataas na yong lason ng dugo mo, he
said. So they immediately rushed to NKTI, laboratory tests were done.
Creatinine level reached up to 2000. Kidney ultrasound result showed that
his both kidneys were shrinking and there was also presence of masses.
Blood pressure began to rise to 180/110mHg. And there was already lesser
urine output. According to him, due to lack of funds and was not yet ready to
accept his situation he refused to undergo dialysis treatment.
On February 03, 2014, he was rushed to NKTI, he was feeling bloated at that
time and was experiencing shortness of breath. There was also blurry of
vision and blood pressure reading reached up to 200/110mmHg. He also
admitted that he was so irritable and there are some hallucination events
happened at that time. And it was on February 04, 2014 when he started his
first dialysis treatment.