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CNN Student News:

Hey. Hope you had a great week. We have a lot Headlines for you on
CNN PRONABEC STUDENTS. Im Piurano Carrasco and these are our
In international news we have: Leaders from almost 60 countries are
gathered today in Washington, D.C. for an event called The Nuclear
Security Summit. The first one was in 2010. It was part an effort by U.S
President Barack Obama to encourage the world to get rid of its nuclear
For local news The Government is planning to allow withdrawing AFPss
funds up to 95 % when workers will be more 65, as a result, it needs to
approve the law project for Republics Parliament.
Predictions of the economics ministry say: The economy will grow by
3.6% in 2016 and by more than 4% in 2017, boosted by increased
mining production and expenditure on infrastructure.
The new electoral law planned that the campaign finance isnt allowed to
offer cash, food or goods during their campaigns, under a law that took
effect in January. As a result, the candidate Cesar Acua was disqualified
from the elections process. ( If you mention the special case that caused
his disqualification, it would be better).
A new research by Ministry of economy explains: In Peru, ores and
minerals exports make up over 50% of total exports, food accounts for
21% and mineral fuels account for 12%.
On the other hand, the new candidate for President Toito Chaquilano
said that Government may promote a more flexible labor market, such
as reducing trade union power, encouraging part-time work, and
promoting new business start-ups.
Well, in this moment our reporter Miller is interviewing the citizens of
Lima about the elections in our country: Good Morning Miller. What do
you have for us?
Miller: Hi everybody! today is an important day because the peruvian
people are going to choose to new new president who will govern Peru
for the next five years. We arrived here to follow all the vote process

from really close. So werere going to ask some question to people

about why are their expectaation about this election.
Excuse me, may i interrupt for a momento? My name is Miler Pichon , I
would like to ask some question for CNN PRONABEC STUDENTS?
Andres: Yeah!
Miller: Have you already decided your vote?
Andres: Yes, i will vote for Pedro Pablo. He is the best option to govern
our country.
Miller: Are you surethar your candidate is right?
Andres: Yes, In my opinion, we are in crisis, this starts in the nineties, We
must not go back to those years, Keiko Fujimori represents that decade.
PPK is an economists that helps increase the national economic, he has
experience in this topic
Miller: What do you expect this election?
Andres: The Political parties have not worked for the interests of the 30
million Peruvians. Many polititians have stolen. Now, or they are
prisoners or are being processed. The Political parties must work for the
interests of the people. I expect that this presidential election helps to
find the best way to govern
Miller: Thak you very much.
Andres: Have you a good day!
This is Miller Pichon for CNN PRONABEC STUDENTS

Burrito: Well, now we welcome the anthropologist Andres Chaquilano

and sociologist and historian Buitro D'Nido , both will analyze the
development of this presidential election, the questions are for both,
Who will win in the second round?
Miller: I think the our next president is going to be PPK, the support
information is the following: After the first round, the people had

different candidate from PPK nad Kaiko, now, all they have joined to the
big group of antifujimorismo that appeared in everywhere our country.
Andres: I agree with Buitro, PPK is the best option and I think that he will
be our next president.
Burrito: What comes next for Perus new president?
Miller: The peruvian economys main source is the export of raw matter
such as mineral, so Perus next president will face declining mineral
prices and the social conflict that daily increase.
Andres: I think that we have to find a way to make a balance of the last
governments. I'm saying that we need to review the peruvian politic,
and to find the correct way to govern and administer the country. The
task of the next president will be to eliminate the criminality and the
Burrito: Why many people prefer White vote or no vote?
Miller: In my opinion the people dont find the representation in the
candidates, also the candidates have bad political imagen to be a
related with the corruption .
Andres: I agree with Buitro again, the peruvian politicians don't
understand that politics is means to serve the people, now people dont
believe in the Government plans of these candidates.