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Sanjeet kumar ma14m013

Hostel Mahanadhi Room 210 IIT Chennai 600036

Email : iitmmaskumar@gmail.com
Mobile : 9043241133

Career Objective
Software Developer/Computer Programmer/Business Data Analytics


Indian Institute of Technology

M.Tech in Industrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing; CGPA: 6.78/10.0

Indian Institute of Technology

MSc in Mathematics ; CGPA: 5.5/10.0

Kanpur University
BSc in Mathematics,physics,Chemistry ; Percentage: 56

Senior Highr Secondary School

in Maths and scinces ; Percentage: 67

Highr Secondary School

in Maths and scinces ; Percentage: 63

Chennai, India
Aug. 2014 July.2016

Chennai, India
Aug. 2011 July. 2014

Kanpur, India
Aug. 2007 July. 2010

UP Boards, India
Aug. 2005 July. 2007

UP Boards, India
July. 2005


M.Tech Programming Projects

IIT ,Chennai

CFD: 1 year M.Tech project in Tsunami Floods and Vegetation Modelling and Simulation using C amd Fortran95

Fortran,TecPlot computer Programming languages using Finite Volume Methods in the department of Civil
Computing of ODEs and PDEs: C++ Programing Computer Modelling and Simulation of Laplace Equations
using Finite Difference,Finite elements and Finite Point Set methods
Programming Lab: 1 semester workshop in computing of Numerical Analysis using C computer programming
Software Lab: Computing of Fluid Equations using Matlab,Mathematica programming
Presentation Workshops 1: Presentations in Computing and Simulation of Ferromagnetism(Computational
Presentation Workshop 2: Computer Programming of Fractals using Matlab
CourseWork: Data Structurs and Analysis of Algorithm,Theory of Computation,Number theory ,Advanced
Algorithms Mathematical modeling,Optimization Methods in Engineering Design,Control engineering,Applied
Statistics,Discrete Mathematics, Engineering,Numercal Analysis of Differential Equations,Mathematical
Logic,Mathematical Methods in Industry

M.Sc Mathematics

IIT, Chennai

Course Work: Real Analysis,Complex Analysis,Advanced Complex Analysis,Advanced Analysis, ,Probability

Theory Statistics,Ordinary and Partial Differential Eqution,Mathematical Methods computing,Discrete
Mathematics,Linear Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2,Fluid Dynamics,Operation Research, Fourier Analysis,
Continuum Mechanics,Tranceform Techniques,Coding theory Measure and Intergration,Topology, Functional
Analysis,Numerical Analysis,Multivariable Calculus
Seminar: Game Theory

Programming Skills
Languages: C,C++,Java,MySql

Computer Applications
Presentations in: LateX,PowePoint,MsWorld,MsExcels

Operating Systems: Linux, windows

Web Technology: HTML CSS,PHP

Additional Informations:
Compitions Qualified: IIT Gate 2013 (qualified) all india rank 568 Mathematics
IIT JAM 2011(qualified) 460 in Mathematics

Extra Curicular Activities

Instructor: Instructed Maths,Sciences and English a coaching center 11th and 12th CBSE standar students in Kanpuur
july 2008-july2011
Math Tec Fest Forays: Volunteerd and Participated in various events
Team Player: I join as a team Player cricket,Football,Swimming
Drama, music and the performing arts: Music Singer and playing Music Instruments
Peer Mentoring: emotional intelligenceny at listening to people and giving advice. Supporting younger students with
any issues that they may approach you with will impress employers as you display your ability to empathise with others
Teck Fests: Participated in many of Shastra and Saarang Festivals

I hereby declare that all the details mentioned above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief