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31. The amount of iron in the body is mostly regulated by excretion in the urine.

a) True
b) False
32. A reduced growth rate is associated with deficiency of zinc.
a) True
b) False
33. The mineral that gives hardness to teeth and bones is copper.
a) True
b) False
34. Americans seldom run into problems with scurvy; a typical fast food meal (shake,
quarterpounder and large fries) can provide a dose of the preventive vitamin from the:
a) Chocolate shake
b) Bun on the hamburger
c) Order of French fries
d) Hamburger
35. Americans can increase magnesium in the diet the most by adding more
a) Fish
b) Fruit
c) Green vegetables
d) Olive oil

Matching: Use these choices for questions 36 40

a) Hemochromatosis
b) Hemoglobin

c) Myoglobin
d) Heme iron
e) Nonheme iron
___36. Iron containing compound that binds oxygen in muscle tissue c
___37. Iron provided from animal tissues d
___38. Genetic defect allowing excess absorption of iron leading to iron overload in body a
___39. Iron provided from plant sources e
___40. The iron containing part of the red blood cell that carries oxygen to cells b
Matching: Use these choices for questions 41 45

Vitamin A
Vitamin B12
Ascorbic acid

___41. Pellagra - D
___42. Xerophthalmia- A
___43. Pernicious anemia- B
___44. Beri beri- E
___45. Scurvy- C
Matching: Use these choices for questions 46 50 to match the vitamins with their
function in the human body

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E

___46. Facilitates movement of calcium in the body- d

___47. Involved in carbohydrate metabolism- b
___48. Protects against free radical damage in cell membranes- e
___49. Needed for collagen synthesis- c
___50. Used in the retina of the eye for light/dark and color vision- a
51. Basal metabolism is
a) The energy expended when sleeping
b) The energy expended when doing moderate activity

c) The energy expended resting, but awake, and eating has not recently taken place
d) The energy expended to make food available to the body
52. Carol eats 800 kcalories a day to lose weight. She is 40 years old.
Carol has been walking briskly 60 minutes daily for the past 2 months.
In her younger days she lifted weights, but she has lost considerable lean body mass
over the years because of inactivity. Which of the following factors increases Carols basal
metabolism and also promotes weight loss?
a) Her 800 kilocalorie diet
b) Her age
c) Her loss of lean body mass
d) Her walking routine
53. Carol in the above example develops a medical condition that decreases her basal
metabolism. Which of the following could be that condition?
a) Pregnancy
b) Fever
c) Hypothyroidism
d) Bone fracture
54. The thermic effect of food
a) Refers to the extra energy used during digestion, absorption, and metabolism
b) Represents approximately 20% of total energy expenditure
c) Is included in the measurement of basal metabolism
d) Refers to energy expended to produce heat in response to a cold environment
55. The method for determining energy expenditure where the amount of oxygen a person
uses is measured is called
a) Body mass index
b) Indirect calorimetry
c) Thermocalorimetry
d) Bomb calorimetry

56. Reducing intake by 450 - 500 kcal/day would give a body fat loss of about 1 pound in:
a) 2 days
b) 7 days
c) 10 days
d) 14 days
57. Android obesity is associated with a higher incidence of all the following EXCEPT
a) Heart disease
b) Diabetes mellitus
c) Metabolic syndrome
d) Xerophthalmia
58. Margarets parents are both obese. She has dieted six times, each time losing considerable
weight and subsequently regaining it. Margaret does not exercise regularly. Which of
the following is true about Margarets situation?
a) Her frequent weight loss attempts have likely led to greater amounts of lean body
b) Her problem is genetic and there is no reason for her to attempt to lose weight
c) It is likely that each time she has lost and regained weight it made it harder to lose
and easier to gain weight
d) Her problem results from poor habits, with studies showing genetics as an
insignificant contributor
59. Which of the following is NOT a major goal for weight control programs?
a) 5 pounds weight loss per week
b) Loss of stored fat
c) Sparing lean body mass
d) Reaching a healthy weight
60. Which of the following is accurate about the intent of bariatric surgery for the individuals
profiled in the Scientific Frontiers Losing It video with Alan Alda?
a) Speed transit time of nutrients
b) Prevent snacking
c) Surgically remove adipose tissue
d) Limit stomach volume