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In the Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

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Lecture 05 & 06 on

Class Timings : 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm (Sharp)

Date: Oct. 12th, 2014


Khurram Khan

What is Diversity?
Diversity is variety. It includes all the characteristics,
experiences, and differences of each individual.
Diversity can be identified as physical or mental
characteristics such as..
skin color and gender, or it may be differences in culture,
skills, education, personality type, or upbringing.

What is Workplace Diversity?

Diversity is the ways in which
people in an organization are
different from and similar to
one another.

Often confused with recruitment

and selection concerning the
E.E.O (Equal Employment

Diversity vs EEO

Levels of Diversity
Surface-level diversityEasily perceived
differences that may
trigger certain
stereotypes, but do not
necessarily reflect the
ways people think or

Deep-level diversity Differences in values,

personality, and work

Benefits of Workforce Diversity

Levels of Diversity

Islam and Diversity

Our Ideology is
Islam and Our
Identity is Muslim

Islam and Diversity

Islam and Diversity

The Battle of the Trench ()
Suggestion was given by
Hazrat Salmn al-Frsi (RA)
Who was from Fris (Persia/Iran)

Types of Diversity in Workplace

Types of Diversity
Age - Employers have mixed
feelings about older workers.
Older workers :
Positive: bring good qualities on
job due to experience, dedication,
judgment, maturity, a strong work
ethic, skill and quality work.

Negative: not being flexible or

adaptable, more resistant to new

Types of Diversity
Age - Employers have mixed
feelings about young workers
as well.
Young workers :
Positive: bring good qualities on
job due to Passion, New Ideas , a
accept Challenges, comfortable in
a diverse workplace and Break
Status Quo.
Negative: easily distracted or
carefree attitude, lack of
knowledge, may not stick around.

Race and Ethnicity

Ethnicity - social
Race - the biological
heritage (including skin traits (such as
cultural background
color and associated
or allegiance) that
traits) that people use
are shared by a
to identify themselves.
human population.

Race and Ethnicity

Equality: State or
Quality of being


Justice: Treating and

fairly, giving people
what is their right,
according to rules or by

Equality vs Justice

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

(Recruitment process)
Employment that is not affected by illegal
discrimination and applicants are chosen for a
job, on the basis of

- Job requirements and

- Candidates qualifications.
Core is Discrimination which means

- recognizing differences among items

or people.

Sexual Harassment
is a harassment on the bases of
sex that has the purpose or effect
the interfering with a employer
work performance and creating
hostile or offensive work
environment .
Trying anyway to trigger a sexual
response by :
- Looking
- Saying .
- Touching
- or through E-Communication

Types of Diversity
Gender - Research by
Catalyst found that men
start their careers at higher
levels than do women. And
after starting out behind,
women dont ever catch
up. Men move further up
the career ladder and faster
as well.

Glass Ceiling
is an invisible barrier that blocks
females and minorities from
ascending into upper level of an
Glass Ceiling broken by :

- Marissa Mayer

most powerful businesswomen of 2013 (Fortune magazine)

Glass Ceiling (Continue)

Glass Ceiling broken by :
- Benazir Bhutto

Assignment No1.
Research the Internet and
Write 300 words of Article about

Gender Discrimination in
(Include References in the end of article)

Five Points Debate
Two Volunteers (1 Male & 1 Female )
Time : 10 Minutes

Q: How can men/women are better as

corporate managers?

Rights in Islam:
[Women Rights]
You have rights over women and vice
You taken them as your wives by Allah
trust and His Permission.

If they abide by your rights then to

them belongs the right to be fed and
clothed in kindness.
Do treat your women well and be kind
to them, for they are your partners and
committed helpers.
It is your right that they do not make
friends with any one of whom you do
not approve, as well as never to be

Ref: Taken form Last Address of Holy Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

Types of Diversity
Disability - The Americans With
Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits
discrimination against persons
with disabilities.

18 million people in the country
who suffer from some kind of
(Paraplegic Centre Chief Executive Officer Syed
Muhammad Illyas, 2012).


1981 (XL OF 1981) -> 2014
Punishment : 3 months - 2 years
* http://tribune.com.pk/story/474743/international-disability-day-nearly-18m-in-pakistan-suffer-from-disabilities/

Does being Disable limit people for
reaching to success in their Career?

Yes Or No

Disable Person
His Books:

Dr. Professor Stephen W. Hawking

University of Cambridge
Top Scientist of 21st century

Challenges in Managing Diversity

Bias - a tendency or
preference toward a
particular perspective or

Prejudice - a preconceived belief, opinion,

or judgment toward a
person or a group of

Oversimplified perception about people
of different culture

Examples: Jokes about .. Pathan, Sikh,

Pakistani, Mulla

Stereotyping Clip

Stereotyping Islam

Rights in Islam
[Human Rights]
An Arab has no superiority over
a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has
any superiority over an Arab.
White has no superiority over
black nor a black has any
superiority over white except by
piety and good action.

Learn that every Muslim is a

brother to every Muslim and
that the Muslims constitute one
Ref: Taken form Last Address of Holy Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

Top Management Commitment to Diversity

Mentoring - a process whereby an
experienced organizational member
(a mentor) provides advice and
guidance to a less-experienced
member (a protg).

What Mentor does the?

Career Development (Career ladder)
Social Development (Social acceptance)

What a Good Mentor Does

Top Management Commitment to Diversity

Diversity Skills Training - specialized
training to educate employees about
the importance of diversity and to
teach them skills for working in a
diverse workplace.

Why ?
Our human nature is to not accept or
approach anything thats different
from us.

Top Management Commitment to Diversity

1. Start with diversity awareness training.
(They made aware of assumptions and
biases we may have)
2. Increasing our sensitivity and openness
to those who are different from us.
(Its not simple.)
If taught to recognize their prejudging &
behavior Success

3. Diversity skills training:

people learn specific skills like

communication and effective working

Top Management Commitment to Diversity

Diversity Skills Training

End of Chapter 4