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God has always used simple ways to reveal astoundingly deep

I have had Him take one scripture and reveal that scripture in so
many dimensions over a period of years and each time it got
deeper and more profound and that simple scripture that seemed
so simple, and it was, matured and growed as I grew and it became
so much more precious to me as I grew and began to understand
its depths, its riches, its glory, its power!
I know The Lord has allowed me to share some very deep writings
and I can look back at where He has brought me from and see the
great distance He has brought me and I long to share with others
what He has given me, but I realize that many who might want to
"come up hither" may not be able to because they cannot find the
steps that was revealed to me to get here. So I want to share some
of the first revelations the Lord gave me that lead to the things He
has brought me too. And make a way, an open door to those who
By Faith, want to walk this Highway paved with Gold and follow it
as it travels between the Stones of Fire, past the angelic choir,
through the gates of Pearl that sit upon the Walls of Jasper right to
the very Throne of God where Jesus Christ sits! May your Journey

Colors -
Red - Satan, Blood, Calvary, Red Dragon, The Soul, The Physical
Realm, Woman
Blue - Law, God, Jews, Water, Natural Realm, Man
Yellow - Faith, Gold, Understanding, Enlightenment
Green - Life
Purple - Royalty
White - Light, Christ. Lucifer, Good
Black - Darkness, Evil, God, Lucifer

Numbers -
1 - God, Faith, Baptism, Unity
2 - Twain, rent veil, Lord and Christ, Twins, Jacob and Esau
3. Trinity, Body Soul Spirit, Father Son Holy Ghost
4 - Judgment, Law, Jew
5 - Ministry, Grace
6 - Man, finishing, Satan, Laodecia
7 - Spirits of God, Completion, Thunders, Angels, Churches, Stars
8 - Unveiling, Revelation, Uncovered,Revealed, God
9 - Birth, Manchild, etc
10 - Law, Curse of Law, Jews, Lost Tribes, Israel
11- Two Prophets, Law and Grace, Law and Prophets, Ministry,etc
12 - Government, Law, 144000, Israel, Apostles, Tribes
13 - Bride, Paul, Ministry, Church, Woman

The above are just a few of the many many dimensional projections
that can be viewed by these types.
Revelation is always a dimensional view like the many different
facets of a beautiful diamond, all the different edges, the way the
light strikes each one, that various colors it makes, the different
views one gets depending upon how and what view and angle you
are looking at and into.
Each dimensional view is a new piece of the puzzle God is bringing
to you to add to the overall picture of what he is trying to get you
to see. You can liken it to a actual puzzle you might put together on
your coffee table and that is ok, I refer to it more on a 3
dimensional puzzle like a cube sorta and better yet, a Diamond! So
this is why I say things sometime and they seem to be opposite of
something I may have already said, I am speaking on multiple
dimensions when I speak and as hard as I try, I have to let God
have His Way and this is the way it comes out and He has His
reasons for it! Amen!

Spiritual Laws -
Life always comes through the Serpent, in some form or another!
Everything in Creation can be broken down into 3's!
Sometimes you have to reverse what you see to get the revelation!
More to come>>>>

Types and Shadows - Paul called them Allegories - New Jerusalem

typical of Sarah, Hagar was Natural Israel, So we see Paul used
types and Shadows to reveal a Spiritual World.
Two Keys to remember - 1). The Bible says, "All of Creation,
testifies of God" Look around you! 2). Paul said, "Pray that God
would GRANT unto YOU the Spirit of Wisdom and of Revelation,
you can comprehend the heights, depths and the width of the Love
of God"! This Spirit will come into your life and reveal to you
astounding incredible things!

Points to remember - You MUST have a Love for the TRUTH! It does
not matter who it is, what it is, how many people are involved, who
those people are, if it cuts across your grain, their grain, makes
them mad, makes you mad, it does not Matter! You MUST forsake
your own thoughts and ideas and your opinions and hold fast to
The Truth! You must sacrifice your Mind to have the Mind of God
You can come to a place in God to where it is no longer your
thoughts and ideas and opinions but what you say and teach and
preach is and becomes the very Word of God! Paul had this also,
you can read it in His writings as He put his own thoughts about
the matter in there on a particular subject and God made it the
Word of God, because His Mind had become the Mind of God! "Let
THIS MIND be in YOU that was also in CHRIST JESUS, who (Jesus)
being in the Form of God, thought it NOT ROBBERY to be (EQUAL)
with God"!!! This was and is a commandment!

Some interesting Revelations -

The 3 Heavens - Paul said He knew a man who was caught up to the
3rd Heaven. If there is a 3rd Heaven then there must be a 2nd and
a 1st heaven also. What are they and why are they?
Heaven is wherever God is, when God is moving, when He makes a
covenant or an agreement with a race, a people, a generation etc.
It is God as to when the Life comes out of the seed of corn then it
becomes a stalk of Corn, the stalk is another Heaven, because God
(Life) is passing through that stalk and creating that stalk, so the
Seed in a type was 1st heaven, 2nd Heaven was the Stalk, the 3rd
heaven is the finished product or the Full Ear of Corn.
The 3 Heavens also have 3 witness of themselves as Water, Blood,
and Spirit.

Now 1st Heaven is the Water Covenant that God made with Man
there in the Garden.
This Water Covenant had to do with the Earth and the dust from
which the Body of man was made.
Water is the Life of all the earth, and everything has to have it live.
So This is a Natural Covenant God was making with the Natural part
of man which had to do with His Body. This was typified by the Jews
as we know that they are typical of the Body and everything with
the Jews had to be cleansed by Water, they even got Jesus upset
about unwashen hands etc.
We see How God worked Miracles with the Jews in the Natural
Realms while He was with them as the Seed that was among the
Stones (ground) and they had to die with the Law (Stones) so that
the Life could leave and form the Stalk of the corn. God opened the
Red Sea (Water) They crossed the Jordan (Water) Elijah caused it to
not rain (Water) for 3 years then rain again! The Mountain was
smote with Fire and The Earth opened up and All the Plagues God
placed upon the Egyptians was Natural Manifestation of God in this
1st Heaven. We can See God entering into man from which He was
cut off from by the Sin in the Garden, and now follow this as we see
Him moving ever so close step by step into the heart of man!
1st heaven - Water - Jews - Body - Outer Courts - 4000 Yrs - Old

2nd Heaven - This Heaven is closely tied and almost a twin to the
1st Heaven but there are some differences. This Heaven is a Blood
The Jews were big on shedding blood and making their daily
sacrifices and they had to be, for they were the scapegoat for the
real problem of where Sin truly lay. The Soul of man.
The Jews made allowance for many things and had alot of weakness
of the flesh and because of that weakness they had to continually
sacrifice and make sacrifice for their weak flesh, but the problem of
the flesh had nothing to do with the body, because it was a Soul
that was sinning and this was the root of where it all was coming
from. So in a type The 1st Water Covenant began with Adam and it
ended with John the Baptist (Water). Now the Blood Covenant
began with Jesus, as He was a vesture dipped in blood and the
Bible says, "Without the shedding of Blood there is NO remission of
Sins". So this answers to the SOUL realm as the Blood Covenant
and Grace was applied to Sin, for Sin was of the Soul, and not the
Body. The Body only does what the Soul tells it! But here we see
God dealing with us as to the soul realm which has to do with the
Blood Life and the Physical Realms. The Soul cannot be seen with
natural eyes so ther had to be a type of it and a much deeper
revelation we could bring out but we are trying to stay with our
continuity of thought and keep this simple as possible. Notice How
Jesus began raising the dead, Opening blind eyes, unstopping deaf
ears healing all manner of Sicknesses and disease, here was God
walking the earth in a Physical Body saying peace on earth Good
will to all men, Grace is come, I have come to make atonement for
your sinful souls and take away all of your sins! Jesus was counted
as among the Jews, because the Soul and the life of the soul is the
This second heaven is also where Satan has made and set up His
Kingdom for Grace meant there was No More Law, The cops have
left town so to speak so Evil started running rampant.
The Body (Jews) were blamed for Sin but it was the Soul, and look
how God left off with the Jews and went to a people who were not a
people and How He opened the door to the gentiles there at the
house of Cornelius, by using Peter.
So we have 4000 years of Law and water and the Jews, and now we
have 2000 yrs of the Gentiles and Blood as they still hold up the
man on the cross reminding God to give Grace because Jesus paid
for their sins! This age began with Jesus and ended with William
Branham (Pillar of Fire) Blood
2nd Heaven - Blood - Gentiles - Soul - Inner Courts - 2000 Yrs - New
3rd Heaven - This heaven is where God is as He is a Spirit. Paul said
He knew a man who went to this 3rd heaven and heard things so
deep and powerful that it was not lawful for a man to even utter
them. Paul also said He was one born out of season. He could have
said, I am beginning something here like a seed but it wont be
fulfilled on made manifest till The Age of Grace is over. I should
have been born when this 3rd Age is to come in. This is when God
begins to deal with the Spiritual part of man.
This is why the secrets are now starting to be revealed. Even
revealing the secrets of the heart, telling people their thoughts,
the veil is coming off the mind of the people as this 3rd Age, This
Spiritual Age, this age of The Elect is coming in! God has dealt with
the Jews, then the gentiles, but Now he is raising up The Elect of
God, the Kingdom of God A Spiritual kingdom that will and is
manifesting itself here on Earth and will bring in this final age of
1000 years where Christ is reigning upon the Throne and ruling
with His revelation Rod of Iron and His Faith where He will smite
the Nations if they do not come to Jerusalem (You and I) to
worship! For He said, "I will cause them to come and bow at your
feet and know that I have loved You"! See no more Life for just
anyone to do what they want, if they get life at all now they will
have to come to the true Children of God, No longer we that live
but Christ that lives within us! We are the Ark of His Testimony that
is being revealed from heaven within!
This age is a age of revelation like no one has ever dreamed, one of
great power and authority as the Righteous only can live in this age
and those who continued to sin and went to the blood to get
forgiveness or to cover their sins, it is not atoning anymore and
this is why we see judgment striking the earth and it gets worse
each year. We must pass over this great age of tribulation that will
be caused by His Blood coming off the mercy seat, as Jesus is taken
off the cross and no longer atones, and we like Noah and the Ark
we ride over the wrath of God while the world goes through it! And
we set down upon a New restored earth! This is entering into the 3
part of the Tabernacle the Holy of Holies.
This is the Spiritual Covenant that cannot be broken!
This Age began with Paul but was not made known till our age and
began with George Pike and extends throughout Eternity.
3rd Heaven - Spirit- Elect - Righteousness - 1000 years Holy
Testament (The Revelation of Jesus Christ)

Remember there was 3 levels to the Ark of Noah, typical of these 3

3 parts to man Body, Soul, Spirit
3 Witnesses - Water, Blood, Spirit
3 Ages, Jews, Gentiles, Elect
3 Coverings Law, Grace, Righteousness (Revelation)
Outer Courts, Inner Courts, Holy of Holies

Fish that swim in the oceans as to the - Depths - Body

Animals that walk and move on the land - Width - Soul
Bird that fly in the air - Heights - Spirit (These 3 form a cross (--|--)

Water cleansed your Body, Blood Cleansed your Soul, Spirit

becomes one with your Spirit

(Man - Sun) (Woman - Moon) (Children - Stars)

Father Son Holy Ghost

Think of it like this also, Your body uses water to clean itself and to
drink, then your blood which is made up of water keeps you alive
as to the friction of the heart beating and the heat caused by the
moving blood but you also have to Breathe (Air) which is typical of
the Spirit

3 Great Appearings of God as to bring about a change of an age.

1. Moses - Law age of the Jews (Moses to John Baptist)

2. Jesus - Grace age of Gentiles (Jesus to William Branham)

3. George Pike - Revelation Age of Elect (Paul (George Pike) to The

Great White Throne

* Their is a 4th dimension we will talk about later.

More to come and hope this helps.