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Plani (Copyright 1945—LeJay Manufacturing Co, PLANS FOR 110 VOLT A. C. LIGHT PLANT made from Ford Model “I” Generator FIG. 4 zy foie ar tn by sep plage eurtlyend enrety you ‘ese Ss cia an age eat a a ae er ter ie carves Savh Gecthtbetr a's ame SP MERA eM Salons fal $6 et ee ats “Cs eat tlt it ghetto, & ier more eh ha. he ache TMG GM Bil ge ch at cee ee EAP Recs ARMA Gin ave, ad S'la Relea i ie Sera ’ sete Fe ans eg an See baa ee Sls Fates Gaara Bec ts tal hike Binders Scns Sale ae range ft nto moa te f grtance a8 lsh ohana! gna rear! ema le Se Sis ot he areal wer ong fer are of fhe rah yoo Laster“uhah Sit not Wark Ge" tey ako fare watts power SEE GSN ER Babe DIRECTIONS caters ttl“ ord gwar ta hs nd pete eal as at ad ela aa funders Git Satiycar etadis Get Se we eetis Og Srctt HESS cat te hu ear ae Beane pf Sect Ree Ma a ae aie hse has, ie Rated, "hake oe it Soi ghar soos ecient Geuastact isi aoe, core ip creo aencere Baio 2 HE nee ntsc nee tencarn ar Bua eas mane tere eos ams Ie eats eile oye Re aire ig fa ieare cr anced ore Tea ath ass nen earn g Mucor” @ EAU wa lates cake aloe Lees ROO Rath gee ndags aay bt thr rd mura price thn cons at Aes net es hae Se Ruane ata aa ad gia cee Ea ey maar alte alan ee ae Be through slots, Wrap insulation tape around both ends of shaft to Ste carts ete a Sc ie si rt AR en aed ti pie BhiPsah secerafctent Sides toda ouch sil er OER Petite ey ae aed OE Stor en ay tom epi arw tis nately senertse andaney fg ih Pans Araneae ata abot tae set EROS Meni aie Sale BRR Ghat ihc Rated cosh Rae Be Fat htbte ction 1 pound of No, ary Formas magnet Tar ecrorar ake ee sane a Re Reet ale nha Pee sty Mg as at Rea imans arama it tanith ite SP AA aah oe leer LOTR Sale uate ADEE y eatag 0 Sab AP Edita’ mae 7 e's dee ano eas She RSS Pisin ers eet ase oe ‘mere ave 4 poles to the armature so you will have to repent this ame operation 3 mare times. Continud next by running wire Com Stot's‘%o slots & and and. wind in 0 tyenabe-aureto pack in Srindings-cfvom slot # move to 10 and 7and place in 80 turns. foi Tindt'and 6, here place in only 40 turns yom S,move to 13 and it nd sind in'stturna, then to ia and Is and wind tn 80 (urns, chen {o'h'and 16 where 9a put ih only 40 turns, "From slot 16 move to 48 and If and’ pot in 80 furne, then to 20 and AT and Dut in $0 turns and anally to Bi and Je where you put in 40 turns, chen anlab by SRhwing wire out alot 2i-allow’ about G"inehew and cut of. Ths Hives you one continuous winding on armature. 'f you will notice slots 1-and 21,have only 40 relpdining space with wooden, wedres “iri oft mmewiation paper Aush with laminations and fold down Into slots, then force @ wooden wedge inio each let's (D) Fig. ‘Bese weages hold windings $a place f'you denire to toot the winding for ground use an old radio head phone anddry ceil: Conmect one wire Liam phone to armature that Bonnect otter phone wire to ono side of vattory and ather pide of Battery. (a winding: Tf you near a eilek when contaet ie made thea your winding ts Kfounded. if'you do not hear & click then winding WO. Te grounded then tenet unwinding ‘untl ground In Ige fated, Biaulate then rewind. “New Connect end wire: from alot At fo \coinmutator rleer and solder, Gp we, 1 ana (i) ig. 2. Bolger the starting end of windine to shale at foint close to windings, (A) Big. Land (G) big, 3.'and be earetul not to damace windings wit ‘Bie armature te now ready for varnishing. Use 2 non-conduetor ‘varnish and soak the armature well. You Eure’ and keep doing ‘this by Gsing Uio'varnish over and over unlit il gendiogs are well and ‘lala cols are next. ‘Disconnect the to feld coll leads and bein cout of goncrator frame au shown by (i) Fig.” Keep coll to 9 Sdnections am they are, Remove fromm the generator fre grown fand movable brushes tit ls hot necessary fo tale out the. brush elders) which leaves only one brush, (M0) (Pig. &, thig remain broth Ye Wngrounded. wire (B) should be gSntected, from tila Brush 9 the'ferminal fost (Np lng 4 Altar this ork 13 propery ‘Sone install the armature and put generator together, then’ You will have 2 complete 110 volt A.C. generator. Teaade (KC) Tig. 3 are connected to remular § volt gencrater which ta'dGenod at amie time the Av G. wencrator ip tarkea, This volt fensrator fugetigns tortie Ac ‘however, cop O.valtage more constant it would be better io connect to a 8 volt sorare battery then connect the 6 voit gen ‘erator direct (o the baitery. It makes no difference which fea reno eaeh £0 A In seeeiute tei mek eet rat fame santa Selec, eda Meo BoB MPI? SEE cay somata pt, gee Reaiedie ase heen tear Et anh Sea GPM a oe ey cay Sk Se ie Shapeal ae ms cece Bi ii ane Ac ORE FY Cal sche on ERLE SSSR Aer "To make (he entire system more fexisie we have made a special Pheoeeet to bee use fn feta eieeune of A.C generator ue show at BRE? b, Be, aaisetng thio rheoslat You wl be able tg change the ocvoliges to corteapond with Wad You are using ‘Por matance ors Tithts woud tale teat power than, for € Hgita, so You San Set" the thenstat hack fo accatrmmodnte this and atways: have 8 Volts, Sithout theoetat the voltage will very slightly "The hu G. machine ean Se {urtea In ithe! directa, however, the 6 volt Generntor auould be tured in counter closkwlse’ Section fe Yeu fice the commitetgr. Ae 2.p. engine willbe Tetes enoush Bie Setter results wil be obtained tf'you use 2 Kort hb ‘Some butders will prefer a voltmeter hooked across the line at al ego to this can ta eccey wnat the voltage for Host ean from fy fo0) Sage fn inecoygaive AG. voltmeter With sanse from o 100 9 Om alee moter No. aE im catalog) This wemerator can fe made to, de- Hod by” chanwing Avia connections FIG. 2 plant ie tured on the battery will again be charged twp. You sce the plant has many. valuable ad~ vantages and the overall cost is very I0%. oie Diteorinect pnd GF wo dy hield alls ire tow In ‘soe ‘pedaife and will raw about twice Ihe Sireent from’battery” This means A suggested layout for you to follow in setting up your plant is shown by insert in Pig. 4 Ue Sharging rate of 6 voit nenerator ‘will have to bo advanced to" aboat & ‘A suggested schematic hookup Ss shown by Fig. 6. ER ication SN) Siry foil about tree’mare Se holes sn aNlve an bE “ven S00 watts’can be fd for shoet porous witnsre‘aate PC Durning out, "Anotier way to increase ANC. output is to exes ‘enerator with 12 volts Inatoad of € Volts, fold calls are lett in ea for 1d volt excitation: FIG. 5 GENERATOR CASE |—cRoUNDED FIELD con. RHEOSTAT LEADS Listed below are supplies for making: the above change,, These supplies are offered at low prices and ‘fully guaranteed. ARTICLE HE, Na 1A. compete it fr rewinding soar own Ford mds Sitter Si cats hag pa 1 Bound No. hens Foran mace sce 1 Ban Rtn ar oes svat lt wegen Beech ete tan Use of same previously de- 1 coramutator brush Complete above kit—we pay postage.......(See catalog for price.) curour. your ox, GeNenaror = 7@19—Model “" Vee type pulley, postpal (See eat. for price.) W2—Voltage control rheostat @ouble duty)—postpald....-....-. (Bee catalog for price.) 880Factory rewound Ford Model “TA. C. generator, 110 volt, 180 watts (enough power to light § or 6 of the 26 watt bulbs of 4 bulbs and radio)—shipping welght, 16 Ibs, FOB... 7 (Bee catalog for price.) SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM {It you own a 6 volt radio set then this plant will come in handy for charging tho Dattery. Just advance’ the charging rate of 6 ‘volt generator and hook on radio battery and It will be charged in ‘one or two nights run at no cost to you, You ean charge more than ‘one battery at one time if you wish, ‘They should be hooked in par= ‘Parallel moana that positive terminal is hooked to positive land the negative terminals are hooked together, then connected ‘to generator, You may also have 6 volt lights where you want thera ‘by connecting to the plant battery, These lights can bé turned on ‘at any time whether the plant is running oF not, then when the 348P— to 150 scale A. C. voltmeter (110 volts), panel mounting— ‘we pay postage. 2(See catalog for price.) ‘97—Exchange price on rewound and reconditioned Modet “T ‘armature for 110 volts A. C. ++ (Sbe catalog for peice.) 310 Complete plant conslating of the following items: 1 No. SBP voltmeter, 1 No. 56D generator (110 volt A. C.). 1 No. W2 voltage controt rheostat. Complete plant, ship. wt. 18 Tbe....».+4.(Sve catalog for price.) ‘You save over $1.00 when you order all 2 items at one thm.