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Bulletproof Diet

Oil & Fats

The Simple Bulletproof Diet

servings 5-9

calories 50-70%

Fruit or Starch
servings 1

Eat when youre hungry, stop when youre satiated, and try
not to snack. Target 5070% of calories from healthy fats,
20% from protein, 20% vegetables, and 5% fruit or starch.
For optimal results, follow the green portion of the diet and
limit fruit or starch consumption to 12 servings per day in
the evenings to avoid high triglycerides.

calories up to 5%


servings 6-11

calories up to 20%


servings 4-6

calories up to 20%

** Please visit www.upgradedself.com to purchase

all of the Bulletproof Upgraded food products.


What to Eat

Coffee made from Bulletproof

Upgraded Coffee beans, high
quality green tea, diluted coconut
milk, water with lime/lemon,
mineral water in glass

cilantro, bok choy*, brussels

sprouts*, fennel, celery,
asparagus, broccoli*, cauliower,
avocado, cucumber

ltered water, water with

lime/lemon, green tea,
fresh coconut water

kale*, collards*, spinach*,

cabbage*, radishes, summer
squash, zucchini, lettuce

tap water with lime/lemon,

water with muddled fruit, fresh
brewed Iced teaunsweetened,
fresh nut milk
Kombucha, raw milk, bottled
ice teano sugar added,
coconut water (bottle/box),
bottled nut milks


freshly squeezed fruit juice

pasteurized milk

soy milk, packaged juice, diet

drinks, soda, sweetened drinks,
aspartame drinks, sports drinks


There is no target quantity of

calories by design; as long
as your diet is made of
Bulletproof foods**, the
body will match calories in
and energy used until
optimal weight is achieved.

Servings: 5-9

Servings: 4-6

Oil & Fats

Bulletproof Upgraded MCT Oil**,
grassfed ghee, pastured egg
yolks, krill oil, grass-fed red meat
fat and marrow, coconut or,
sunower lecithin, avocado oil,
chocolate and cocoa butter

Nuts & Legumes














A biohack that makes it possible to lose fat, while

increasing mental focus and energy, without cravings.

You start by consuming a cup of Bulletproof Coffee** in

the morning. The healthy fats give you a stable current
of energy, and the ultra low-toxin Upgraded Coffee
Beans** optimize brain function and fat loss. For optimal
results, follow the green side of the diet in conjunction
with this protocol.

A biohack used occasionally to get a greater

reduction in inflammation.

About 12 times a week, limit your protein intake to

1525g to help cleanse your inner-cells without muscle
loss. To keep you full and energized, consume a cup of
Bulletproof Coffee** in the morning and have high fats and
moderate carbs throughout the day. For optimal results,
follow the green portion of the diet and limit carbohydrates
to the afternoon and evening.

Servings: 1
(choose either 1 starch or 1 fruit)

Bulletproof Upgraded
Whey 2.0**, Bulletproof
Upgraded Collagen Protein**,
grass-fed beef and lamb,
pastured eggs and gelatin,
bovine serum, colostrum



Spices & Flavorings



sweet potato, yam, carrot,

pumpkin, butternut squash

blackberries, cranberries, lemon,

lime, raspberry, strawberry,
avocado, coconut

Bulletproof Upgraded Chocolate

Powder**, Bulletproof Upgraded
Vanilla**, apple cider vinegar, sea
salt, ginger*, cilantro, parsley,

xylitol, erythritol, stevia

raw or not cooked, lightly


low-mercury wild sh such as

anchovies, haddock, petrale
sole, sardines, sockeye salmon,
summer ounder, trout

white rice, taro, cassava, plantain

pineapple, tangerine

oregano, turmeric, rosemary,

lavender, thyme

sorbitol, maltitol and other

sugar alcohols

steamed al dente, UV oven,

baked at 350F or below

organic grass-fed full-fat raw

milk or yogurt

wild caught seafood, pastured

pork, clean whey isolate*,
pastured duck and goose

brown rice, banana

grapefruit, pomegranate,

cinnamon, all-spice, cloves*,

organic prepared mustard with
no additives

non-GMO dextrose, glucose,

raw honey

simmered, boiled, poached,

lightly grilled (not charred)

pistachios, pine nuts, sprouted


non-organic grass-fed full-fat

raw milk or yogurt,
grain-fed ghee

factory farmed eggs, pastured

chicken and turkey

black rice, wild rice, fresh or

frozen organic corn on the cob

apple, apricot, cherries, kiwi, gs

nectarine, orange, peach, pears,
plums, lychee, honeydew

onion, table salt, mustard seed

maple syrup, coconut sugar

sous vide, crock pot

duck and goose fat,

grain-fed butter

brazil nuts, garbanzo beans,

hummus, dried peas

grain-fed butter

heated whey, hemp protein,

factory-farmed meat

potatoes (white, purple, new)

passion fruit, plantain, bananas,

dates, grapes, guava, mango,
melons, persimmon, papaya

garlic*, black pepper*, paprika*,


white sugar, brown sugar, agave,

cooked honey

broiled, barbequed

corn (fresh on the cob)

factory chicken fat, safower,

sunower, canola, peanut, soy
cottonseed, corn, and vegetable
oils, heated nuts and oils

most legumes (dried beans and

lentils), peanuts

skim or low-fat milk, fake butter,

pasteurized nonorganic milk
or yogurt

high-mercury or farmed seafood,

rice and pea protein

oats, buckwheat, quinoa


tofu, tamari, miso

fructose, fruit juice concentrate,

high-fructose corn syrup

stir fried

all other corn except fresh, soy,

canned veggies

margarine and other articial

trans-fats, oils made from GMO
grains, commercial lard

soy, soy nuts, corn nuts

all cheese, powdered milk,

factory dairy, dairy replacer,
condensed or evaporated milk,
conventional ice-cream

soy protein, wheat protein,

beans, cheese and other
pasteurized or cooked dairy
(except butter)

wheat, corn, millet, other grains,

potato starch, corn starch,
gluten-free powders

raisins, dried fruit, fruit leather,

jam, jelly, canned fruit

commercial dressings, spice

mixes and extracts, MSG, yeast,
caseinate, textured protein,
bouillon and broth, hydrolyzed
gluten, anything labeled enzyme
modied, avoring, or seasoning

aspartame (NutraSweet),
sucralose (Splenda),
acelsulfame potassium

burnt, blackened, charred, deep

fried, microwaved

Dairy protein is a major source of

allergies and inamation. Test
yourself to see what works. Ghee is
safe for almost everyone, and
butter usually is too because it is
low in protein.

* Whey protein should be cold

processed and cross-ow
microltered (CFM). People who
are sensitive to dairy should use
isolate over concentrate.

Eat very few starchy foodsand

its most optimal in the evenings.
Every 3 to 7 days, take one day to
eat more. See the intake and eating
times diagrams above.

coconut, olives

organic grass-fed ghee, organic

grass-fed butter, colostrum

grass-fed butter, sh oil

almonds, cashews, hazelnuts,

macadamia, pecans

non-organic grass-fed ghee or

butter, organic grass-fed cream

artichokes, green beans, carrots

butternut and winter squash,
leeks, green onion, parsley

palm oil, palm kernel, raw

macadamias, virgin olive oil,
pastured bacon fat

chestnuts, walnuts

onion, shallots, eggplant,

peppers, tomatoes, peas

raw almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts,

cashew butter, non-GMO soy

raw kale, raw spinach, raw

collards, beets, mushrooms,
raw chard, pumpkin

* These items should be cooked.

Refer to the cooking chart for the
most Bulletproof way of preparing
these veggies.
Copyright 2013 Better Baby, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting

for Fat Loss and Focus

(2-3 servings of nuts & legumes and dairy count

towards total fat servings)



Unroasted organic nuts are best;

roasting destroys omega-6 oils.
Nuts also mold very easily, so
avoid blemished nuts and
packaged sliced or crushed nuts.

* Beware, these items often harbor

toxic mold species. Its best to use
fresh, high-quality options
whenever you can.


These are USDA dened

servings. While eating
Bulletproof foods**, use this
as a guide for ratios. Eat until
you are satised, listen to your
body, and adjust amounts in
these ranges.




Bulletproof Protein Fasting


Servings: 6-11

When to Eat

How Much to Eat

This research-based diet is designed to

reduce toxic health-sapping foods, and
replace them with Bulletproof foods that fuel
your body, feed your brain, keep you satised,
and optimize performance.
This diet is easy to follow and allows for
experimentation and variation. No calorie
counting, no measuring. The foods are
arranged in a spectrum so you can choose
how bulletproof you want to become. The
more you eat on the green side of the
spectrum, the more youll feel your brain,
body, and hormones re-awaken as you
effortlessly lose fat, enhance cognitive
function, and help prevent diseases.


The Bulletproof Diet is your daily

foundation for reaching a state of
high performance, resilience, and
vibrant health.

Designed to reduce body fat, enhance mental

performance, and prevent disease while leaving
you satisfied and energized.