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Physics Core Programme (Level 2) (SCIS2001)

Basic Mechanics, Optics and Electromagnetism

16 Apr to 18 Jul 2016

Confirmation Slip
TO: The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
Sha Kok Estate, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
(Fax no: 3940 0202)

Please complete this confirmation slip

below and submit it to the HKAGE by fax /
email (apd@hkage.org.hk) / post on or
before 11 Apr 2016 (Monday). Late
submission will be considered as
withdrawal. You should login to the Result
Announcement on 13 Apr 2016 to check
your enrollment status.

Important Notes:





Student must seek permission from parent/ guardians before returning the slip.
Students who confirm to participate in the programme should attend class punctually. Those who cannot attend
should notify HKAGE at 3940 0102. Please submit a signed Leave Application Form with documentary proof of
reasons. Absence without sound reasons may affect the chance of being accepted to other programmes
organised by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education.
The HKAGE and the service provider(s) have the responsibility to provide a safe learning environment to our
students during class. Parent should arrange safe drop-off and pick-up arrangement of their child to and from
For inclement weather arrangement and control measures for communicable diseases, please refer to our
website: http://ge.hkage.org.hk/en/students/important-information/bad-weather.
If the Education Bureau announces the cancellation of classes in all secondary and primary schools as a result of
Bad Weather or Influenza, all HKAGE student programmes will be cancelled or postponed. Student members
should visit our website for further information.
The programme may be videotaped for the HKAGEs internal records, educational, research and course
promotions. We will handle / use (i) the students photos / videos taken during this programme and (ii) their
coursework / products submitted to / collected by us in accordance with their preferences indicated / updated in
the Declaration at online programme registration. For making further changes, please contact us on 3940 0102
and submit written request.
Students are encouraged to report to their parent / guardian and teachers about their progress in this programme.

Please tick below:

I give permission for my child _____________________ (name) of student number
S_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _to participate in the captioned programme.

Signature of Student :
Name of Parent / Guardian :
Signature of Parent / Guardian :
Contact Phone Number :
Date :


( 2) (SCIS2001)

2016 4 16 7 18

(3940 0202)

2016 4
11 /
(apd@hkage.org.hk) /

2016 4 13




3940 0102




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