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Maraka Graha

In Chapter 44 of BPHS Parasara says, O Brahmin! Third and Eighth Bhava are the two
Bhavas of longevity. The Bhavas, related to death, are the 12th from each of these, i.e.
Dhana and Yuvati Bhava are Maraka Bhavas. (BPHS 2-5)
Out of the two maraka bhavas, Dhana Bhava is a powerful Maraka Bhava. Along with it
the following are also considered to be Marakas

The Lords of Dhana and Yuvati Bhava

Malefics in Dhana and Yuvati Bhava
Malefics conjoined with Dhana and Yuvati bhavas Lords (BPHS 44.3)

The major and sub-periods of these Grahas will bring death on the native, depending on
whether he is a long life, medium life, or short life person.
The Dasha of a benefic Graha, related to twelfth lord may also inflict death.
End may descend on the native in Eighth Lords Dasha.
The Dasha of a Graha, which is an exclusive malefic, may also cause death (BPHS 44.6 44.7)
Predominant Killer
If Saturn is ill-disposed and be related to a Maraka Graha (as mentioned above), he will
be the first to kill in preference to other Grahas. (BPHS 44.9)
There are three kinds of life-spans, viz. short, medium and long. Short life is before 32
years, later on up to 64 it is medium life and from 64 to 100 it is long life. Beyond 100
the longevity is called Purnayu (10-14). Persons falling into these three compartments
shall die in specific constellations based on the Navatara shceme of classification of the
Nakshatras into three groups. According to Pt. Sanjay Rath, if the Janma Nakshatra is
stronger to initiate the vimshottari dasa, then the Navatara chakra is initiated from the
Lagna Nakshatra and vice-versa.

One born with short life combinations may face death in the Dasha, denoted by
Vipat star (3rd from the birth star)
One of medium life may die in the Dasha, denoted by Pratyak star (5th from the
birth star).
In the Dasha, denoted by Vadha star (7th from the birth star), one with long life
may obtain his end.

Longevity Calculation prohibited by Parasara before the native attains 20 years of Age.
He says to Maitreya, O excellent of the Brahmin! It is impossible to decide upon
longevity till the native is 20 years old. Till such year the child should be protected by
sacred recitations, religious offerings (of Ghee etc.) to consecrated fire, as prescribed in
the Vedas and scriptures and through medical treatments; premature death may descend
on the child due to sins of father and mother, or of his/her own (in the previous birth).

The Dasha of the Lord of the 22nd Decanate, or 23rd, or 3rd, or 5th, or 7th
asterisms may also cause death.

The Lords of the 2nd and the 12th i.e., Sun and Mercury, counted from Cancer, may
also bring death. This is true, when the Moon is a malefic. If he happens to be a
benefic, there will be diseases (not death).

Death may come to pass in the Dasha of Sixth lord and in the sub-periods of
Sixth, Eighth and/or Twelfth Lords.

Death Vs. Miseries

Should there be many Marakas and, if these Marakas are strong, there will be diseases,
miseries etc. in major and sub-periods. Thus these are Marakas and are primarily related
to bring death upon the native. According to their dispositions there may be death, or
Rahu and Ketu, as Marakas.

If Rahu, or Ketu are placed in Lagna, Seventh, Eighth, or Twelfth Bhava, or

happen to be in the 7th from a Marak Lord, or are placed with such a Grah, they
acquire powers of killing in their major, or sub-periods.

For one born in Makar, or in Vrischik, Rahu will be a Marak. For Capricorn, Rahu
becomes the 2nd lord and for Vrishchika, it becomes the 4th lord.

Should Rahu be in Sixth, Eighth, or Twelfth Bhava, he will give difficulties in his
Dasha periods. He will not, however, do so, if Rahu receives a Drishti from, or is
yuti with a benefic. (This is true for all the planets, who when aspected by
benefics give beneficial results and tone down their malefic results.)

Third house and cause of Death.

If Surya, being with strength, is in third house, one will obtain his death, due to a
king (legal punishments).
Chandra in third house will cause death, due to tuberculosis.
Wounds, weapons, fire and thirst will cause death through Mangal in third house.
If third house receives a Drishti from, or is occupied by ani and Rahu, death will
be through poison, water, or fire, or fall from heights, or confinement.

Death will surely come through insects, or leprosy, if Chandr and Gulika occupy,
or give a Drishti to third house.
Budha, giving a Drishti to, or occupying third house, will bring death, followed
by fever.
Guru in or giving a Drishti to third house, will cause death by swelling, or
Urinary diseases will cause death, if Shukr is in, or gives a Drishti to third house.
Many Grahas, giving a Drishti to, or occupying third house, will bring death
through many diseases.

Note: In the upadesha sutras of Maharishi Jaimini it is mentioned that cause of death can
be seen from the 3rd and 8th from Arudha Lagna.
Place of Death
If Sahaj Bhava is occupied by a benefic, death will be in an auspicious place (like a
shrine) and, if Sahaj Bhava is occupied by a malefic, death will be in sinful places. Mixed
occupation of Sahaj Bhava will yield mixed results with regard to the place of death.
Consciousness will prevail at the time of death, if Jupiter, or Venus are placed in Third
Bhava. With other Grahas in Sahaj Bhava there will be unconsciousness before death.
Distance of Place of Death from home:
According to third house being a Movable, a Fixed, or a Dual Ri, death will be,
respectively, in a foreign place (other than native birth place), in ones own house, or on
the way.
Note: The third house can be seen from the Arudha lagna instead of Lagna, as suggested
by Maharishi Jaimini.
Eighth Bhava and Nature of Death
Various planets occupying the 8th house from Lagna shows death by various means.

If it is Surya, death will be through fire.

if Chandr is in Randhr Bhava, through water.
if Mangal, through weapons.
if Budh, through fever.
if Guru, through diseases
if Venus, through hunger.
if Saturn, through thirst.

If eighth house is occupied by, or receives a Drishti from a benefic, while ninth lord is
conjoined with a benefic, the native will die in a shrine. If eighth house is occupied by, or

aspected by a malefic, while ninth lord is conjoined death will be in a place, other than a
Case I: Queen Victoria
Birth Details: 24th May 1819, 4:04 am GMT, London
Dear Details: She died in 1903, in her 85th year
Analysis of the Maraka Planets
1. 2nd Lord Mercury
2. 7th lord Mars
No planet is placed in the Maraka Bhavas
3. The planets conjoining Mercury and Mars are
a. Mercury Venus
b. Mars Saturn and Rahu
Venus is the Lagna lord and shall not kill in her antardasa
Saturn is the Yogakaraka being the lord of 9th and 10th house.
4. The lord of 6th- 8th-12th house are Venus, Jupiter and Mars respectively.
She died in Mercury - Saturn.