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Eurosmart siren

Eurosmart Siren

20 - 200W variable output

Up to 8 built in switched outputs
Class D design
Programmable output to match speaker.
Compact size
Works with Eurosmart switch units or stand alone
12 or 24V operation
8-82613-8 c/w 8
switched outputs

The Eurosmart siren amplifier holds a large library of siren

tones and can drive a wide selection of different speaker
combinations. The Siren output is programmed to suit the
required speaker quantity and wattage, it is protected to
prevent damage to the Eurosmart siren amplifier in the event
of an external short circuit.
The unit includes many advanced functions such as an
interlock to ensure the siren can only be activated when a
designated beacon is also operating. Additionally full data
logging facilities are available.
Horn ring transfer control is also included allowing the siren
to be started and stopped as well as the tone changed via the
vehicle horn.
Units are supplied as standard as either 12 or 24V, but this
can be altered by the user if required by changing internal
switch settings.
All Haztec Eurosmart handsets and switch panels are
compatible with the Eurosmart siren. Alternatively the
unit can operate as a stand alone siren controlled by the
programmable inputs.
4 programmable inputs are included that allow required
functions to be controlled by simple low voltage signals if
required. These could be used to start / stop siren, change
tone, operate at reduced volume for night time use, activate
a low volume system test etc.
Up to 8 x 10A rated switched outputs can be included,
offering the same functionality as the 8-82718 switch module
but without the need for a separate external device.
In addition to the programmable output settings, the class D
design of the new Eurosmart siren also results in a compact
lightweight design.
A cooling fan is fitted to the unit to ensure reliable operation
even in the event of prolonged operation in elevated ambient
2 Radio rebroadcast inputs are provided as standard


131L x 125D x 44H

Order code

12V Eurosmart siren unit
12V Eurosmart siren unit c/w 2 outputs
12V Eurosmart siren unit c/w 4 outputs
12V Eurosmart siren unit c/w 8 outputs
24V Eurosmart siren unit
24V Eurosmart siren unit c/w 2 outputs
24V Eurosmart siren unit c/w 4 outputs
24V Eurosmart siren unit c/w 8 outputs

Programming Software

Eurosmart systems can be supplied pre programmed to suit users

precise needs or alternatively the Haztec Eurosmart software
package can be used by the installer or maintenance engineer to
configure and upgrade systems as required.
The software kit consists of PC software and a USB adaptor that
allows the range of haztec Eurosmart handsets and devices to be
connected a USB port on the PC.
The software allows configuration of lightbar flash controllers,
Eurosmart sirens and Eurosmart switching units. It can be used to
assign any button to control any required siren or switching function. Group buttons can also be created whereby pressing a single
button automatically starts or cancels a number of other functions.
e.g. pressing a response button can result in the lightbar, siren and
grille lights all being activated.

Any of the above controllers will plug directly into the 8-82613
and control all tones and switched outputs as required. See
pages 2 - 5 for more information