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Annexe 1.

Carrying-out the Job Analysis Plan/Process & the notes


1. The following research steps were taken by me (the Human Resources Officer in
charge with the job analysis process) and the below and attached relevant
information were the outcome:


Read the current organizational chart:

Read the attached current Job Description for the Branch Manager role.
Files\Stefana\CIPD\Assessment 4\Draft\J D Branch Manager.pdf


Read the current 2014 Smart objectives for this role (due to confidentiality
reason these cant be attached).
The current business objectives are focused on 4 main areas: reducing
process complexity in the agency and increase operational and activity
efficiency to make it easier for the customers, improve external & internal
client satisfaction trough a successful customer service strategy; manage
team, all resources and the operational activities within agency; effective
manage risk and all regulatory requirements.


After reading the current smart objectives and the current job description
for this role, I identified discrepancies between these two. Necessary
relevant collected data will be a must to update the current job description
and job specifications.

Job Analysis process and notes confidential, for internal use only

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Read the job audits (due to the confidentiality reasons the job audits reports
cant be presented). The most important highlights of these readings are:
- No major red flags upon operation activities were identified
- Important audit recommendations : to develop and increase control
tests for customer desk such as: operation reconciliations, verification of
clients signature, etc. to avoid operational risk, fraud and reputational
damage and increase clientss trust


After reading all the above materials the best job analysis methods
identified to carry out the job analysis process for collecting the most
relevant information to support update of the job description and the job
specification are: the Questionnaire, the Interview and the Observation:
o The interviews will be held by the HR Officer in charge with the job
analysis process with the current job holder and his manager (2
interviews) to identify the main purpose of the current job, the critical
activities that need to be performed and have great impact on the
current business strategy and the organization; the critical KSAs and
the important legislation aspects that are needed to successfully
complete this role
o The questionnaire will be provided by the HR Officer in charge with
the job analysis process to the current job holder, one of the job
holders direct report, current job holders related HR business partner,
one of his formal peers, Head of Business Operations (5
Questionnaires). The questionnaire will support in more detail the
identification of job responsibilities and job specification information,
including information about the legislative requirements, work
environment, work outcome, work relationships
o Observation activities: will be performed by the Human Resources
Officer in charge with this Job Analysis process.


Construct the interview questions. Please see attached.



Construct the questionnaire: Please see attached.

Branch Manager
Position Questionnaire


Establish the date of the meetings; dates for completing the questionnaire,
and dates of observation (in agreement with the job holder and his
Job Holders Manager interview date scheduled: 24.04.2014; hour:
Job Holder interview date scheduled: 29.04.2014; hour: 16pm

Job Analysis process and notes confidential, for internal use only

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Agreed observation dates: 28.04.2014 (09.00-13.00pm) & 06.05.2014

2. Conducted the interviews
3. Conducted the observations
The observation hours revealed the following relevant information:

Highly important to assure safety of agency staff to perform their daily work
and ensure high customer service;
Though it was quiet days at the office the main activities observed were:
supporting clients and staff in their daily requests and activities,
communication with the staff to brainstorm for efficiency of a specific
operation activity; checked internal databases and systems to support clients
and colleagues requests, wrote a presentation; completed reports for the
management and local authorities; communicated by phone and
electronically writing with the operational, management and risk colleagues;
completed documents received from colleagues and local authorities;
established and participated in business meetings; met with the HR Business
Partner to request input for finding the best solution for the return of one
maternity employee
competencies: strong communication and interpersonal skills to positively
solve clients requests; organization and prioritization skills; computer
abilities; solution focused
traits: patience, positive attitude and enthusiastic, friendly, integral and
determined in her work and her communication to others

4. Explained and handed over the questionnaires to the subjects mentioned above.
5. Analyzed collected data.

Analysation of
collected data

6. Reviewed information and steps taken to ensure that the relevant data were
7. Draw conclusions/ key findings

Key findings

8. Draw 2nd Memo with the updates and final recommendations

Job Analysis process and notes confidential, for internal use only

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Legislative references:

Law no. 677/2001 - The Personal Data Protection Law

Law no. 53/2003 - Labor Code in Romania


RBS Intranet: RBS Group Policy Framework

http://www.codulmuncii.ro/ (Law no. 53/2003 Labor Code in Romania)

Job Analysis process and notes confidential, for internal use only

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