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I, of ..do hereby revoke all former wills codicils and testamentary

dispositions made by me and declare this to be my last will and testament:1.

I appoint my two sons, (NRIC NO.. OLD IC NO..) and ..

(NRIC NO. ..) to be the Trustees and Executors of this my will.


I give to my my jade bangle It is my express desire that my .

shall keep the said jade bangle as a family heirloom. I give to my son
. my diamond bracelet. I direct my executors to give to my the two
gold bracelets that she had previously and kindly bought for me. I give to
my daughter (NRIC NO. ), my god-daughter and my
daughters-in law .. and .. such of my jewellery as shall already been
allotted by me for them in packets. The balance of my jewellery shall be
distributed equally between my daughters-in-law ., . and my
daughter ...


I devise and bequeath my (a) shop house at .. held under HS(D).. PT

NO .., Mukim .. and (b) my shares in . to my Trustees upon trust to
sell, call in and convert the same with power to postpone such sale
conversion thereof so long as my Trustees deem fit without being liable
for loss and hold the net proceeds thereof in trust for the following
named beneficiaries and in the following proportions:(i)

one half (1/2) share to be divided equally between the children

of my son .. living at the time of my death; and


the balance one half (1/2) share to be divided equally(if more

than one) between the children of my son .


PROVIDED ALWAYS THAT and I hereby declare it to be my intention that if

my son shall have no child/children at the time of my death, then such
child/childrens share shall be given to my son . absolutely.


I give all stocks and shares registered in my name

in whatever
companies and accounts held by me including but not limited to the
. held by me in .. (of which one account is held under the name
of ) and at .to the beneficiaries and in the proportion and
manner as set out in paragraph 3 above.


Subject to the payment thereof of my just debts, funeral and

testamentary expenses and all estate duty payable (if any) in respect of
my estate, I devise and bequeath my money in hand and in the banks
wherever situated including the account held in the name of . to my
trustees upon trust to distribute as follows:(i) firstly, a sum of RM.. shall be given to my son . as he has diligently
been giving me a monthly sum of RM.. in my lifetime for my
maintenance and use;
(ii) secondly, a sum of RM.. shall be given to my god-daughter .; and
(iii) the remainder shall be divided equally between my sons, , my
daughter . and my daughters-in-law ..that any vehicle owned
by me shall be sold and the proceeds divided in the manner as set
out in paragraph 5 (iii) above.


I devise and bequeath all my other movable and inmovable properties

wheresoever situated to my Trustees upon trust to distribute equally
between my sons absolutely.


If any of my son or daughter or daughter-in law or if any beneficiary

shall die before attaining a vested interest as aforesaid, leaving legitimate
issue, such legitimate issue shall take such deceased son or daughter or
daughter-in law or beneficiarys share (if more than one shall be
divided equally between them) otherwise such share shall be given to my
surviving sons/daughter in equal shares.


My trustees shall hold on trust all minor beneficiaries share until they
attain the age of eighteen (18). Prior any beneficiary attaining the age of
eighteen, my trustees may in their absolute discretion apply the whole or
such part of each minor beneficiary's share for his/her education or
maintenance or benefit as may in all the circumstances be reasonable.


I further direct that all persons not expressly mentioned in this will shall
have no claims whatsoever to any of my estate whatsoever and

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand this



Signed by the above named

as her last Will and Testament
in the joint presence of herself and
us who at her request and in such
presence have hereunto subscribed
our names as witnesses:]