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How did you spend your time this week? What responsibilities did you have?

Week 2:I spent my time observing my mentor teacher and, walking around the room helping/asking
students questions while they were working. I also had the opportunity to sit in on a day long
professional development session on standards based grading last Friday. It was interesting to hear the
different prospective of teachers and learn about all of the preparation that must take place before it
can be implemented.
Week 3: The students reviewed for their unit test Monday and Tuesday. During that time, I worked with
small groups of students answering questions as they worked through their unit review assignments.
Wednesday we began a collaborative class project and I supervised the students to make sure it went
smoothly. I also helped my mentor teacher grade tests and record data into the grade book.
week 4: This week I began more lead teaching with some co-teaching as well. I developed a couple
lessons to teach naming ionic compounds and used previous lessons from my PLC team. I also graded
concept checks and helped my mentor teacher check in with students so they could correct their
week 5: This was my second week of leading the class. My cooperating teacher was present while I
lead and in between classes we quickly discussed what went well and what I could change to improve
for the next class. Wednesday I taught 4 th and 5th on my own (with faculty member present) while my
cooperating teacher was at a funeral.
week 6: This was my third week of leading the class. Once again, my cooperating teacher helped me
to find areas of improvement. One that we noticed was that I need practice giving students enough time
to finish their work but gage when enough are finished so that we can go over it in a timely manner. I
also graded student assignments, lead students through a lab, finished up the unit so that we could
begin the review.
week 7: The week before spring break, I lead taught on my own. We finished the first half of our unit
with a test before break. We also had conferences Monday and Wednesday night. This was my first
experience with conferences and it went very well. There were less students/parents than I expect only
about 50 out of 140 but my cooperating teacher explained that less usually come in the spring or they
now just e-mail if needed.
week 8: The week after spring break, we reviewed part 1 of our unit and then began part 2. For this
portion the students will not have a written test but rather a performance expectation in the form of a
graded lab. This week we have been doing small parts of that so they are prepared.
week 9: I helped the students prepare for their performance assessment that was on Thursday and
Friday. Then I helped to organize the lab station and facilitated class during the assessment. I also
helped students after school that needed to catch up on work or review concepts they did not
Week 10: Last week, we finished our unit 6 performance assessment. Then we began our chemical
reactions unit. I started this by using a historical short story about the conservation of mass and then an
inquiry simulation about balancing equations.

What were your most satisfying experiences? What were your most challenging experiences?

Week 2: I really liked getting to know the students and learning the overall routine. I also helped the
students individually with their work quite a bit, it was a cool experience to slowly see them begin to
understand a concept. Remembering student names is challenging for me but its something I really want to
work on. It was also challenging to jump into the middle of their unit, it has been a while since I studied
basic chemistry but it is all coming back to me rather quickly.
Week 3: My most satisfying experience this week was seeing the students work together and take initiative
during our class project. My most challenging experience was trying help students who had fallen behind
before the unit test because it felt like there was so much information to help them understand and not very
much time.
Week 4: I enjoyed being more in charge of the classes and learning how to make changes to my lessons
as the day went on. The most challenging part of last week was adjusting to time management and getting
enough sleep.
Week 5: I was most satisfied when my 4th period students did not ask where Kaylee was on Wednesday
when she was at the funeral. This shows me that they are accepting me as their teacher. My most
challenging moment was when I had trouble motivating students to finish their work. We had assigned
homework which they rarely get in chemistry and only half of them had done their work. We then gave them
time in class because we need them to all be in the same place and some students still had trouble
finishing. It was difficult because I wasnt sure if they were confused or simply wanting to be lazy.
Week 6: My most satisfying experience was being able to juggle everything while my cooperating teacher
was gone on Friday. My most challenging is experience has been making sure the students know that they
should ask questions if they are not understanding something. Since I am still learning how to teach, its
difficult to know if misunderstandings are because of the content or the way that I am teaching. As I get to
know the students and vice versa this is getting easier though.
Week 7: The most satisfying experience was meeting some of the students parents so that I could learn
more about them. I also gave my first test and the students did well over all so I was happy with that. The
most challenging experience this week was helping a couple of the students catch up and get ready for the
test after they realized they had not been putting in their full effort before.
Week 8: My most satisfying experience was that I am getting to know the students well and they are getting
comfortable with me so we are able to have better class discussions. The most challenging was trying to
motivate the students to get back into the school schedule but that only took a couple of days and they
were fine.
Week 9: My most satisfying moment was when the students did very well writing their own procedures and
doing their own test. They followed all the safety protocol and wrote in good detail. My most challenging
experience was getting them to practice writing. They did not want to at all but it paid off when they knew
what to do on their assessment.
Week 10: My most satisfying moment was when a senior student walked into class Friday after not being
there since spring break. My mentor teacher and I had just been having a conversation about him and were
sad that he was so close to finishing. I dont know who was able to help him but all of a sudden he showed
up and it was great to know he still has a chance to graduate. One of my most challenging experience was
trying to juggle all of the students who were gone during our performance assessment. They still had a lot
to make up while the rest of the class was ready to move on. Luckily the article that we read was one that
the students who were behind could quickly catch up.

What are the plans for the upcoming week?

Week 2: I plan to begin doing more instruction with the kids, through co-teaching. Next week will be a
lot of review time for the kids because they are testing Thursday so I also plan to continue helping
students when they are doing in class work/reviews. One major goal that I have is to become more
aware of little things that my mentor teacher does to keep the students focused on their work so that I
can build that into my teaching.
week 3: I plan on taking on more teaching responsibilities as we are starting a new unit on Monday. I
am planning lessons for next week and my mentor teacher and I discussed splitting students into small
groups based on understanding of the topics.
week 4: This week I plan take on more roles as lead teacher and get a lot of assignments and planning
done at the beginning of the week so that I can better manage my time.
week 5: This coming week we plan to finish up our chemical bonding unit, and prepare for a test at the
beginning of next week before spring break. I am learning a lot about preparing good assessments
which I plan to use in the future.
week 6: Next week we are testing on Tuesday and have conferences. I plan to have the students
review on Monday and then test and do corrections Wednesday. I also plan to attend conferences both
Monday and Wednesday night. I am looking forward to this so that I can learn more about the students
and discuss some plans to get a few students back on track.
week 8: Next week we will be finishing unit 6 on chemical bonding. The students will have a
performance assessment on Thursday and Friday, in which they will use patterns in physical properties
and intermolecular forces to identify unknown substances. Our next unit is on chemical reactions so I
will also begin planning for that.
week 9: Next week we are wrapping up the assessment and then we are going to begin looking at
conservation of mass and chemical equations.
Week 10: We are wrapping up the assessment and then we are going to begin looking at conservation
of mass and chemical equation. Then we are demonstrating the different types of chemical reaction
and concept checking over balancing equations. This is also my last week lead teaching, then my
cooperating teacher will begin leading again. I will still be very active in the classroom though because
we do a lot of student centered work and labs.