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One-day connected forum and workshops 21 May 2010

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17 - 18 June 2010, Rydges World Square, Sydney
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Promoting equal employment opportunity and inclusion initiatives within your organisation

Hear from our expert
panel of speakers:

Allens Arthur Robinson (AAR)

Metropolitan Fire and
Emergency Services Board
Pride in Diversity
AH Revelations

Post-forum workshops Australian Employers’

Network on Disability
Friday, 18 June 2010
Gaining and maintaining business support for your
A diversity strategy
Dr Katie Spearritt, Managing Director, Diversity Partners

B Hiring for diversity

Jon Gill, Managing Director, Cicero

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AGENDA Workplace Diversity
17 - 18 June 2010, Rydges World Square, Sydney
Leading organisations across all industry sectors are beginning to understand demonstrate how you can link diversity initiatives into your overall business
the underlying need and importance of considering issues surrounding strategy, retain a diverse workforce and achieve a harmonious and fair work
diversity within the workplace. The continued growth of an enterprise now environment.
relies heavily on considerations made around fair work for all people and in the
context of a diverse population. The following critical issues will be explored:

Over the past few years, the Australian Federal Government has been proactive ƒƒ Aligning diversity initiatives with your overall business strategy
in harmonising equal employment opportunity legislation within all industries ƒƒ Driving an inclusive culture that complements organisational activities
across Australia. The Fair Work Bill has worked to establish reform which has ƒƒ Dealing with diversity resistance and overcoming barriers and obstacles
seen a transition in new workplace relations systems for all Australian workers. ƒƒ Addressing the issues surrounding LGBT inclusion within the workplace
ƒƒ Developing a strategic plan towards career progression and fair treatment
This one-day connected forum will allow you to hear practical and innovative of women
case studies from leading industry organisations. Each presentation will ƒƒ Creating a fair working environment for employees with disabilities

COnnected forum - Thursday, 17 June 2010

8:45 Registration and refreshments
Specific diversity case studies

9:15 Chairperson's opening remarks 2:00 Incorporating LGBT into your diversity strategy
Avril Henry, Executive Director, AH Revelations This session will introduce you to Australia's first employer support
program designed to assist HR and diversity managers with LGBT
Strategy and implementation inclusion. It will outline Australia's first workplace equality index,
due to be launched in late 2010.
óó Recent same-sex law reform and anti-discrimination laws require HR
9:30 Introductory ice breaker session
and diversity practitioners to be aware of specific challenges faced
To kick off proceedings, Avril will lead an interactive session that will by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) employees
include a ‘getting to know you’ exercise. The aim of this session is to
óó Leading Australian research shows impact of organisational culture
provide delegates with the opportunity to refresh their networking skills
on LGBT disclosure and discusses related health impacts
and to become familiar with fellow attendees’ backgrounds and what
they hope to achieve from the connected forum. óó Australia is gradually catching up to US and European best practice
by including LGBT strategies into diversity practice
Avril Henry, Executive Director, AH Revelations
óó Challenges faced by LGBT employees and a strong business case
for inclusion
10:15 Building a business case for diversity
Dawn Hough, Program Director, Pride in Diversity
óó Diversity: ensuring it’s more than just a policy
óó Considering diversity within the current economic climate
2:45 Evaluating talent and pipeline management for women
óó Aligning diversity initiatives with your organisation’s goals
óó Developing high potential women
óó Becoming a change agent: identifying the gains for including
óó Exploring career resilience and the role of mentoring and coaching
diversity within your organisation’s wider agenda
óó Implementing leadership programs for women
Dalal Smiley, Manager, Diversity Development, Metropolitan Fire
and Emergency Services Board óó Increasing the role of decision making for women within the
11:00 Morning refreshments and networking Frances Drummond, Partner, Freehills

11:30 Driving an inclusive culture within your organisation: 3:30 Afternoon refreshments and networking
a KPMG case study
óó Understanding the importance of attracting and retaining diverse
4:00 Addressing issues around disability within the workplace
óó Building disability confidence
óó Creating a culturally rich and discrimination-free environment
óó Sourcing expert advice and assistance
óó Critical success criteria for your strategy
óó Implementing reasonable adjustment policies and procedures
óó Best practice examples of Diversity & Inclusion program components
Suzanne Colbert AM, Chief Executive, Australian Employers’ Network
Amelia Britton, Diversity Manager PPC, KPMG
on Disability

Overcoming challenges and obstacles

4:45 Closing remarks and end of connected forum

12:15 Dealing with resistance

óó Identifying and responding to the various forms of resistance
óó Creating diversity understanding within your organisation
óó Establishing foundations for cultural change
óó Celebrating the diversity scope within your organisation
Jacqui Abbott, Head of Flexibility and Diversity,
Allens Arthur Robinson (AAR)

1:00 Networking lunch

Worplace Diversity
17 - 18 June 2010, Rydges World Square, Sydney

workshops - Friday, 18 June 2010

Workshop A: Gaining and maintaining business support for your diversity strategy

Registration: 8.00 am
Workshop starts: 8.30 am
Workshop ends: 11.30 am

Facilitated by: Dr Katie Spearritt, Managing Director, Diversity Partners

About the workshop:

This workshop will provide practical tips for building support when implementing a diversity strategy across your organisation. While many executives
are committed to leadership diversity, it is often difficult to know how to get started. This workshop will provide an effective four-step framework for
building support and maintaining momentum to create an inclusive culture that supports workforce diversity. Topics that will be covered include:

óó Setting the business case

óó Engaging key stakeholders from the beginning
óó Creating momentum across the business
óó HR business partner engagement
óó Selecting diversity initiatives that meet the business needs
óó Measuring and reviewing your diversity strategy
óó Diversity communication

About your workshop leader:

Dr Katie Spearritt is the Managing Director of Diversity Partners in Australia. Diversity Partners is a boutique consultancy that advises clients on
innovative solutions to build inclusive and collaborative cultures that support diversity and flexibility. Katie has worked for a range of multinational
firms, including Hewlett-Packard, Coles Group, NAB and BHP. Current and recent clients of Diversity Partners include Origin Energy, Goldman Sachs,
Allens Arthur Robinson and Amcor. Katie is one of the most experienced equity and diversity leaders in Australia, and specialises in connecting
business strategies with diversity goals.

Workshop B: Hiring for diversity

Registration: 12.00 pm
Workshop starts: 12.30 pm
Workshop ends: 3.30 pm

Facilitated by: Jon Gill, Managing Director, Cicero

About the workshop:

During this workshop, you’ll learn how to ensure that diversity is a critical inclusion within your
organisation’s business strategy. You’ll learn how calculated recruitment and HR strategies within
your workplace will lead to an inclusive culture and workplace.

The following critical factors will be addressed:

óó Benefits of a diversified workforce
óó Working with partners and management to embrace a diverse culture
óó Pysch testing: where does it fit in?
óó Driving culture through a calculated hiring strategy
óó Retaining senior female staff

About your workshop leader:

Jon Gill has over 18 years experience in the search industry, both in Australia and the UK. His first job, after gaining a degree in Theology,
was with Slaughter & May, a UK magic circle firm, where he spent time in their Paris office before joining the corporate recovery services
team of a top international accounting firm.

He began his career in recruitment in 1987 and he relocated to Sydney in 1999, becoming the Regional General Manager for an
international search firm which specialised in recruiting partners, teams and facilitating mergers within the legal industry.

He was also Managing Director of Lloyd Morgan in Sydney and headed up their legal team nationally.
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Workplace Diversity
17 - 18 June 2010, Rydges World Square, Sydney
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